Covid19 - Stay Home Notice SHN

 Singapore is now averaging about 30-35 new/community cases daily, mostly imported from one of the most, if not the most infected country in the world, India. Without proper data and control, the true figure of infection in India could be worse than the USA though the official figure is much lower.

Singapore is happily letting in more new cases as if it is routine, nothing really serious, even B117 variant cases from UK, and then sent them home under SHN, to stay at home. At an average of 30 cases daily, it would mean 900 cases a month or 96,000 cases a year, all staying at home.

According to thenewpaper today, a total of 308,442 SHNs and 268,385 quarantine orders had been issued so far. What happened to these people?

The only thing that Singaporeans heard about these imported or new cases is that they were sent home, to stay at home. Did they stay at home, how were they monitored and what happened after their SHN expired? The paper also reported that there had been 367 breaches of SHNs and 130 violations of quarantine. What do these mean? Are these people infectious, dangerous? Could the breaches and violations lead to more infections in the community?

Did these infected people recover? It seems that this is the case as there is no further news about these cases. It looks like SHN is the remedy for people infected by Covid19.  Cured or freed of Covid19 after SHN? If this is the case, then there is no need for vaccination. But this is unlikely to be true. Too good to be true.

Anyone knows what happened to these cases after SHN? Were they cured of Covid19? Or were the foreigners sent back home? Or were they forgotten?


SSO said...

The Stay Home Notice (SHN) is MOH's direct order to the Coronavirus, whatever strain, to stay at home. It is not meant for the wild lives to stay at home. How can anyone expects the wild lives to stay at home?

The number of violations of SHN and quarantine orders represents the detected and reported cases. For every case of violation that has been detected/reported, multiply that by 4 and you will get the real situation out there on the ground.

SSO said...

Coronavirus strain in UK picks up mutation that could impact vaccines.

UK scientists have discovered that the new UK Covid-20 B117 strain is not only doubly more transmissible but also more deadly and resistant to vaccines.

This new revelation has put to rest all the false suggestions that this B117 virus may not be more deadly and that the newly rolled out vaccines can still be effective against the new mutations.

This also means that all those who have claimed themselves to be "EXPERTS" on this new coronavirus are actually FAKE EXPERTS. They lied without closing an eye lid.

Anonymous said...

Inconvenient measures have to be put up for all of society and no Singaporean is safe
until there is no more imported COVID-19 cases.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many observers are still not seeing the significance of this pandemic or hoping that it would miraculously go away. Unfortunately the situation is going out of control in the West and in many countries that no one wants to acknowledge.

This is the biggest reset in geopolitics with the West going into a steep decline. Several countries in the West would go bankrupt and turn into third world countries.

SSO said...

Singapore Temasek Holdings Should Start Producing COVID-19 Vaccines

Latest Data revealed:

For those who have recovered from their COVID-19 infections, only

13.5% for Blacks,

8% for Asians and

7.5% for Whites are immuned

for 3 to 6 months from re-infections, depending on age. The older you are the less resilient your immune system is.

Based on the above data, it means that the vaccines are correspondingly effective for only about 3 to 6 months.

Therefore, every 3 to 6 months, one will have to be re-vaccinated again.

That means it is going to be a booming business for all the vaccines producers. This 0leads me to the idea that Singapore should start producing her own vaccines.

Temasek Holdings should pick up this idea and start a Vaccines Manufacturing Company.

Sure to make big money.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In my post it seems that those put on SHNs all recovered, or something like that. So no need vaccination, I think.

Anyone got any idea what happened to those put on SHNs? Can anyone confirm that the 308,442 SHNs and 268,385 quarantine orders, presumably all infected, did recover?

According to data in CNA, total cases in Singapore only 59,584 and 59,301 have recovered.

How to make sense with the above two sets of data?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SINGAPORE: There were 19 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore as of noon on Tuesday (Feb 2), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in its daily update.

All the new infections were imported and were placed on stay-home notice or isolated upon arrival in Singapore. No locally transmitted cases were reported for the third consecutive day. CNA

From the above, all those put on SHNs are infected.

I can only figure out that the 59,584 cases are serious cases and hospitalised. So not serious cases, put on SHNs, not counted as confirmed cases? Quarantined cases, not hospitalised, also not counted as confirmed cases.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed cases are those tested positive. If not tested, but infected, not counted.

So, therefore, every country is not reporting the true figures. And the most sensible thing that countries like India do is to test as few or little as possible and presto, the infection rate suddenly nosedived to valley, valley low. Of course cannot report zero infection all of a sudden. That would let the snake out of the bag.

Anonymous said...

Ai yah can't tell lah, bcos if tell everyone will panic mah, jus like the locals jobs data ( local maciam residents & pr , sama sama mah).

Anonymous said...

You know I know OK lah!

Anonymous said...

Those foreigners coming into Singapore tested positive are placed in SHNs. How can we be certain that they do abide and stay at home. Who checks that there SHNs are obeyed?
There are places in Singapore that have been visited by infected people during their infectious period. Who are these infected people because there are no community cases and those tested positive are placed on SHNs.

Anonymous said...

The community case is a 35-year-old Indian national who tested positive two weeks after her stay-home notice ended.


1984 George Orwell said...

The most glaring question is:


Anonymous said...

Because Singapore needs that talented import from a foreign country to help untalented Singaporeans. Your Government think so.

SSO said...

Data published by MOH:

Stay Home Notice = 308,442

Quarantine Order = 268,385 qua

Out of 350,000 Foreign Workers tested, 89,000 have been infected and recovered but were not detected earlier.

Therefore, the total number of infected persons cannot
and must not be only 59,584 infected cases and 59,301 recovered.

The figures just do not add up. If we add altogether those that have been left out in the total count, we get more then 725,411 infected cases in Singapore.

This 725,411 cases is a more realistic figure.

Anonymous said...

There were 22 new coronavirus cases confirmed at noon on Thursday (Feb 4), all imported.

As the PAP 4G elites continue their open-leg FT policies, inconvenient measures have to be put up by all of society, and the pandemic is prolonged as new COVID-19 cases continue to be imported.

No Singaporean is safe until there is no more imported COVID-19 cases.

Anonymous said...

India is said to have about 300 million people infected with COVID19 according to a survey. That means about one in four Indians are infected. This is a shocking revelation if true. India only reported slightly more than 10 million infections to date. The difference is staggering.

Anonymous said...

An Indian government survey shows about 21.5% of the country's 1.35 billion people may have been infected with COVID-19. That's 290.25 million Indians with COVID-19.

No wonder there're so many imported COVID-19 cases from India into Singapore, prolonging the Coronavirus pandemic in the city state.

Anonymous said...

The Americans and the Indians never tell lies. When they reported their respective infection rates, 26m and 10m, these are true numbers. No lies. They are transparent. That is why no western media would report to accuse them of lying and being not transparent, not telling the truth.

And our imbeciles also believe that these numbers are true. If they think 290m Indians are infected, do you think they are so silly to let them come in? The imbeciles sincerely believe there are only 10m Indians and 26m Americans are infected. Small matter, nothing serious, all come in please.