CCA, the one thing Singaporeans bestest over third world students

7 Reasons Why It's Worth Investing In Your Child's CCA
By Priyanka Elhence, 27 July 2020 10195

What is a CCA?

Co-curricular activities (CCA), also known as extra-curricular activities, are an important part of a child’s holistic development and growth. Research and scientific studies have repeatedly shown that if children are to develop into well-rounded individuals, then CCA has to be regarded as being just as important as academics. Through CCA, students can discover their interests and talents, develop their character, learn how to appreciate values, and pick up important soft skills such as leadership to prepare them for future challenges in life.

Benefits of CCAs on your child

1. Better time management and other essential life skills  Other essential life skills that CCAs help children develop include:

- Leadership
- Communication & public speaking
- Event planning
- Teamwork and relationship building
- Goal setting
- Prioritisation
- Problem solving
- Analytical thinking

2. Improves self-esteem
3. Teaches the importance of commitment
4. Broadens their experiences & views
5. Provides opportunities for social networking  

6. Develops children into being more well-rounded individuals  

7. Gives kids a fun way to beat stress

Investing in CCAs is important as it can help children connect to different communities, form different groups of friends, and build relationships that go way beyond the classroom, giving them a good social circle, while keeping them mentally and emotionally healthy. 


The above is from a INCOME insurance promotion. This CCA thing is probably the only thing that Singaporean students could be better than third world students. This is a privilege that only rich countries and rich parents could afford to pay to give their children better education in being developed in all aspects of their growing up and development. With this kind of extra education, there is no way our students would be worse off than third world students, at least on paper, theoretically speaking.  The more you put in, if good stuff, the better will be the student.

The only shortcoming in this push and force feeding to our young is that every child has only 24 hours a day. Take away sleep and rest time, take away time for food and travelling, all will have only X hours left. If our students are going to be fed with their school works, home works, tuition and all the CCAs, something must give. Not many children are super fit or super gifted to be able to do so much within a fixed time available.

The third world students would probably be spared with such CCAs.  Their parents could not afford to pay for them. So their X time would only be for school works. They are likely not going to have tuition.  Most of them could not afford tuition too.

This may be the reason why our super trained students, jammed with school works and tuition and CCA could not compete with third world students that only have to care about their school works. They do not need to have all the CCAs to be the all rounded and well educated student that ended up with many becoming half past six as they just could not cope with so many things within a fixed X hours.

So you can see why all the third world students are stealing our lunches, better qualified for jobs that our half past six in everything students, with a bag full of papers and certificates but good for nothing and ended up doing part time jobs or food delivery boys and girls.

Do I make sense? Too much of the good stuff but unable to digest would end up as diarrhoea, just go in and out of the system, nothing much retained.


Virgo49 said...


All these bullshits ECA or Extra Circular Activities.

Children now back from schools nearly mid afternoons and wealthy or kia soo or those who wants to match with their Ah Sengs and Ah Bengs sent their precious children into extra circular activities by having further tuitions and piano lessons and what's nots when they are not even talented for them

Just to boast that their children are attending these high class and high esteemed classes.

Then we have some who believed that their children attended the Outward Bound High Hell Courses that will made them great leaders in just crossing those circus tight ropes and send them to Hell.

All these commercial bullshits monies making enterprises that some tuition teachers claimed that they earned ten of thousands per month and thus wanted to be thus as gig workers and own bosses.

Poor parents had to push their stressed children to do the same as their friends and neighbourhood kakis are doing thus.

So as NOT to lose faces and honours.

Load of rubbish.

Children selling flags in hot weathers whilst the Rich and Influential ones stayed in aircond comforts of their bungalows with their parents simply thrown their monies to their alm mattar salivia driping beggars for alms.

This is Sinkieland Lifestyles of the Rich and the Poor.

Anonymous said...

These CCA thingy not going to make Sinkies students standout in Sinkieland employment. Like it or not once they see u pink IC u can kiss goodbye your job interview already the employers going to kiv these resumes and tell mom that they already considered the locals Sinkies already & cast these CCA Sinkies resumes candidates aside & give the jobs to foreigners without even thinking it thru..it's juz so pathetic being a Sinkies here.

Anonymous said...

Rb knn lar what u posted is so true from my experience. Really spoil my Sunday

Anonymous said...

Well rounded? I can see lots of well rounded individuals, the result of eating too much.

