Leslie Fong - Western media's war on China and their lies, misinformation and disinformation


Above is a link to Leslie Fong's article in the Straits Times on 25 Apr about the untruths and lies published by the western media. Below are a few intro paragraphs of his article. I recommend every thinking person to read his article to get a feel of the intense grievance felt by Leslie Fong and any well meaning and objective journalists and how the West lied and lied to deceive their readers of the truth about China.

'Anyone without scales over his eyes and who has not succumbed to cerebral shampooing by the West will have realised by now that large parts of its media are biased, if not outright antagonistic, in their reporting of China.

From the riots in Hong Kong last year, whitewashed as peaceful pro-democracy protests, to the lockdown of Wuhan and other Chinese cities, derided as draconian and an abuse of human rights, the sting was always there, and often not even hidden in between the lines.

All this will be denied, of course, and not just by those media owners and employees but also the readers and viewers who swear by them. It is futile to debate them, such is their ideological bias that they leave themselves no room for doubt, much less introspection. They are entitled to their reading of China, of course, as are their critics to theirs....


It would be foolish for people in this part of the world not to see all this for what it really is - a war, not yet a shooting one but a war by other means nonetheless. Only the wilfully blind will fail to see that it is being waged by the United States and some of its allies to stymie a rising China just so they can hold on to their global hegemony....'

Leslie Fong is a former editor of The Straits Times. The views here are his own.

PS. There are many good Singaporean writers that should be given a bigger stage to write about bigger and serious issues concerning Singapore and big power relationship. Leslie Fong, Han Fook Kwang are two of them. Even the two Chua sisters could write serious articles if given the mandate to write what they really think. There is no need to keep on relying on foreigners to write craps with loaded agenda for Singapore, from the tinted western lens, and to feed Singaporeans with biased pro western narratives and agenda. This is unfair and bad for educating Singaporeans about the truth and Singapore's interests.

It is very wasteful to corner Singaporeans to write only about dogs and cats and hawkers and food recipes. How can Singaporean writers and thinkers grow in their stature if they are not allowed to write freely without having to watch over their shoulders, and self regulate what they are writing. 

The fate of good Singaporean writers is the same as the fate of top Singaporean bankers. If they keep bringing in foreigners and don't give chances and opportunities to Singaporeans, the quality of Singaporeans in journalism and banking would be wanting and eventually disappear.

The first generation of leaders believe that Singaporeans can do and would take the risk, accepting some mistakes initially to grow the talent pool. They did not go the disastrous way of relying on foreigners which in many cases were frauds and cheats and nothing more. If Singapore leaders do not believe in the ability of Singaporeans, this island built by the first generation leaders would eventually be taken over by the foreigners, the new Singaporeans that did not contribute to its early days of building this nation state. It would be a betrayal of the ideals of the first generation leaders and the pioneering Singaporeans.

Maybe it is already too late as the tilt towards giving this island to the foreigners by the unthinking has gone too far.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is already too late. Two-third of the power pyramid has already been swallowed or swamped by foreigners or foreigners pretending to be Singapore's loyal citizens.

What the father has painstakingly built the self-centred, egoistic, poor leadership, prodigal son destroys.

I have already set up my second home in another country. I see the situation as hopeless, with the 61% keep refusing to change.

Anonymous said...


This ST column (Feb 24) "Those who refuse Covid-19 vaccine endanger themselves and others" by Salma Khalik, accuse ordinary Singaporeans fearful of the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination of endangering others.

But isn't those who allowed into Singapore imported COVID-19 cases daily should be the ones accused of endangering others, since if there's no imported cases, the pandemic in Singapore would have ended long ago, and the rest of society won't have to put up with inconvenient measures to cater to the continued import of foreign workers that satisfy the narrow interests of business people.

Anonymous said...

Is she writing what she felt or told to write rubbish?

Anonymous said...

Journalism is no more about reporting the truth. The moral ground of journalist have been hijacked by money, money and more money.

