Covid19 vaccines - Who are the irresponsible countries?

 As of today, two of the major vaccine producing countries are hoarding all the vaccines for themselves and their closed allies. The USA and UK are hoarding hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines for their own people, Americans first, British first. This has created a world shortage for the vaccines for the developing and poorer countries. No money no talk. Got money also have to queue. Even the European countries, hard core allies of the Americans, members of Nato, are being left out in the cold.  Germany, France and the rest of the European countries are still not getting their vaccines. And the irresponsible Americans and British are saying they would offer to them and the rest of the world after they have met the demands of their own people. Only the excess would be shared to the rest of the world. When would this happen? For now, only token amounts were given to a few select countries while USA and UK took the bulk, leading to world shortage and delays in delivery to those that paid cash out front for the vaccines.

On the contrary, the country that they have smeared as being irresponsible, China, has been distributing vaccines to more than 50 countries around the world. From east European states of Serbia, Hungary, to Nato country like Turkey and countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and South East Asia. China is now shouldering the world's demand for Covid19 vaccines on its own, sharing the vaccines to countries that desperately needed the vaccines but unable to buy or get them from the two so called 'responsible' countries, the USA and UK. Both have been paying lip service that they would help the rest of the world, only after helping themselves, and that would take at least a year or more. How irresponsible are these hypocritical countries?  All about themselves and still got the cheek to smear China as being irresponsible. The Americans and Brits would only share their vaccines when they have a surplus, leftovers!

In the meantime more and more countries are turning to China for help to get their vaccines. They know that the evil Americans and Brits would not sell to them until their own needs are met. And the developing countries would be down at the bottom of the waiting list, money not enough to pay the rogues a ransom for the vaccines. China is offering them the vaccines at very affordable price, some at friendship prices. And China is ramping up its production of vaccines to be able to spread them to the rest of the world that cannot get the vaccines from the two biggest producers, the USA and UK. 

How irresponsible are these Anglo Saxon powers? When the world needs them, when the world is dying, they are only thinking of themselves. Countries of the world must open their eyes and see who are the irresponsible ones that would turn them away in times of trouble, in a pandemic. 

When the world needs leadership to tackle this pandemic, the Americans and Brits are only caring for themselves. The European states are giving up and are turning to China for help. Unfortunately the use of vaccines has been turned into a political issue.  They cannot use Chinese or Russian vaccines without the approval of the Americans and NATO. They need the approval of the Americans to buy vaccines from China and Russia and if no approval is given, their people die. This is how tragic the Europeans are today, at the mercy of the evil Americans that dictate whether they live or die and cannot say no to the Americans.

The rest of the world, the developing countries, are in a way better than the Europeans. They don't need the blessing and approval of the Americans to buy vaccines from China or Russia. The queues for Chinese vaccines are getting longer and longer, but the wait is anytime faster than waiting for the leftovers, so called surplus, from the USA and UK that may come a day too late.

Who are the irresponsible nations in the world? Many are dying, waiting for the vaccines, vaccines that did not come in time. Good luck to the Europeans while they wait for the Americans and Brits to offer them when the two had had enough.  When would that day come?

Who is saving the rest of the world from Covid19?

PS. Believe it or not, the Americans are more caring about the imaginary 'genocide' in Xinjiang fabricated by them than the 500m infections and 500,000 American deaths due to Covid19, and the numbers are growing. They are so caring about the Muslims in Xinjiang, but keep on killing the Muslims in the Middle East and letting Americans killed by the virus or die because of snow storm.

Americans are really 'great' people.


Anonymous said...

You should also mention Canada too, the biggest hoarder of thw vaccine. Enough to give every Canadian 5 doses each. Another 5 eye country that goes around preaching human rights and recently rounded up fellow allies to declare against hostage diplomacy aiming at China.

Anonymous said...

As said before, if the intention of Whites using the COVID19 as a biological genocide against the coloured races, why would they logically want to share their vaccines to save them. Think!

It is now up to the coloured races to save their own instead of relying on the Whites, who are evidently just paying lip service.

With just under 7 million vaccinations carried out every day worldwide, it has been estimated that it will take about 5 years to get the whole world vaccinated. The whole assumption is that even the natives of backward countries in Africa will have to be vaccinated, which is a fallacy. Not vaccinating these people means no normality is ever going to happen soon.

And in the meantime, what about the mutations getting more troublesome? It is too worrying just to think about it!

Anonymous said...

After being colonised for a few hundred years, the coloured have fallen in love with their white masters, just like the Hongkies. They would remain as stupid as before and could not see anything wrong with what their white masters are doing, helping themselves first. The coloured can go and die, not their business.

Their white masters, the anglo saxon tribes, are only interested in stirring troubles in Xinjiang, to protect the Muslim minorities, but killing more Muslims everywhere, destroying Muslim and Arab countries, taking their oil and land and freedom.

southernglory1 said...

There are some possibilities why the UK and the White American racist and supremacists are witholding the vaccines from Non-White countries.

