Singapore Is A Blessed Country

Singapore is so blessed! Not joking. Why?

1. Don't have to fear the Lawless States of America using the CIA to bribe the leaders into becoming stooges of the Evil Empire or initiate a regime change.

2. Don't have to fear China and the Chinese people meddle in the country's internal affairs or take over the country.

3. Don't have to worry about the military launching a military coup to topple the government like in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. The military is already running the country for the past 17 years!

4. Also don't have to worry about having insufficient talents amongst the local population. All she has to do is to sign an agreement with India to import more and more degree-mills produced quickie talents (ability to get 7 certificates in six days without having to study and sit for exams - someone sits on their behalf) from India, the country that is so blessed with countless talented rapists, and corrupted police that helped covered up the rapists and their crimes, and with incomparable tongue-twisting smooth talkers.

5. Also don't need to worry that there is not enough Covid-19 infected people in the country. All she has to do is to open her legs wide-wide and invite the CECA Foreigners from India to bring in more and more of their Covid-19 infected fathers, mothers, in-laws, children and workers into Singapore to take away the jobs and occupy the houses of the local Singaporeans.

6. And if necessary, there is really no need to worry about the non-Chinese not becoming Prime Minister because the non-Chinese are already holding the highest office in the land, ie. the Presidency. On top of that, the non-Chinese are holding key and crucial ministerial posts, such as the Home Affairs Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister, the Law Minister, as well as the Chief Justice, Treasury Chief, and the national bank DBS Chief, and the President of the Law Society.

7. Over and above that, Singapore can also easily import foreigners to become Ministers and to fill other crucial top positions in both the public and private sectors, without the need to do much searching, soul searching.

8. Also Singapore can sell away her strategic national assets such as the power stations and still not worry a single bit because she can buy power from Malaysia, just like buying water from Malaysia too. And don't need to worry about being held ransom by the nice and friendly Malaysia government.

See? How blessed Singapore is?

1984 George Orwell - February 2021.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Sg is a blessed country based on the author's perception. It also appears that Sg is a Heng Hong Huat Ah! country. It appears that Sg r in good state of running by the highest paid cabinet ministers in the whole wide world. But when one examine carefully it's own resources r all finite that's why import mah, and how long will it lasts nobody knows perhaps a Titanic/Atlantis type or Trojan horses type of crises r advancing to the D day of this island state, or will it last for another hundred years??..

Anonymous said...

The more foreigners are imported into this piece of rock, the nearer would it get to the day when it sinks.

The imbeciles think they are magicians, can defy gravity and send a rope up in the air by blowing a pipe.

Anonymous said...

Yes Singapore is so blessed to have so many ministers that are worth paying millions for their super talents. They can do wonders that other unworthy low paying ministers cannot do.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Sg is world best!

The millions paid to the ministers are sub sub water!

What we have is money!


Hahaha .....

Anonymous said...

When I said Red Dot will sink someone said Red Dot cannot sink.

Jakarta is sinking. Bangkok is sinking. Manila is sinking. Ho Chi Minh City is sinking. All are due to overbuilding, over-extraction of groundwater due to population growth, and of course climate change due to melting ice from the poles. In fact many other global cities are also sinking.

But Red Dot is blessed. It will not sink.

Anonymous said...

See how successful Singapore is? Without any doubt these are exceptional talents.

With no resources, not enough water, not enough electricity, they have no qualms in increasing the population, not sure how many millions more, without a care. Sure no problem one.

Other countries would be wetting their pants in fear. Even the first generation leaders were frightened of such an eventuality and had to Stop at Two. Now the new story, go forth and multiply. Not enough import more.

Singapore needs more population to grow and get richer.

This type of economic solution is out of this world, just like their million dollar salaries.

By the way, what were they busy doing everyday?

Anonymous said...

Talk cock, sing song.

Clear eyed said...

Counting money, keeping track of their bank accounts, investment portfolios, properties, etc. Full-time job. Their paid job is only part-time.

Anonymous said...

When the sea level rises, red dot will float with the rising water. This is already programmed into the infrastructure of the island. Red dot will auto pilot float and even float away into the Pacific Ocean for safety.

Don't pray pray. High tech. Why do you think so many talented computer programmers were brought in here for? To save this piece of rock from sinking.

1984 George Orwell said...

More Blessings For Singapore! SNEC Blunder Or Error?

Yes, Singapore is so blessed that even an employee at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) has been blunderingly, carelessly and complacently injected with FIVE doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine instead of only one.

SNEC revealed the incident only 3 days ago, when the serious blunder had taken place on 14 January during a Vaccination Experiment, using its staff as guinea-pigs "voluntarily".

SNEC has said that it was due to “human error” resulting from a lapse in communication among the Vaccination Team at the time. In other words, either no standard operating procedures were established or they were not strictly followed.

The use of the word "error" is an understatement. It obviously looks like a big serious blunder that should never have happened, and that could have caused long-term serious injury or even a slow death a few years down the road. Nobody really knows at this stage.

“The error was discovered within minutes of the vaccination when the staff was resting in a designated area after vaccination,” SNEC press release revealed.

“Senior doctors were alerted immediately and the staff was assessed and found to be well, with no adverse reaction or side effects.” The poor staff is so lucky and SNEC is so blessed.

The SNEC added that it has been following up closely with the staff member, who remains well. For now! We won't know the long term effects until time has past. Until it's too late to take any preventive action.

Although the incident took place earlier in January, news of it only broke out three days ago. Why took so long to release a press statement to inform the public?

Could it be a case of trying to cover up, initially?

And simply declared it as a "human error" will suffice?

No one takes responsibility for such a serious blunder?

No heads rolled?

No board of inquiry?

See? SNEC is so lucky and so blessed!

1984 George Orwell - 8 February 2021

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many people complaining about the way Singapore is being governed? You voted them in and now you kpkb. Why??? Just VTO next GE. So until then just suck it and suffer. Stop complaining and live is peace.

Anonymous said...

MOH jokers said injected with five over-dose of vaccines is unlikely to be harmful. To me, this must be the joke of the century. Obviously, it is a very crude and unconscionable attempt to humour the public and reduce the anger and shock.

That's why I call them jokers.

SSO said...

The Confession Of A Typical Selfish Shortsighted Singapore Idiot

They came for the Opposition and dissenters, but I did not speak up because I thought they are the minority, and the majority of 61% has voted for the Party.

They came for the bloggers and whistleblowers, again I did not speak up. I thought if I live in peace and did not complain, it would be alright and everything would be just fine.

Then they came for my friends and neighbours, but again I did not think that it was my duty to speak up for them. I had thought that when Election time comes, I just VTO and kick them out but in the mean time I just suck it up and suffer silently like an idiot, it would be alright for me.

Finally, they came for me. OMG! There was no one left to speak up for me!

Signed: A Singapore Idiot.

From SSO - 9 Feb 2021.

Anonymous said...

Goh Chok Tong once said that if there were no protests, it means everything is fine. So PAP sends out its running dogs and laptop bitches to tell everybody not to complain and not to protest. This is PAP's strategy right from the start.

Only hear the good news! Like an ostrich. See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil and do no evil. Everything will then be just fine (for the PAP).

Anonymous said...

First of all, can Sinkies protest at all? Three standing with placards in front of the CPF Building and the riot squad took up position to surround them and arrest them.

In Red Dot no beggars does not mean everyone is fine and looking at their CPF statements and feeling very rich like the ministers.