I think the younger generation in Singapore, and the world at large, have little interest in political issues. They are more interested in when is the next Iphone models coming out and when to queue for them, which celebrity is pregnant and who is bonking who among them. Now, this is where the interest is to the young and this is what the backers wants them to write about. And it is also good for the media they represent.

Apart from that, Journalism nowadays is about sensationalising fake news. Take the case of Kim Jong Un, who went missing for a couple of weeks a year ago and all the MSM had sensational big news, some speculating that he is dead. They know he is alive but choose to put doubts in people's mind. Even Trump said reports about Kim's demise is fake news.

Then they also wrote very interesting fake news about rape and torture in Xinjiang, using fake actresses, things that the USA wanted people to see, hear and read in the West and the rest of the world. Even the BBC and many other news channels in the West are on the bandwagon. In Iraq the USA even used the daughter of a diplomat to make a video of how she was tortured by Saddam's regime before the Iraq War.

Journalism has changed for the worse. Their profession is, as what the Chinese say - 'Hanging goat's head but selling dog meat'. It should be their job to write the truth, but that is no longer the case. Journalist today are deemed and immoral profession, like the oldest profession in the world.

Money talks, bullshit walks!

Anonymous said...

Germany's Merkel refused to take the Oxford vaccine jab because is is deemed ineffective for those 65 years and above. She is 66. The German establishment wants her to take the job to show an example.

Is there something she knows that we do not? Perhaps she is really going to make the UK crawl on broken glass by refusing this UK Oxford vaccine. Ok, ok that is conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

The marvellous thing is that the whole world knows the Western Media thrives on lies, especially about China, Communism and any country that disagrees with the USA, but still tow the line.

This is how much control the USA has over them, using threats, sanctions and fear of regime changes to make sure such countries newer fall out of line.

Iraq and Libya were examples set to teach the monkeys by slaughtering the chickens. Dare anyone step out of line?

Anonymous said...

Past Journalist that left the profession, most of them speak the language of their masters when they were doing their jobs, and only speak their minds in truthfulness after leaving their jobs or in retirement.

What does all this tell us?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

REUTERS: The United States has administered 68,274,117 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the country as of Thursday morning and distributed 91,673,010 doses.

The tally of vaccine doses are for both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, vaccines as of 6:00am ET on Thursday, the agency said.

This is how much vaccines the Americans have hogged and deprived the rest of the world of the critically needed vaccines. And they claimed that they are going to share with the world, the champions of human rights.

Anonymous said...

The sheer size of very hardworking Chinese - 1.4 billion - and their rapidly improving living standards scare the whites. Hence their hysterical attacks on Chinese people.

SSO said...

The evil Whites in the US, irrespective of whether the US President is from the Republicans or the Democrats, they are still evil people bent on doing evil, destructive and killing deeds. Period.

The only way to counter these evil White Supremacists is to destroy them with their own medicines and machines.

Anonymous said...

England is a country smaller in size than west Malaysia. At that time they had the guns but others did not.

Today, other countries have more guns and weapons than them. They still think they are a big power!

Wait for England to be booted out of the UN Security Council.

Anonymous said...

From Great Britain it shrank to United Kingdom, the word Kingdom still intend to signify it's glorious past. The Commonwealth was invented to let them still able to relive their long lost days of glory.

Now the United Kingdom will soon be nothing left. It will be the British Isles, as belittled as any Pacific atoll.

On a separate note, it has been reported that UK space command is said to be ready to shoot down hostile Chinese and Russian satellites. China in response told them they can try and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

If they do this silly thing, China will sink the British aircraft carrier now in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

At the moment they are trying to crash the Chinese and Hong Kong stock market. China would intervene soon to bankrupt the funds that are shorting the markets.

China can whack George Soros then, can whack any of the funds now. China is monitoring very closely what the white monkeys are doing in the Hong Kong Exchange...waiting to press the button to wipe them clean.

Anonymous said...

During the Opium War, their cannons could reach Chinese shores. Chinese cannons could not reach their warships at sea.