White Anglo-Saxons Americans and their Five Eyes first priority is engineering the Coronavirus or Covid-19 to kill all coloured peoples especially the yellow skin people around the world. So it is not a surprise to see what they are doing in depriving the vaccines from all non-developed coloured countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

They are being unethical as by holding up or hoarding the vaccines they intend to create an artificial situation of scarcity so as to jack up the price of the vaccines before selling it to the non-white countries for illogical hyper profit. Either way they intend to kill non-white third world countries both economically from the high price of thhe vaccines and from the virus.

It is possible judging from their unethical unfounded hatred of non-white people they may release the vaccines for sale to non-white countries after adulating the vaccines ineffective so that the vaccines will become useless. Next the vaccines they sell to non-white countries may be programmed to have long term negative side effects affecting the health and infertility of the vaccinated both males and females to prevent procreation to reduce the populAtion of non-white countries.

The British and the white American Anglo-Saxons are very cruel and very wicked hearted people and to them doing all kinds of evil deeds to other non-white people is perfectly within their evil ethos. Let's hope God will get rid of them from the earth.


Anonymous said...

After getting the friendly priced vaccines from China, the stupid coloured people would still be cursing at China and support their white masters to attack China and call China irresponsible.

Their stupidity is the reason why they would forever be controlled and ruled by the whites. Hongkies are the perfect example of an unthinking coloured people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the attack on China is limited to just the 5 eyes countries, then it is ok. For these countries are all at the verge of bankruptcy, bankrupt of money, bankrupt of ideas.

They would soon bankrupt themselves by not trading with the biggest economy on earth, China, with the biggest middle class consumer market in the world.

Anonymous said...

Short term effects aside, what are the long term effects of the mRNA vaccines?

They said originally it was for 'emergency use', adding a no liability clause. But now it appears that the emergency clause is blowing in the wind and that the vaccine is now rolled out for normal use, since 'short term effects' are minimally reported so far.

This undoubtedly shows that the past two month period was used as a testing period, indicating that they were unsure how it will turn out. That obviously begs the question also of what 'long term effects' the vaccine will cause, since no study has been made about that issue over such a short period of producing and rolling out.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So far these vaccines are more dangerous to the seniors. Remember the 33 cases of seniors that died after vaccination? Though they claimed that it had nothing to do with the vaccines, because they had other medical problems, which most seniors have, what does that says?

5,000 seniors here had been vaccinated. This second phase would include all seniors 70 and above. The number would be bigger. See how it goes.

Anonymous said...

U.S. State Department Lawyers Concluded Insufficient Evidence to Prove Genocide in China

Despite the Trump administration’s declaration of a genocide in Xinjiang, upheld by the Biden administration, some legal experts suspect China’s behavior may fall short of actual genocide.

There was insufficient evidence to prove genocide, placing the United States’ top diplomatic lawyers at odds with both the Trump and Biden administrations.

Anonymous said...

Trump administration declaration of genocide in Xinjiang is about as real as WMD in Iraq.

Those who belief in WMD in Iraq will also believe genocide in Xinjiang. You cannot change the mentality of those hardcore believers of fabricated 'fairy tales'.

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans have been lying to the world for centuries. But many gullibles would just believe the Americans lies without questioning.

They just alleged, spread rumours, just like Trump lying about Biden cheating his Presidency. No need evidence to prove anything.

Are you one of the unthinking gullibles that blindly believe in white lies?

Anonymous said...

The USA is now a curse country. In spite of all the calamities they are still unrepentant and still persistent in trying to create trouble around the world, meddling in other countries' affairs, trying to fight China and bring down China.

They could not see that their mandate to rule the world is over and God is out to finish them. Covid19, fire storm, snow storm, Boeing Max crash not enough, not Boeing 777 engine dropped off, and coming immediately Boeing 747 engine also dropped off.

All Boeing aircraft are now high risk to fly and must be grounded. The end of the evil Empire is near.

It is game over, Americans.

Anonymous said...

Things are happening so fast for the Americans. Now cry for mercy oso too late.

Do more evil will beget more evil.

Too late to repent.

Anonymous said...

To date, the United States, the European Union, Britain, Australia, Canada and Japan have already secured more than 3 billion doses.PHOTO: REUTERS
PUBLISHEDFEB 19, 2021, 8:57 AM SGT
LONDON (REUTERS) – Rich countries are on course to have over a billion more doses of Covid-19 vaccines than they need, leaving poorer nations scrambling for leftover supplies as the world seeks to curb the coronavirus pandemic, a report by anti-poverty campaigners found on Friday (Feb 19).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

REUTERS: The United States has administered 68,274,117 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the country as of Thursday morning and distributed 91,673,010 doses.

The tally of vaccine doses are for both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, vaccines as of 6:00am ET on Thursday, the agency said.

This is how much vaccines the Americans have hogged and deprived the rest of the world of the critically needed vaccines. And they claimed that they are going to share with the world, the champions of human rights.