American ploy to control European and South East Asian countries - Erect bogeymen!

 European and South East Asian countries are daily being coerced by the Americans to take sides against China. No, do not listen to the lies by the western media and Americans that China is forcing them to take sides against the Americans. China has been trading happily with every country in the world without anyone being forced to go against the Americans.  Stop listening to the white lies.

With the rise of China, and China being the number one trading partner to many countries, it is foolish and pure stupidity to want to go against China at the behest of the evil American Empire. South East Asian countries are tired of being dragged by the nose to go against China or Russia. No more Coalition of the Unwilling, to be led to war by the Americans under the pressure of either with the Americans or against the Americans. No more bullying by the Americans to take sides.

Australia and its rogue govt led by a dumb PM Morrison, full of zeal to want to be the barking dog of the Americans to attack China, are now left out in the cold. No trade, no communication. Daft Australians think it is their right to make Chinese money and also the right to dig at China. Now it is learning the painful lesson.

Europe, under the leadership of Merkel and Macron, are now standing up to the American coercion. They know that the future of Europe lies in trading with China and the rest of the world, and would not be arm twisted by the Americans to go against China or Russia.  European countries have their pride and would not want to be the pawns of the Americans, become sacrificial lambs of the Americans. Going against these two countries would mean Europe would become the enemies of China and Russia. It also means no more trade and investment, no more cheap oil and natural gas from Russia but to buy expensive oil and natural gas and goods from the Americans. No 5G. European manufacturers, car makers would have to kiss the Chinese market goodbye.

Merkel and Macron have come out openly in defiance against pressure by the Biden Administration to form a military coalition against Russia and China. For doing so, European countries would come under the control and dictate of the Americans, like colonies of the evil American Empire with the American calling the shot, telling them who they can trade with and do business with. The bottom line is that no trade and relations with China and Russia, only with the Americans. Europe would lose its independence and be subjugated by the evil American Empire. 

European countries cannot afford to lose the biggest consumer market in the world and be reliance on the mature and shrinking American market and be bullied and threatened by the Americans as and when the Americans wanted to. Russia is no longer a threat to the European countries unlike the USSR. Russia is now a shadow of itself, a much smaller country than the Soviet Union. But the Americans would want to continue to harp about the Russian threat to frighten the European countries. This lie would not go down well to countries like Germany and France. They are as powerful as Russia and have no fear of Russia.  Both had even invaded Russia in the past. They do not need a bogeyman to trick them into fearing a shadow by the evil Americans.

The Americans are also using the same trick in Asia, harping about the threats from China or North Korea.  Asian and South East Asian countries have also seen through this American lie. China and North Korea are not their enemies but the enemies of the Americans, raised as a threat to frighten them and to force them to be forever subservient slaves to the American Empire. Asian and South East Asian countries would not want to be forever controlled by the evil American Empire and wanted to chart their own destinies. Trading with a friendly China, their number one trading partner, is any time better than making an enemy of China, living in fear and forced to waste money buying American weapons.

Russia, China, North Korea etc are convenient bogeymen raised by the Americans to strike fear in the unthinking allies to think they are being threatened and needed to be protected. If this does not work, the Americans would agitate and provoke the Russians, Chinese or North Koreans by threats of war and any reaction by them would be called aggressive behaviour to frighten their unthinking allies. At the same time the Americans and all its covert agencies, NGOs and western media would fabricate lies, cooked up fake information to smear these countries, to drum in the imaginary threat as if they are real.

This ploy of constantly erecting a threat to frighten their allies to toe the lie, to live in fear, is a worn out lie and no longer believeable. They just could not continue with such lies and think they could control their unwilling allies to do their biddings and be part of the colonies of the evil Empire. European countries are breaking free from the American coercion. The Asian and South East Asian countries are also breaking free except for a few diehards that have their own agenda to push to want to live with the American lies and be cronies of the evil American Empire.

It is game over for the evil American Empire. No more white lies.

PS.  Latest bogeyman is Myanmar. The Americans have been waiting to move into Myanmar for many years. Now is the chance to be the lead man, the leader of another Coalition of the Willings and Unwillings, to invade Myanmar. How many happy cronies would be wagging their tails to join this Coalition to kill Myanmese?


Anonymous said...

This time, invading Myanmar, a close ally of China, will undoubtedly forced the Chinese to help Myanmar. And China has the resources and deep pockets to do just that.

Forty six years after the USA flee Vietnam in defeat with their tails between their legs against the Vietnamese, practically supported by old war arsenals from Russia and China against the superior fire power of the USA. Today we can expect the support from China to Myanmar will be more sophisticated than that in the event of a war against the USA.

Myanmar is practically home ground for the Chinese providing military aid, sharing a wide open border shared by the two countries. And remember those areas to the North are still relatively forested regions, the perfect environment for a guerilla war, the same kind of war fought out in Vietnam.

