In this CCP Centennial 2021, old and past heroes of the Chinese Communist Party that saved China and the Chinese people will always be remembered eternally.

      The Chinese Communist Party is not only the saving star of China and the Chinese people but is also the saving star of many ex-colonial countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In this One Hundred Years Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party we must appreciate that it was with the strong support of the People's Republic of China that ex-colonial countries in Africa and Asia were able to throw off the colonial yoke and gained independence. It was with strong Chinese support that Vietnam, Cambolia, Loas and Myanmar were able to escape from the clutches of American imperialism. Most important it is with strong Chinese support that North Korea was able to fight off the American imperialist and  maintain its independence. 

In the last over one hundred years from 1830s to mid 1940s  the Chinese people suffered the most outrageous humiliation of being  attacked, slandered, torn apart and dismembered by the hordes of Western barbaric countries like England, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, the United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Japan. They tore China apart like a living bull being attacked brutally by a pride of lions or hyenas. China was dismembered with what the west claimed that China was like a huge ripe watermelon waiting to be cut and divided among  themselves the aggressors and invaders.

Several times during this debacle of Chinese civilization there were great patriots who rose up to resist Western and Japanese aggressions. But they were brought down by the treachery of the West. It was not till the founding of the Chinese Communist Party that the long tortuous route to national survival and salvation of the Chinese Civilization could be realized.

As I had previously in June and July 2020 written a series of five articles describing the heroic fights and sgtruggles of the CCP , I will not describe the same here. But instead it is important in this centennial of the CCP , to honour and highlight the heroes , the leaders both in the civilian and military and the hundreds of thousands or millions of Chinese who out of conviction and patriotism selflessly devoted their lives to fight western and Japanese aggressions to salvage Chinese honour, dignity and self-respect through victory in Chinese nationalism and civilization.

Undoubtedly without the founding of the Chinese Communist Party China could have continuously slide into permanent choas and distability and eventual disintegration into different servile colonies of England, Russia, France, America, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland and Japan. In short the proud Chinese people would have lost forever their national state and their over 5,000 Year civilization. Thus those Chinese patriots in the Chinese Communist Party were in the forefront of the deadly struggle against Western, Russian and Japanese imperialism. At the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on 23rd July, 1921, China had already lost over three million square miles of territory to Russia, England, France and Japan. With the founding of the CCP and the eventual establishment of the People's Republic of China on 1st October, 1949, the Chinese people have stood up and prevented the further tearing up of China. China's lost territories due to coercion unequal treaties must eventually be recovered and will be recovered when history turns in China's favour.

The founders of the Chinese Communist Party and the First Generation Leaders.

Chen Tu-hsiu ( Chen Duxiu ) and Li Ta-chao ( Li Dazhao ) were co-founders of the CCP. The First National Congress of the CCP was held secretly  on 23rd July, 1921 in a deserted girls' boarding school in the French Concession of Shanghai. It was attended by 12 delegates representing fifty-seven original members. Chen Tu-hsiu described western democracy as a swindle, " democracy is no more than a tool used by the bourgeoisie to swindle mankind in order to maintain political power. " Li Ta'chao was the librarian at Peita or National University of Peking. His assistant librarian was a young intellectual Mao Tse-tung. Both Li Ta-chao and Mao Tse-tung were right in focusing on the peasants as a pre-requisite for carrying out a successful revolution instead of following the Russian dictate on using the bourgeoisie or city working class which was a complete failure in China's situation. Unfortunately Li Ta-chao was captured and executed by the re-actionary warlord Chang Tso-lin on 28th April, 1927. It was Mao Tse-tung who carried on the peasant struggle by putting his mentor's idea into practice and thus eventually won the revolutionary victory against both foreign aggressors and reactionary Chiang Kai-shek to proclaim the establishment of the People's Republic of China on 1st October, 1949.

