A Nuclear War Is Inevitable!

 A Nuclear War Is Inevitable!

Since the invention and creation of the atomic bomb, the fate of Mother Earth, and all living things upon and within her, is sealed. Mankind is man-unkind.

The evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racists have demonstrated their willingness and determination to make use of the atomic weapons upon the millions of innocent Japanese folks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945, for convenience sake. What other reasons would they not be willing to make use of their nuclear weapons?

If the evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racists had no intention of using nuclear weapons, why then they now possess the largest quantity of nuclear weapons and nuclear warheads?

If the evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racists do not have the plan to make use of the nuclear weapons, why then they deploy their nuclear weapons all over the world?

If the evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racsts had no preparation of employing their nuclear weapons, why then did they created the Strategic Nuclear Command?

If the evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racists had no intention of firing their nuclear weapons, why does the President of USA have with him the nuclear weapons launching activation device all the time 24/7?

All these are very obvious indications that the evil heart and crooked mind of the barbaric Caucasian White Racists will make use of nuclear weapons to annihilate other races in order to protect themselves and be one-up and one-step ahead of others in this world.

Therefore, it is not whether there will be a nuclear war or not. It is only a matter of when.

As such, all human beings who are now living like ostriches with heads in the sand, seeing no evil and expecting no evil to befall upon them, had better pull their heads out of the sand and take a deep and serious look into the need to prepare for the eventuality and consequences of the impending nuclear war.

Even though the chances of surviving an all-out Nuclear War is close to zero, if you are well-prepared, who knows, you may become the new Adam and Eve in the Garden of Random?

Be warned. Be prepared. This is no joking matter.

A Nuclear War is inevitable!



SSO said...

The Garden of Random may not be found on Mother Earth but will likely be found on other planets such as Mars, Venus or Jupiter; or even on Moon Base Alpha.

Whether you are filthy and guilty rich or miserably poor, if the Almighty All-Knowing Devine Being wants you to live, you will live. That is, if you have prepared yourself to live, and not give up in despair even before the Grand Finale War arrives.

So, don't despair yet, unless you are too lazy to prepare to save your future generations.

Go and watch the 3-hour long movie '2012".

1984 George Orwell said...

A prototype of a SpaceX rocket the company hopes will one day journey to the moon and Mars has exploded in a roaring ball of flames as it tried to land upright after a test flight in Texas.

It was the second such accident after the last prototype of the Starship met a similar fate in December 2020.

How can make same mistakes twice in two months? Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

The UK via MI6 has been caught on video to have links with Alexei Navalny, and the UK is supporting the protest in Russia right now. The protestors probably are not aware of the links. This piece of investigative news came from RT.

All this time the world had been duped into believing that Navalny's arrest was arbitrary because he is the opposition leader in Russian politics. Now the truth surfaces to prove that he is in fact a traitor to Russia. Even his poisoning episode blaming Putin is now thought to be a planned attempt to garner global support for his effort to destabilise Russia.

Of course such stuff are the norm for the CIA and MI6 such as the Hong Kong protest and the unrest in Venezuela.

This piece of news would not appear on the MSM, you can be sure.

Anonymous said...

How to journey to Mars to avoid a nuclear holocaust, with rockets still refusing to work well.

To settle on Mars, they probably need another century of rocket building technology. Have they asked the Martians whether those Aliens on Mars will allow warmongers to tear up and destroy Mars in time to come? Unwelcomed wildlife landing on Mars?

SSO said...

"Mars has Covid-9000. Very friendly viruses.

They love to live inside human bodies.

Very contagious and very deadly.

Once infected, a human drops dead within 9000 seconds or 2.5 hours."

~ From Fake Experts.

PS: Take it as a joke.

Anonymous said...

The whites have been meddling with every country with spies and CIA agents but with the collusion of the western media, they only blow up cases involving China or Russia when they were the worse culprits. So many young Chinese professors studying and working in the US and UK have been killed or died from strange incidents likely caused by these evil white agents.

They have been using agents for covert operations for centuries.