It will drag the USA and allies into another prolonged conflict that they will again regret getting involved. And for the USA, fighting a war thousands of miles away from home is costly and movement of troops and logistics is going to be a big problem.

Anonymous said...

There had been several contacts between the Special Forces of the USA and China in the Myanmar Indian region. The last known encounter, a platoon of Green Berets were ambushed several killed, with their platoon leader, a major, arrested with several others by the PLA Special Forces.

The Green Berets set up a training camp for Myanmese rebels, too close to China's border and China had to move in to clean that up.

Anonymous said...

In the Iraq War, Turkey was the launching base for the USA attack, apart from the aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. India will figure prominently in any conflict between Myanmar and USA, probably will be used as their launching ground for air attacks and a base for bombers, drones and fighter jets. That will cement even closer ties between China and Myanmar.

Diego Garcia is probably another option, but is too far out for long range flights.

Anonymous said...

UK is now following the footsteps of their Anglo cousin Australia with regards to China. Just when the Biden adminstration is trying to bring some sanity to US's China policy, UK is taking over Trump adminstration microphone antiChina rhetorics. BBC is continuing to play up the alleged Uygher genocide without evidence. Ofcom kicked out CGTN simply because its controlled by the CCP without regards the party is the China govt. Intel agencies hyped up the China threat just like Australia, by deporting 3 Chinese journalists whom they say are spies and now investigating about 100 Brit academics about alleged links with spying for China. Partisan MPs are now forcing the govt to check on every China investment and even talk about boycotting the Beijing winter oylmpics. And that Huawei turnaround ban? The British media is looking a lot like Australia's with regards to report and articles on China- one sided bias, full of hubris and self righteousness. This is all very stupid. The country is the worst performing developed economy in Europe, almost a basket case. After the self inflicting Bexit without a proper trade deal, the last thing they should not do is to offend the 2nd going 1st biggest economy and market in the world. Instead they are now going to send an aircraft carrier to join US confrontation against China. Its almost like the saying Bird fledging do not know what a catapult is but keep chirping to attract harm.

Anonymous said...

They still think a few white men could con and lie to the rest of the world and rule the world. They think they could divide and rule the world again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Brits are limping along, without the EU, and think they are still the old Empire, smarter than the European countries and would do better on its own. They could not see that their economy is now only a fraction of the Chinese economy and growing smaller and smaller by the day.

If their failing economy did not kill them, Covid19 would, especially with the B117 kind.

If the Brits were smarter and try to be nicer, the rest of the world would have gradually forgotten about their wicked deeds and massacres of natives all over the world, in India and Africa.

They are begging for attention, for the world to revisit their crimes against humanity. The biggest slave traders were the British, hunting down Africans like animals to be sold in the USA as slaves.

The biggest drug traffickers were the British, legalising and commercialising opium in China. This debt would have to be repaid one day. India and African countries would also be waiting for the day they could tear up this little island and share it among themselves for the crimes they committed in their countries and centuries of colonisation and exploitation of these countries.

This is the best time for China and the rest of the world, including Europe, to strangle the Brits.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it isnt the Brit gov that is against China. Boris Johnson is actually proChina. Its the bunch of antiChina Conservative MPs led by Tom Tugenhat who rebel against the govt on China. Like Huawei ban, trying to introduce laws such as calling it a genocide in Xinjiang.The increasing antiChina rightwing media and think tanks makng it worse.And there is that shit stirrer Trump bootlicker anti immigrant Nigel Farage. Having success with Brexit, he recently tweeted pompously that he will now take on the CCP. If the whole Trump admin did not succeed, he certainly has swollen head and humongous Anglo pride to think he can.

Anonymous said...

British would be sending their Aircraft carrier to South China Sea. China would be very pleased to have a live target for practising. A real dumb move by British.

Anonymous said...

The British have not heard of DF21 and DF26. They think China is still firing antique cannons like they are still trying to sell 1960s minis in the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

The Brits probably think that sending an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea is a repeat of the days of the opium war when China was at it's weakest point.

Those days of thinking China as easy meat is over.

Anonymous said...

Australian scientist on WHO mission confident COVID-19 originated in China

The Australian scientist on the small team of World Health Organisation experts investigating the origins of COVID-19 says he believes the virus began in China, despite WHO’s official findings remaining inconclusive.

Professor Dominic Dwyer, a microbiologist and infectious diseases expert with NSW Health, was the sole Australian among a 14-strong WHO team in Wuhan which worked to identify the source of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it started in China,” Professor Dwyer told Nine News. “I think the evidence for it starting elsewhere in the world is actually very limited. There is some evidence but it’s not really very good.”

