Five Eyes white supremacist alliance is bent on suppressing the Chinese


Five Eyes white supremacist alliance is bent on suppressing the Chinese

Canada, the UK and Australia, three members of the Five Eyes alliance, have recently taken action to put pressure on China. They have formed a US-centered, racist community, willfully and arrogantly provoking China and trying to consolidate their hegemony as all white supremacists do. They are becoming a racist axis aimed at stifling the development rights of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Five Eyes alliance members are all English-speaking countries. The formation of four states, except the UK, is the result of British colonization. Those countries share the Anglo-Saxon civilization. The Five Eyes countries have been brought together by the US to become the "center of the West." They have a strong sense of civilization superiority. The bloc, which was initially aimed at intelligence sharing, has now become an organization targeting China. The evil idea of racism has been fermenting consciously or unconsciously in their clashes with China.

With a common skin, a common language and a common historical background, they are increasingly coordinating their attacks against China and have rapidly transformed from the intelligence-sharing mechanism into a political clique.

The total population of the Five Eyes countries is only a third of China's. After all, they are only a tiny fraction of the inhabitants on this planet. But the Five Eyes countries are spread across continents. Media organizations in the US and the UK are particularly developed and capable of dominating global public opinion in English, which increases their insolence to represent the international community and world public opinion.

Trump's team has gone, but their core diplomatic legacy of suppressing China has been largely preserved. The mechanism of the Five Eyes alliance to jointly suppress China has not only solidified, but also accelerated its operations.

Global diplomacy in the 21st century must not be hijacked by a fake international community with an axis of white supremacy, their selfishness masquerading as the common morality of the world. They cannot set the agenda of mankind. What they want is sham multilateralism, and what they actually pursue is white supremacy in their own interest circle. By resisting them, China is not only defending its own interests, but also defending the diversity of the modern world, which is based on the free choices of people and paths taken by different countries. 



Anonymous said...

Even before the five eyes alliance came into being, the Whites were already bent on suppressing China. The Germans, French, British together with the Japanese were each dividing China into their sphere of influence after the second opium war.

Then there were the attempts to convert China and also India into Christian states, following their conversion of the Red Indians of USA, the native Indians of Canada, the Aborigines of Australia, which they largely succeeded.

The Natives of America had this to say of the colonisation of their land -

"They came with the Bible in hand while we had our land. We closed our eyes and when we opened them, we had the Bible in hand, but they had our land" That was how religion was used to control the natives.

Thankfully, China and India, with thousands of years of history, did not fall for the trick. Some sections were converted, but the heritage of thousands of years of wisdom did not fall prey to the evil intent of the Whites using religion to fool the natives. They thought China and India were as backward as the Natives of USA and Canada. China and India were already established civilisation with religious roots far longer than Christianity existed. The Whites could not break any ground and only are only resorting to lying, cheating and stealing

Watch the video on Youtube - Lee Kuan Yew on religious tolerance.

Anonymous said...

The EU definitely has better commonsense!

ABC said...

Bad omen for Donald Trump!

This is a sign of bad omen for Donald J Trump. His long-lasting and long-famous casino hotel, the Trump Plaza Hotel is no more, after years of popularity and prosperity. It has became an environmental hazard, and has a result has to be demolished for the safety of the public.

Watch how Trump Plaza Hotel at the Atlantis City, New Jersey collapsed in seconds.


Anonymous said...

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a good chance to double its GDP by 2035, according to Helen Qiao, head of Asia economics at Bank of America Global Research.

She told CNBC that some reform measures would help China get there. The doubling of China’s GDP would require an average annual growth of 4.7 percent for the next 15 years. “We think China would be able to achieve it,” Qiao said.

The economist predicted that, in addition to doubling its gross domestic product, the Asian nation will surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy in around 2027 to 2028.