Covid19 - Why I choose the traditional vaccines instead of mRNA vaccines

 The traditional vaccine is produced using dead Covid19 virus to stimulate your body to produce antibodies to destroy the dead virus. After this phase, your body would be able to recognise a Covid19 virus and repeat the production of antibodies to deal with it. It is a simple tested process. Dead virus would not harm the body system. 

Why mRNA is a bit more dicey? The mRNA, m stands for messenger, is not dead virus. It is a part of the Covid19 virus, virile, and when injected into the body, the messenger will activate the body to produce more mRNAs, simulating a Covid19 attack. The amount of mRNA produced by the body is variable depending on the individual.  When too little is produced, the body may not react and produce enough antibodies to deal with the attack., thus rendering the vaccine ineffective.

When sufficient mRNA is produced, in simple terms, the normal reaction, the body would produce the necessary amount of antibodies to kill the mRNA and after that the body would be ready to tackle any Covid19 virus attack. The body is thus trained and immuned in a way from Covid19 attack.

The problem is when the body produces too much mRNAs.  When this happened, more antibodies must be produced to kill them off, causing great stress on the body system. Some may be able to recover from this, some may not.

Another problem is, what if not all mRNA were killed off? RNA and DNA are basic building blocks of cells and could freely attach to each other, a bit here, a bit there, leading to new DNAs. The permutations and combinations are infinite though the chances are very small. What if it happened, and with millions of people being injected with mRNAs, surely a few may get into this complication. Then the origin of the mRNA becomes an issue.  What animal was used to extract the mRNA? The new DNAs could have parts of the DNA of the animal. Then sci fi fiction may come true. No one is sure about this as Nature has a funny way of finding its own way to reproduce itself.

The mRNA vaccines thus has two processes against the traditional vaccines that only reacted to the dead virus to produce antibodies.  One process of the mRNA is to stimulate the body to produce more RNAs. Too little or too much would not have the best results. Too much could have too much problem, too little have too little problem.

The second process is for the presence of RNAs, technically would not lead to Covid19 infection, to activate the body defence system to produce antibodies to kill them. When too much RNAs were stimulated, proportionally more antibodies needed to be produced and this may cause too much stress, depending on the individual.  Older folks may not take the stress well.

The third part,  not part of the process, is the possibility of RNA bits fusing with the body DNA bits. This can be considered rare but not totally impossible.  This could become another problem. The result of such a combination could only be seen, unfortunately, over a longer time phase.

So, I would opt for the traditional vaccine, even if it would come later.  Singapore's situation is fairly well controlled and we are not in high risk countries like the USA or India and Brazil. There is no need to rush and no need to try the new mRNA vaccines which were approved for emergency use only.

This is my personal view and why I prefer to wait for the proven and well tested traditional vaccines.


Anonymous said...

Is it so difficult for all PAP MPs to declare they have vaccinated themselves with mRNA vaccine first, with no adverse effects, before asking the rest of Singaporeans to be vaccinated?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Covid19, wild fire and now snow storm all over the USA. Texas was hit by power failure and no drinking water. Can you believe it, no drinking water, no safe water to drink in Texas, USA.

The snow storm and cold spell have stopped the vaccination of Americans in all 50 states. More natural forces would be mustered to destroy this evil American Empire.

Anonymous said...

US rejected calls to share doses before it had completed its own domestic vaccination campaign.

“Our current focus is on vaccinating Americans, getting shots in arms here,” said one US official, speaking before the G7 meeting. Another official said Biden had asked staff to explore options for donating “surplus” vaccines “once there is a sufficient supply” to meet domestic demand.

Anonymous said...

When the mRNA virus cells and how it will react with the body's normal DNA cells is still not known or studied. It will take years to come to a conclusive situation and that is very dangerous and may be irreversible. Now they will assure you there is no such thing happening.

Interfering or changing the body's normal DNA cells may lead to many things in those younger people looking to start a family. Having deformed or handicapped children is one possibility. If Bolsonaro says women may start growing beards is not a laughing matter either, and becoming a crocodile may be a stretch too extreme.

But looking at the effects of Agent Orange, it seems that many (not all thankfully) of those Vietnamese exposed to it have fathered or given birth to highly deformed children, even forty years after the war ended, evidently passed to successive generation. It obviously affected their DNA passed down the line. That is how changing the body's DNA can be very dangerous.

For older people the risk is much less worrying. After all, they are not going to have children at 60 or 70 years old, unless they are in the shoes of the Macau gambling king.

Anonymous said...

