Trump and his rogues led to more hate crimes against Asians


Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu are offering a reward for information that could help find the suspect who assaulted a 91-year-old man in the Chinatown district of Oakland, California, last month.

An elderly man was walking down 8th and Harrison Streets outside the Asian Resource Center on Jan. 31 when an unidentified person shoved him to the ground. The suspect also attacked a 60-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman the same day, according to ABC 7.

On Friday, Kim and Wu announced on social media that they would be offering a $25,000 reward "for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this man and his accomplices."

"We must do more to help the literally thousands of Americans who have suffered at the hands of this absolutely senseless violence. Please help us bring this criminal to justice," Kim wrote alongside a video of the incident on Instagram.

"The number of hate crimes against Asian Americans continues to skyrocket, despite our repeated pleas for help. The crimes are too often ignored and even excused," he added.  Yahoo News

America, like its 5 eyes countries, especially Australia, is a racist country except that its racism against the native Americans and the black Afro Americans were swallowed up in silence for centuries. The media would not be bothered to report on them.  The native Americans hardly had a voice, too few left to mean anything.  The blacks just accepted it as a fact of life, of white privilege. It was many many times worse in the days of black slaves. They could not have asked for better. The Black Lives Matter protest is only a blip in their history, in their lives.  Nothing much would change and the white killer cops would walk free.

The racist crimes against Asians, especially Chinese were also taken as a matter of fact in white supremacist America. What to do? Being a minority and desperate to start a new life in the US, the victims just took the body punches and occasionally serious injuries or deaths in their strides. Trump and his racist gangs in the White House made matter worse and played it up to extreme proportion in his anti China and hate Chinese policies. Covid19 is blown out of proportion to make the label stick, that it came from Wuhan, China to deflect the truth that it really came from Fort Detrick, USA. 

Trump and his mean racist gangs could not let up, could not keep quite if they were to cover their tracks from Fort Detrick. Just keep repeating the lie that it came from China and no one would have the time to ask and point fingers at the Americans, nothing to do with the innocent evil Americans.

As Trump and his evil gangs like Pompeo kept beating the racist drum and racist rant, more and more of his white supremacists would be incensed and would take it out on Chinese or Asians looking like Chinese. These evil white racists must face justice one day, for bullying, beating and attacking the coloured people. The day will come for them to be on the receiving end of this racism.

It has been centuries and that day has yet to come. Hope it will come earlier.


Anonymous said...

Asians in USA are not going to enjoy the same treatment after four years of Trump, who basically is responsible for the spate of hate crimes against particularly Chinese and China.

This has in fact spread to Australia as well. We must understand the mentality of the Whites, whose genes are embedded with hatred against other races. This is evident since they started on their colonisation spree.

The genocides against the Red Indians, the Australian Aborigines, the Canadian Indian Tribes, and the Continental Asian Indians who were subjugated like slaves by the Brits, with some massacred and starved during famine, while food was diverted to the UK. And of course the attempted destruction of the Chinese with opium.

Is God doing something about this? Why are the Whites most affected by COVID19? Is the COVID19 the sign at last of Karma working?

Anonymous said...

To accept any scientific information which tarnishes the “convenient story” that China is responsible for the whole pandemic is to admit political defeat, and in turn to accept national liability for nearly half a million dead in the US.

So US elites die die cannot accept WHO's Wuhan findings.

Unknown said...

How is Trump responsible for black people committing hate crimes against asians? That has been going on for decades.

Anonymous said...

Actually sometime u dont have to feel sorry for the blacks there cause they also bully the as ans the lowest in the pecking order there

Anonymous said...

Remember the racist US black woman Kiron Skinner, Trump's State Department’s director of policy planning? She said U.S. competition with China would be especially bitter because “it’s the first time that we will have a great-power competitor that is not Caucasian.”

Anonymous said...

The blacks are descendants of slaves, the people that white Americans did not want to have anything to do with. They are the pariahs as far as the whites are concerned. The blacks knew that.

But when coming to others, including Asians and Chinese, the silly blacks think they are Americans and wanted to bully them. The IQ of many blacks are not much different from the slaves though they think they have arrived because they are Americans. Their enemies are the whites but they have no answer to that, so they took it out on Asians and Chinese thinking that they are above them.

Anonymous said...

China bans BBC. About time.You should see the support for China's action even from among Brits themselves in Foreign Sec Dominic Raab'2s twitter comment. Which tells us how far radical and bias the News service has become. Ironically, Skynews UK is a lot more crediible unlike their trash counterpart in Australia. Singapore should do the same together with Foxnews.

Anonymous said...

And not forgetting the Natives having this to say of the Whites:

The White men speak with fork tongues.

The White men came with Bible in hand, while we had our land. When we closed our eyes and opened them again, we had the Bible, but they had our land.

When you see two fish fighting in the water, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby.

Anonymous said...

When the time comes, the USA will break up like the former Great Britain empire.

British occupied territories were returned to the Natives like India, Indonesia, Malaya and many African countries for example.

Much of USA lands belongs to Mexico, others passed on to them by the British. All stolen from the Red Indians.

Anonymous said...

The Blacks may be committing hate crimes even before Trump, but Trump was the one promoting his hatred of Asians, particularly Chinese.

Everything bad that happens to USA from Trump's rabid mouth is caused by China. The pandemic, the national security fears, the hollowing of USA's manufacturing to China are examples.

Why not Trump blame the owners of those factories or manufacturing establishments, like Apple from assembling it's phones in China? China did not put a knife to Steve Job's neck or put sanctions on him to force him to relocate much of his production to China. So were many others who went there voluntarily.

Now, even with all the pressure exerted on USA companies to leave China, many of these companies are not moving back totally to USA, but are relocating to other Asian countries like India and Vietnam, where cost is a more favourable consideration.

As someone said above, the Blacks can do nothing about being targeted by the Whites and are venting their anger against Asians. Most are lowly educated and cannot think rationally. This is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Black Man Charged After Series of Attacks on Elderly Chinese in Oakland's Chinatown District

Yahya Muslim, 28, was charged with three counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury and one count of elder or dependent adult abuse