The Confession Of A Typical Selfish Shortsighted Singapore Idiot

They came for the Opposition and dissenters, but I did not speak up because I thought they are the minority, and the majority of 61% has voted for the Party.

They came for the bloggers and whistleblowers, again I did not speak up. I thought if I live in peace and did not complain, it would be alright and everything would be just fine.

Then they came for my friends and neighbours, but again I did not think that it was my duty to speak up for them. I had thought that when Election time comes, I just VTO and kick them out but in the mean time I just suck it up and suffer silently like an idiot, it would be alright for me.

Finally, they came for me. OMG! There was no one left to speak up for me!

Signed: A Singapore Idiot.

From SSO - 9 Feb 2021.


Anonymous said...

To all IBs,

Next time when you want to earn your $5 per post, think properly first. Don't anyhow "gasak" and "hantam". Otherwise, you will be exposing yourselves as selfish, shortsighted idiots.

Earning $5 per post is not easy to earn nowadays. You'd better find another way of making extra pocket money.

Being an IB is not only degrading yourself and killing your own conscience but also selling your soul too cheaply. And you also have to swallow your pride and dignity.

It's better to go and be a Grab Food or Food Panda delivery boy/girl. At least it's quite a honourable job, and more meaningful. And you can earn much more if you are hardworking enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:16 am,

The Famous Perverted Asshole Bandit,

You can't even bothered to communicate decently, coherently and legibly.

You can't even bothered to check your typing errors and correct them.

You are always promoting and advocating sodomy and endlessly threatened people with sodomy.

All those habits of yours reflect a lot about your character.

You are nothing but a crooked, perverted, irresponsible and unscrupulous sex maniac, who shamelessly attempts to pretend to be what you are not.

And you got the cheek to talk about being serious?