Probably this is the works by the Heavenly Beings (aka Gods of Heavenly Realm) punishing the evils doings or the Universal Law of Cause and Effects (aka karma) at work. Today is the birthday of Tian Gong 天公 or Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Ream 玉皇大帝, let's pray for the Covid-19 virus to subside quickly, stay healthy, stay safe and peaceful for all mankind.

Anonymous said...

If the Fort Detrick theory and the purpose of producing the virus is true, it is logical that the USA and Whites will not share their vaccine with the rest of the coloured people of the world. If the intent is to destroy them, why should they share their vaccines to save them instead?

Try figuring out why they are hoarding and giving lame excuses not to share.

Anonymous said...

The white Americans would mistaken that they are purely white. However,through few hundreds years of cross breeding with blacks,browns,multiple colours for free. Their DNAs are not so white after all. Fort Derrick scientists may overlook these variables. Ha ha Man proposal but god disposal.

SSO said...

If the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are as good as what the government is attempting to influence all of us to believe, then logically all the Ministers, Members of Parliament and top civil Serpents should have been vaccinated by now. Period.


Anonymous said...

They probably forgot the crossbreeding factor. That is why the virus is also targeting the Whites as well. Doing evil begets evil.

Anonymous said...

Biden's pledge of helping others 'once there is sufficient supply to meet domestic demand is a moving target'. It sounds nice, but wait long long.

1984 George Orwell said...

As Taipei keeps provoking Beijing with closer association and military cooperation with the US, China must be ready to take over Taiwan in the near future, probably this year if possible.

Anonymous said...

Approximately one-third of U.S. troops have declined to take the coronavirus vaccine so far, Pentagon officials told the House Armed Services Committee.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, the vice director of operations for the Joint Staff, said the military has a two-thirds acceptance rate for the vaccine, meaning as much as a third isn't taking it. The vaccine is not yet mandatory for service members.

Early in the hearing, lawmakers from both parties voiced concerns about the number of troops who may be declining the vaccine and the impact of refusals on military readiness.

- Politico

Anonymous said...

What about the SAF? How many of the 45,000 troops and 5,000 officers have taken or going to take the experimental vaccines?

Anonymous said...

I got a very strong premonition that Biden may die in office.

Anonymous said...

At the India-Singapore CEOs’ Forum held on 18 Feb 2021, Minister Iswaran said:

“As a small city-state connected to the world, we are keenly aware in Singapore, that shutting our doors is not an option. We will continue to work in partnership with our close friends, like India, to tap on each other’s strengths for mutual benefit.”

“I wish to assure our friends from India that Singapore remains open to international business, investment, and talent. Even in these trying times, the strong ties that Singapore and India have built over the years have enabled us to keep up the momentum of our engagements,” Iswaran added.

However, he did not ask India to assure Singapore that the DBS investments in India would be protected by India's laws and courts.

It seems to look more like a lob-sided slave-master engagement?

Anonymous said...

The mouse roars!

Singapore expresses its dismay at reports of civilian casualties following the use of lethal force by security forces against demonstrators.

"The use of lethal weapons against unarmed civilians is inexcusable," the Foreign Ministry says in a statement. Two people were killed in Myanmar's second city Mandalay when police fired to disperse people protesting against the Feb. 1 military coup there, the bloodiest day in more than two weeks of demonstrations.

Singapore has been the largest source of foreign investment into Myanmar in recent years. "We strongly urge the security forces to exercise utmost restraint to avoid further injuries and loss of lives, and take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and restore calm," Singapore's Foreign Ministry says.

Myanmar has the world's 12th largest army of 406,000 - ranked by active military personnel in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Who authorised DBS to throw money into a failed Indian bank and now risking Singaporeans' money being fleeced by the Indians and having to pay and pay to the Indian fraudsters? Playing with OPM and losing hundreds of millions or billions got no responsibility? Where is the accountability?

Anonymous said...

How to spot an American lackey?

When the Americans attacked a country, they would immediately open their big mouth to echo what the Americans said. American lackeys have no freedom to choose. They just do what their masters ordered them to do, to say.

Anonymous said...

Sinister plots and agenda cannot be concealed for long.

Anonymous said...

A silly decision could easily be made when everyone was sleep walking, pretending to look smart and working. Negligent of duty or simply foolishness at work? Complicity?

Anonymous said...

Biden is too old for office. He is said to be playing video games and not answering his phone. That is according to some Trump supporters.

It is all mud slinging. By the way, Republicans are saying that they will attempt to rig future elections hereon, since they claim that Biden has got away with his, with Trump still on this belief. That is as close as we can conclude that rigging has been going on for ages in the elections in the USA, the Beacon of Democracy.

When a country needs to call on two old dinosaurs to compete to run for office, you know they are also scrapping the bottom of the barrel. It is an omnimous sign that all is not well.