Other important CCP leaders who contributed to the success of the founding of the People's Republic of China were Premier Chou En-lai,  Liu Shaoqi,  Deng Xiaoping , Xu Xiangqian and some of the grand marshall generals Chu Teh, Peng Dehuai, Ye Jianying, Lin Biao, He Long, Liu Bo Cheng,  Chen Yi, Nie Rongzhen, Yang Shangkun, Lo Jui-ching and Luo Ronghuan. Premier Chou En-lai was a great statesman par excellence, a strategic thinker and a great administrator without whose expertise China would not have overcome the tremendous problems that China had to face both internally and externally. The marshall generals were all great military strategists whose command and directions of the wars and struggles against the Japanese invaders and subsequently against the Kuomintang and its American supporters were consequential in the defeat of the Japanese and the Kuomintang under the despicable Chiang Kai-shek.

The success of the People's Republic of China is in a great way played by the patriotic and dedicated Chinese scientists and technocrats. These highly intellectual scientists and technocrats were very innovative and very devoted and dedicated in their work to contribute as part of their work and duty to help, preserve and maintain the safety and seecurity of China's nationalism and sovereignty. As there are too many of them to be mentioned here it would  suffice to list just a few of the most outstanding ones. They are as listed below:

Rocket propulsion and ballistic missile scientists: Professor Qian Xue - Sen ( Father of China's rocket and ballistic missiles ), Yang Nan-sheng, Guo Yong-huai, Chieh Chien-chang, Dr. Cheng Shi-ying, Xu Guo-zhi, Yang Jia-hui, Wang Xi-ji, Lu Qiang, Chen Yuan Jiu, Zhao Jiu -zhang, Wei Yi-qing, Luo Pei-lin, Luo Shi-jin and Qian Ji. Professor Qian Xue-Sen and his team of rocket and ballistic scientists have trained tens of thousands of young Chinese scientists to become qualified experts in their own ambitious goal.

Nuclear scientists: Professor Qian San C'hiang ( Father of China's Atom Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb and Nuclear Technology), Deng Jia H'sien, Sun Yuen Chi, Yang Chen Ning, Zhang Ying Yi, Sun Jia Tung, Wang Chien Chang and Wang Bing Zhang. Professor Qian San C'hiang and his colleagues too have trained tens of thousands of young Chinese scientists to become experts in nuclear technology.

Both Professor Qian Xue-sen and Professor Qian San C'hiang collaborated their efforts to propel China's ballistic missile and nuclear technology to the highest level of success to maintain China's security and sovereignty. With large pools of new young and talented scientists trained by them in both the rocket and ballistic missile technology and the nuclear technology China's future in both fields of technology is secure. The rocket and missiles scientists and the nuclear scientists form a very strong and powerful bulwark in the defense of China's security and sovereignty. Hopefully a strong and powerful nuclear armed China will deter the bellicose Anglo-Saxon British and white Americans from creating any more trouble for China and the Chinese people.

It is also important to know and recognize the vast contributions of the ordinary Chinese folks in rural agricultural China and the proletariats of the working class people in the cities in their determined struggle and fights against the western and Japanese aggressors and invaders. They held regular important revolutionary musical and dramatic cultural events that inspire the Chinese patriotic spirit to rise up and topple the evil foreign aggressors and invaders. As usual there are too many of them to be mentioned here. It is suffice to just mention two of the most outstsanding cultural intellectuals whose vital contributions to the success of the Chinese Communist victory and establishment of the People's Republic of China can never be forgotten.

Nie Er (original name Nie Shouzin)  and Tian Han worked closely with each other in devoting their lives to fight western and Japanese aggressors and invaders through the strong influence of their revolutionary songs and music which inspired the people;s monumental spirit to rise up to fight and drive out the western and Japanese invaders and to secure Chinese nationalism and sovereignty. Their songs and music touched the heart of every Chinese person and promoted nationalism and patriotism. They tell the story of people at the front line fighting Japanese invaders in northeast China in the 1930s. 

