Jan 6 Insurrection at Capitol Hill should be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers have nominated the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Reuters

These trouble making Americans could only think of creating trouble for other nations even when their country is in deep shit, Covid19 pandemic exploding and uncontrollable, unemployment at all time high, economy in downward spiral, US dollar turning into banana currency with continuous printing and printing like toilet paper. And election fraud, according to the ex President Trump. And the killing and bullying of the blacks by the white supremacists continue threatening a racial war. And American divided and a possible civil war in the making.  And they still want to create trouble all over the world.

The Jan 6 uprising, a people uprising to protect democracy, to Stop the Steal, by now President Biden for stealing the Presidency from the popular godsend Trump to Make America Great Again is a righteous cause. Trump has as many as 50% or more Americans supporting him to be a second term President.  Because of electoral fraud, the Americans are very unhappy and rightly marched to Capitol Hill to stop the counting.

This is a fight for democracy, for a clean electoral system. These brave heroes of America should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the name of democracy and protecting democracy.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

As I said before, all these world bodies' every action are now just politically controlled and have meaningless existence. There is little merit in who they choose, only working with political motives to advance their sinister agenda. As long as the Whites are messing with these bodies, it does not matter who they choose.

Anonymous said...

There must be some indication of electoral fraud in the USA election, otherwise why do 70% still support Trump officially, maybe more. Even GOP senators think so. Of course, in the land of the Beacon for Democracy, that is something that the rest of the world must not be led to believe, so by all means fraud cannot be allowed to tarnish the Beacon's image as that would demolish the image of democracy.

In the Al Gore vs Bush dispute in Florida, a manual recount was stopped by Bush using the Supreme Court. 61,000 votes were not taken into account by the counting machine. Of course in that case Al Gore, who probably did not have the wide support, did not press his case like Trump.

Anonymous said...

Sorry should read: ...otherwise why do 70 million still support Trump...My apologies!

Anon 10.12

Anonymous said...

Gore won the popular vote, more than half miiliom than W Bush. W Bush won because of a few hundred votes in Florida that gave him the electoral votes in the state. It was the actually the Supreme Court that decided the presidency when they stopped the vote count.Trump also won by losing 3 million votes to HRC in 2016. So is US really a democracy by the people ?

Anonymous said...

Had Bush lost Florida, which most probably he knew he would if the manual recount had not been stopped by the US Supreme Court, Al Gore would have been the President. This is democracy in the USA! IF this had happened in any other country, the sky would have fallen.

SSO said...

The Republican Party always plays dirty and then says that the Democrats play dirty. Trump is simply following the text book of the Republican Party.

The Devil always disguised as an Angel and accused others as being the Devils.

Anonymous said...

Republicans or Democrats all the same, all cheats and liars.

This is how the lying Americans have been conducting themselves in world affairs, lying and lying, killing and killing, behaving like gangsters and rogues, cheating, disregard for international laws, conducting aggression and violation of human rights, genocides, ....but accusing others of these crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

These few days,BBC is givimg prominence to a report interviewing a Uyghur woman accusing China guards of rape while being incarcerated in China. The story has been picked up by many western news agencies and treated as the gospel truth. As usual, the US State dept has condemned the alleged abuse and stoke up another tension between China and the US without verification of the truth of story. The Uyghur human rights abuse story originally came from German Christian far right US supported academic Adrian Zenz commissioned by the BBC. He theorised based on interviews with some exiled Uyghurs living in the US and came up with the fiqure of 1 million interned in : concentration camps" without researching and stepping into China. Meanwhile, multiple rapes are happening in India everyday without raising eyebrow in the West.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

But ironically, the capricious manner in “which US President Donald Trump has denounced treaties and international agreements has significantly diminished the United States’ credibility as a central partner in the management of international affairs.”

Indeed, under Trump and Pompeo, the U.S. has dramatically undermined the existing international order and the concept of international community. It has alienated many allies and friends and politically undermined NATO. It has refused to join the International Criminal Court and tried to obstruct its investigations against it for war crimes in Afghanistan by banning entry and sanctioning its senior officials.

It withdrew from the Paris climate accords, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Iran nuclear treaty. More dangerous, in China’s eyes, it has pushed the limits if not violated its understandings with China regarding Taiwan. Moreover, it often appears to violate the UN Charter by threatening and even using force – like in Iraq – to achieve its international political objectives.