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, Feb 9 (Reuters) - The Biden administration is looking forward to scrutinizing data included in a World Health Organization report released on Tuesday that said the COVID-19 virus did not originate in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

The head of a WHO-led team probing the origins of COVID-19 said bats remain a likely source and that transmission of the virus via frozen food is a possibility that warrants further investigation. He ruled out a lab leak.

Anonymous said...

The Brits, Aussies and US people were from the same stock of very cruel beings. The Brits sent pilgrims to America on the pretext of spreading their religion, but instead ended up committing genocide against the Red Indians. The Brits used Australia as a penal colony for their criminals and the Native Aborigines later fell victim to genocide committed by the British and the criminals that were already there, and left the Aborigines almost extinct. The USA, well their attitude towards other countries is there for all to see.

Wherever the Whites of British origin set foot on, genocide, slavery and human rights violations were the norm. China had its fair share of British bullying. The forced cessation of Hong Kong to the Brits for 150 long years is a dark era for China. The Brits are still attempting to bully China over Hong Kong after it's return to China.

Now we are witnessing the trio's evil agenda, noticeably ganging up against China, making false accusations and fabricating lies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

“I think it started in China,” Professor Dwyer told Nine News. “I think the evidence for it starting elsewhere in the world is actually very limited. There is some evidence but it’s not really very good.”

I scientist that believes in his own thinking and not on scientific fact is a thinking idiot. Just ignore this idiot. He came with an agenda. Die die want to think the virus started in China, just like the evil Americans.

China today is capable of sinking the British aircraft carrier. China should sink it and claim it was a mistake and see if the Brits or Americans dare to start a nuclear war because of this. This sinking of the Brit's aircraft carrier will be just revenge for the Opium War though still not enough to compensate for China's loss and humiliation.

China is now calling for WHO to conduct an investigation in Fort Detrick, USA.

Anonymous said...

A Scientist that comes with a biased mind is Not Fit to be a Scientist anymore. Without real hard evidence one cannot anyhow pinpoint an alleged culprit to be prosecuted, just like the Parti Liyani's case - wrongly accused for the past 5 years or so.

Anonymous said...


1984 George Orwell said...

The whole world must rise up to exert more pressure on the evil British Empire and the US Empire, to make them pay for the numerous and extensive crimes that they have committed and are still committing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


The gist of the above link by a British journalist, Tom Fowly are as follows:

The World Health Organization’s latest report into the coronavirus outbreak has backed China’s version of events in a number of key areas. So why are some in the West apparently so reluctant to accept the findings?....

Not surprisingly, the WHO’s findings on China are not what people want to hear. For Beijing, they have been described as a “public relations win” but critics have rejected the conclusions.

The organization has dismissed the US-led conspiracy theory that the virus originated in a laboratory, argued that it may not have originated within Wuhan itself, endorsed the idea that it may have been transmitted on frozen food and said it did not exist in the area prior to December 2019, a series of points which collectively hammer the narrative of a Chinese cover-up....

On Covid-19, we have seen attempts to establish a narrative where China is to blame. Essentially, Beijing stands accused of being responsible for the pandemic by engaging in a cover-up which allegedly hid the true extent of the virus in Wuhan, causing a global catastrophe.

This narrative has been advanced strongly by the US government and the Western media, and has subsequently been used to justify geopolitical confrontation with Beijing. But like all narratives, it is selective, dishonest, simplified and an effort at marketing an interpretation of the truth, as opposed to the entire truth. Often the Trump administration went further, openly pushing the theory the virus emerged from a lab leak.

Anonymous said...

If anything good is said about China, the reactions is China must have paid these people to say the good things. Anything fabricated to throw bad light on China is blown up into astronomical proportions by the West and their MSM. They even engaged actresses to cry on TV to accuse China's actions in Xinjiang.

Before the attack on Iraq, they fabricated the WMD against the country, with trucks carrying huge pipes as evidence. They also fabricated the manufacture of chemical weapons in Iraq because there was a 'Chemical Ali' that they invented, and they bombed a factory making milk powder proclaiming it was a chemical weapons facility.

When the war ended, they could not find a shred piece of evidence to support their invasion. They only found oil, lots of it that they wanted. Some members of the 'coalition of the willing' were ashamed to be connected with the invasion.

Later attempts to gather another 'coalition of the willing' to invade another country found only 'unwilling to participate' countries tired of their blatant lies. Even the UN lost it's moral ground after Iraq.

Anonymous said...

The dumb twit general Colin Powell was made to carry a vial of washing powder in the UN and claimed that it was chemical weapon. His reputation as an upright no nonsense general went down into the gutters. Wherever he went people remembered him as the clown that lied to the UN on Iraq.

What a sham show.

Anonymous said...

The other was Tony Blair, the blatant 'blaring' liar for his contribution to the fake accusations that led to the invasion. He has much blood on his hands.