Today, Chinese missiles could hit their aircraft carriers and ships at sea. Their missiles and planes could not reach Chinese shores before they were taken down, not even allowed to fire from their ships.

The table has turned.

Anonymous said...

The USA is dragging NATO into it's plan to confront Russia and China citing 'aggressive and coercive behaviors from emboldened strategic competitors such as China and Russia'. Now, who in the world has been exhibiting aggressive behaviors all along by starting wars all over the world and sending warships to other people's doorstep like the days of the opium war. Now they have again started their war making tricks by bombing Syria.

The world is being led from the frying pan into the fire.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Covid19 is not only at their door step. The virus are in their homeland, in their homes. This time there is no escape, no where to run.

Death to you, you evil doers. You shalt die in thy hands, full of Covid viruses.

SSO said...

A 39 years old SAF regular officer felt unwell after completing his own physical training at Kranji Camp this morning and was evacuated to Kranji Camp Medical Centre at 8.30 am. He was still conscious then.

He was sent to the NUH via ambulance 20 minutes later.

On the way to NUH, he suffered a cardiac arrest. Resuscitative efforts were administered immediately.

The ambulance arrived at NUH at 9.10 am.

He was pronounced dead at 10.58 am.

Despite arriving at the best hospital in Singapore in time, they just let him die? One hour and 48 mins, they could not save him?

Standards of medical and health services in Singapore has deteriorated alarmingly over the last ten years.

Need to replace the Hell Minotaur urgently?

Anonymous said...

When go hospital, pray u don't kena treated by doctors from India.

Anonymous said...

Any thought? Written by local SG

Anonymous said...

Leslie is right about the western press on China particularly Australian. Recently there was an article in the WSJ about China's biolabs and the potenlial viruses spread by them joint written by previous antiChina US SOS Mike Pompeo and his China traitor adviser Miles Yu.

WSJ is hypcritcial not to mention US has many more biolabs around the world than probably all nations combined and the potential harm they could cause. Guess what? The AUSTRAIAN newspaper gave the article prominence on its front page as headline news- because of its China bashing content as these 2 writers were no longer men of influence on US govt policies. And The Australian is considered to be the less ideological and toxic on China than others even though there are negative articles and letters to Ed on China in its pages nearly every day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, after telling Europe to confront Russia's and China's "aggressiveness", US had gone on to bomb Syria- barely into the 2nd month of the new adminstration. Maybe hypocrisy and double standards never feature in their dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Overseas Hongkees are worse. Many Hk Canadians supported the Conservatives' vote in calling the treatement of Uyghurs 'genocide'. These people fail to understand that as Chinese, from whatever territories be it mainland, HK, TW or SE Asia, together they can pose as a political force and confront racism better. Racists have no Chinese territorial discrimination and even any Asian is game for them The anti China Chinese or Asians overseas are like adding fuel to racists to harm their own kind. And the antiChina people in HK and TW also fail to realise they have become pawns and useful idiots for western politicians in their ideological and geopolical contest against China.

Anonymous said...

The only way to wake up these silly anti Chinese Chinese is for them to be beaten up badly by the racist Americans. Only then would they know that they are Chinese no matter where they are and the American racists would attack and beat them up for being Chinese, even if they are anti Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Biden is worse than Trump in warmongering. Now he is saying striking Syria is a warning to Iran. This old sleepy warhorse is pushing 80 and still thinks he is riding on a wave of support by threatening the rest of the world.

The EU is already slowly distancing themselves from the USA. Asian states are mostly not taking sides with the USA and wants to remain neutral. Only the 5 eyes, India, Taiwan and Japan, being prodded in the arse, are following their dictates.

Why don't Biden say that striking Syria is as much a warning to Russia and China? These latter two countries' leaders will doubtless point their middle fingers at him, with Xi telling him he can do it only over Xi's dead body and Putin will probably tell him to suck his Russian dick!

Biden thinks that flogging an almost dead horse, which is the USA, decimated by the COVID19, torn apart by racial issues and divided along political lines, will make it remain as top dog. His days are numbered and probably will not even last his term.