Regarding the South China Sea, it refuses to ratify the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, yet severely criticizes China – a ratifier – for violating it. This raises the question of which is worse – ratifying a treaty and not abiding by some of its provisions – an unfortunate but common occurrence – or not ratifying it, interpreting some of its provisions to one’s own advantage – and even enforcing its own interpretation with a threat of use of force.

The latter is rare considering that the U.S. is the only major power that has not ratified the treaty. But that is what the U.S. is doing—especially with its Freedom of Navigation Operations challenging China’s claims in the South China Sea.

Pompeo has now asserted that the U.S. “opposes any attempt to use coercion or force to settle disputes” or to “make might right”. But this proclamation came on the heels of the US deployment to the South China Sea of two its most iconic symbols of power – aircraft carrier strike groups –and a nuclear-capable bomber– operating together. This was an implied threat to use force to achieve its political objectives. According to US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chad Sbragia “Our leadership has called repeatedly on the Chinese to limit the activities of what they’re doing. As a result, we have increased our military operations and activities in the South China Sea”.

Mark Valencia

Anonymous said...

Why would local media bother to publish fake news by the West to smear China?
Were they paid to do so or blindly and stupidly doing the foul works of the West?

Anonymous said...

More and more Westerners are coming out to make videos of the real China as opposed to the lies propagated by the USA and the West, including their MSM. This has obviously touched a raw nerve, with accusations that these Westerners like Gwelo60, Barret, Cyrus Jansen among others are being paid by China.

These people are asking what about the anti China factions lying about China. Were these people also not paid by Washington to spread propaganda against China? The world knows that the USA and the West already do those things that they later accused others of doing it. It stinks to high heaven of their obnoxious behavior.

Anonymous said...

Watch the video on Youtube - 'The children of Agent Orange'. It is heartbreaking, but why is the world not talking about it? The USA really has to pay for their crimes against humanity. It cannot just be forgiven as if nothing happens.

Apart from those killed by the Evil Americans, there are more than 150,000 children born with deformed bodies in Vietnam. This is not including those with limbs blown off by mines left behind by the Evil Invaders that are still killing people.

Anonymous said...

UK regulator Ofcom has kicked China Global Television (CGTN) out of the country for being controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Like the US on Huawei, UK is also treating any party or organ linked to the CCP as illegal.

With the recent non verified BBC report of alleged rape of Uighur women in Xinjiang prison being reported prominently like the truth, I can see China mulling retaliation, Just like they
did with WSJ after the latter report calling China the sick man of Asia.
All these western self righteous media, full of hubris always think they can report without consequences because free press in their countries, also cover other countries.

Sit back, there will be good show coming our way from China, now on UK.

Anonymous said...

Vietnamese who still support the Americans are from South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese do not support the Americans. They hate the Americans but love US Dollars.

Anonymous said...

Now, COVID-19 is rampaging through Vietnam again. They thought they have cleared the hurdles but foreigners bring in the virus (new strains) again.

The Vietnamese government is now in panic station.

Anonymous said...

China should give Britain the same treatment as for Australia. Cut off trades with Britain. This evil country owes the biggest debt to countries of the world. It ruled African countries and India for centuries. The Africans and Indians should take this country as theirs to repay the debt of colonisation and killings of their people.

BBC just reported this.

'They wore cowboy suits, she said, not police uniforms.

Sometime after midnight, they came to the huts behind the master's mansion to select the women they wanted and took them to their rooms, there were no surveillance cameras in those days of cotton fields.

Several nights, Ebony said, they took her.

"Perhaps this is the most unforgettable scar on me forever," she said.

"I don't even want these words to spill from my mouth."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The whites would always, everyday, every moment, try to deflect their crimes against humanity by finding ways, fabricating stories, to smear China, to take the attention off their crimes against the blacks, the slaves, the native Americans and the conquered colonised people all over the world.

They are so white, so clean, so righteous, so sinless. They never committed any crimes against the natives they stole their lands and genocided them.

God is now punishing them for their crimes and white lies.

Anonymous said...

Ya the vietnamese pros also prefer us$ rather than local currency

Anonymous said...

The spraying of Agent Orange in Vietnam was clearly a genocidal act, using chemical weapons that had far reaching consequences. How many generations will suffer the after effects of Agent Orange is still not known. Food crops still could not grow, ground water remain contaminated more than four decades after the war ended. Millions of Vietnamese died from contact with Agent Orange.

Anonymous said...

In USA now the blacks are screwing the white girls like there is no tomorrow. Just Google the inter racial and u will find all these videos. So the blacks are now taking revenge.