Nie Er's last song "The March of The Volunteers" in which he wrote the musical scores while Tian Han contributed the lyrics captured  the rising anti-Japanese sentiment and the song "The March of The Volunteers" was selected as China's National Anthem with the establishment of the "People's Republic of China." Further more "The March of The Volunteers  " has universal appeal that transcends Chinese Nationalism.

Every year on Chinese National Day on 1st October, the Chinese government pay tributes and eulogies to the unknown millions of Chinese martyrs who died a heroic death in fighting against western and Japanese imperialism and invasion and in so doing sacrifice their lives for the sake of securing Chinese Nationalism and sovereignty and the final success in establishing "The People's Republic of China" on 1st October, 1949.

The success and victory of the Chinese Communist Party in establishing the "Peole's Republic of China" has restored honour, dignity and self-respect to China and to every proud Chinese in all corners of the world. In this centenary of the Chinese Communist Party which is on 23rd July, let the Chinese throughout the world celebrate and toast to the Party and remember that it is the stoic struggle of the  millions of Chinese patriots in the past that contributed to the success of the revolution that finally restored honour, dignity and self-respect to all Chinese people. 

The west under the leadership of the evil empiire the United States and Japan still harbour evil intentions to destroy China and the Chinese people. It is the duty and responsibility of all Chinese people in the world to resist western and US imperialism and to defeat them completely so that China and the Chinese people and the rest of the non-western countries can live in peace and security.


Wednesday, 24th February,2021




Anonymous said...

If not for the threat of USA gaining control of North Vietnam, right at the border of China, China's support for Vietnam during the war would have been in vain, seeing the attitude of the Vietnamese people turning tails and largely still supporting the USA.

If I understand that part of history correctly, Deng would have perished during the Cultural Revolution, being purged twice by Mao. It was the protection of Zhou En Lai, one of many, that he survived and rose from the ashes. Even LKY said that Deng was the most remarkable person he had ever met in his lifetime.

Without Zhou, Deng would probably have perished under Mao, and without Deng, China would have been a different country that we now know. Two men that have done the most for China.

Anonymous said...

Actually without the old man's LKY advice China will not be where it is today also. & also without GKS China will not progress so fast. These 2 r also Great Men of the East but not recognized by China CCP sad case.

Anonymous said...

Canada parliament has just followed Pompeo to declare China's treatment of its ethnic Uyghers as 'genocide', which even PM Trudeau says it a too loaded word. How much of it is based on facts and how much about political and grandstanding? Has Canada over reached itself by teaching a superpower how to deal with it terrorists and suspects, like Australia and always assuming Uncle Sam has their backs?

Anonymous said...

There is now a deluge of videos on Youtube featuring Uyghers dispelling the blatant lies of Pompeo. From the mouths of the same people who were supposed to have been mistreated, against the words of one who probably never set foot in Xinjiang, and who made up all the lies to discredit China.

Of course, the West will now say these people are paid by the CCP to say those good things about China. By the same argument, who is paying those people telling blatant lies about China. The sword cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...

Five Eyes white supremacist alliance is bent on suppressing the Chinese

Canada, the UK and Australia, three members of the Five Eyes alliance, have recently taken action to put pressure on China. They have formed a US-centered, racist community, willfully and arrogantly provoking China and trying to consolidate their hegemony as all white supremacists do. They are becoming a racist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Five Eyes alliance members are all English-speaking countries. The formation of four states, except the UK, is the result of British colonization. Those countries share the Anglo-Saxon civilization. The Five Eyes countries have been brought together by the US to become the "center of the West." They have a strong sense of civilization superiority. The bloc, which was initially aimed at intelligence sharing, has now become an organization targeting China. The evil idea of racism has been fermenting consciously or unconsciously in their clashes with China.

With a common skin, a common language and a common historical background, they are increasingly coordinating their attacks against China and have rapidly transformed from the intelligence-sharing mechanism into a political clique.

The total population of the Five Eyes countries is only a third of China's. After all, they are only a tiny fraction of the inhabitants on this planet. But the Five Eyes countries are spread across continents. Media organizations in the US and the UK are particularly developed and capable of dominating global public opinion in English, which increases their insolence to represent the international community and world public opinion.

Trump's team has gone, but their core diplomatic legacy of suppressing China has been largely preserved. The mechanism of the Five Eyes alliance to jointly suppress China has not only solidified, but also accelerated its operations.

Global diplomacy in the 21st century must not be hijacked by a fake international community with an axis of white supremacy, their selfishness masquerading as the common morality of the world. They cannot set the agenda of mankind. What they want is sham multilateralism, and what they actually pursue is white supremacy in their own interest circle. By resisting them, China is not only defending its own interests, but also defending the diversity of the modern world, which is based on the free choices of people and paths taken by different countries.

Anonymous said...

In the 19th Century the Europeans craved like crazy for Chinese tea and Chinese porcelains. Chinese tea was so expensive that the white men of England not only drink the tea but also chew the tea leaves and eat them.British traders of British East India Company made tons of money by importing Chinese tea and porcelains and reexporting them to all parts of Europe and Middle East. This trade on Chinese tea and porcelains was transacted in silver dollars and it drained off so much of silver dollars from England until England felt it had to do something. Therefore in the 1830s the British Jews the Sassoons and the Rothschild's families instigated the British Anglo-Saxons to use opium from British ruled India to force China to accept opium as payment in lieu of payment in silver dollars. But opium an addictive drug was a banned illicit product in China and the Chinese government had forbidden the people from smoking opium. However in disregard of the ban the British jews and the Anglo-Saxons of the British East India company smuggled tons of opium into China and made hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit profit. The illicit trade in opium not only drained off all the gold and silver from China but it also had a devastating economic effect on the country as the people who are addicted to opium were always in a delirium and neglectful of their work, their duty and responsibilities. Since the British opium had a devastating fatal effect on the survival of China, the government confiscated two thousand cartons of opium and threw them into the sea. This resulted in England imposing the first Opium War on China in 1939 to 1942 to force China to allow British opium to be traded in China. When China resisted further demands of the British for more extra-territorial concessions for their opium trade they imposed the Second Opium War on China in 1858 to 1860. The rest is then history when a weak China was subjected to land grabbing robbers from England, Russia, France, Germany, Holland, America, Spain, Portugal and Japan.

It is ironical almost two hundred years later since the British Jews instigated Opium Wars on China in the late 1930s now in the 21st Century, the American Jews the descendants of the British Jews are instigating and inciting the Anglo-Saxon Americans the descendants of the British to impose a trade war on China to stem America's trade deficit with China.

The untrustworthy Jews and the Anglo-Saxons white people are very evil, very wicked people who when they cannot win in fair trade,fair competition and fair level playing field they will resort to unfair means of taking down the competitors or opponents and destroy them by whatever means they can think of. Of course China is now too powerful for them to trifle with unless they are courting death.

Eagles Eyes SS

Anonymous said...

All the 5 eyes countries, except for UK, are sitting on stolen land from the natives of their respective countries. When are they going to return the land to the natives and get bonked off back to their original homeland in UK?

Anonymous said...

Southernglory1 excellent piece.... BTW CCP is wrong CPC is correct.. In the late 40s before the CPC took over China "The March of The Volunteers" was my favorites Chinese folk song. After CPC adopted it as their national anthem, the fucking colonial govt banned the song.
kindness regards JC.

Anonymous said...

Red Beanand Southernglory1 Happy CNY bless you.
kindness regards JC

Anonymous said...

From some sources, the then old man taught Xi the silk route or bri project in one meeting with him...the rest is history..

Anonymous said...

Lky is being recognized as China CCP friend & his contribution to China economy otherwise Xi wudn't visit his wake when he passed on. So this is no nonsense stuffs & don't play play ...