Other than that, behaviors are more outlandish, crude and intolerant.

Anonymous said...

CCA in schools for children all bullshit. What bullshit about leadership, character building and all those hogwash. Waste of time!

CCA for adults more imaginative, enjoyable and most of all highly voluntary lah!

The Government should promote more CCA for adults rather than depriving school children their valuable time to enjoy carefree childhood joys.

Anonymous said...

Red Dot's most widely followed adult CCA's are eating, gambling and using mobile phones to take up-skirt and showering videos and photos. Lately, hitting domestic maids is becoming popular as well.

Tell me I am wrong!

SSO said...

The most important thing Singapore teachers, principals, headmasters, headmistresses, MOE experimentalists (as opposed to educationists) and Short-Stay (similar to fly-by-night operatives) Multi-Millionaire Ministers should teach all Singaporeans is how to become Multi-Millionaires in the shortest possible time, like what the Ministers have done for themselves. Period.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean children from rich parents attend CCA, ECA, piano lessons and all other character building classes are just wasting money, time and effort. All done just to be able to keep up with their well-to-do friends. At this end of the day it all boils down to zero because the FTs from India through CECA, FTs from China, FTs from PinnoyLand and from Malaysia will do all the good jobs. Singaporeans with their degree from NUS and all the world class universities will become grab drivers, delivery drivers, security guards etc. Sorry to say, your government is encouraging you to become gig workers and hawkers.

Anonymous said...

1. Why so many fatal accidents lately?

2. Why also so many careless mistakes lately?

3. Why so many increases of taxes lately?

4. Why so many businesses closed down lately?

5. Why so many Singaporeans lost their jobs lately?

6. Why the Ministers still shamelessly continue to draw same obscene salaries and continue to collect lucrative bonuses?

Why not a single high power leader wants to take full responsibility but only know how to push the blames to the powerless lower rungs?

Oh yes, there is one Minister who said in Parliament that he accepted full responsibility for the TraceTogether debacle by words of mouth only. Very easy and very convenient, but never resign!?

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE — A 29-year-old lift technician, who was trapped in the shaft of the Chan Brothers Building along North Bridge Road, died on Saturday (Feb 27).

The Bangladeshi was carrying out repair work on the top of a lift car when it ascended and trapped him against the lift’s guide rail structure, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said.

Virgo49 said...

Taking up extra circircular activities in violin or other high esteemed lessons when their Only asset is when they are penniless after becoming gig or gila worker's as free lencers, part-timers when they retired are to become buskers and played their viloins at MRT walkways stations to keep their lifes going.

For their Foreign Untalented Masters to enjoy after taking over all their supposed deserved jobs that they themselves cannot even compete or fight with them.

These due to their own peoples that they voted in to take care of their liviehoods. Instead they plucked them by giving away all these jobs to outsiders with added insults to your injuries their FAKE degrees.

Also, only those who learnt viloins can do their last survival livings as buskers playing their violins for alms.

Those who learnt piano lessons will be called penis or pianists or penniless as they cannot played and towed their one ton piano to the MRT station to earn their keeps.

So better learn viloins and also like the chow and mohs beggars who took pride been living as such as buskers thought that these are their grand lifestyles of freedom and independence.

Daft Asians like Sinkies are been influenced and brain washed to follow their decadent lifestyles.

Anonymous said...


Tuas explosion: 3 workers die from injuries, 5 in critical condition.

Three of the 10 workers who suffered burns in a fire at an industrial building in Tuas have died, said Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Silas Sng on Thursday (Feb 25).

Another five are in critical condition, while two workers have been discharged.

Anonymous said...


Ten people have died in workplace accidents in Singapore in the last three-and-a-half weeks, after three workers who suffered burns in a fire at an industrial building in Tuas succumbed to their injuries on Thursday (Feb 25).

Speaking at the scene of the Tuas incident on Thursday, National Trades Union Congress assistant secretary-general Melvin Yong raised concerns about the recent spate of workplace accidents and called on the authorities to address potential safety gaps.



Anonymous said...

Gen Y Speaks: I was a conductor in opera houses around the world till Covid-19 hit. Now I deliver food in S'pore https://www.todayonline.com/gen-y-speaks/gen-y-speaks-i-was-conductor-opera-houses-around-world-till-covid-19-hit-now-i-deliver

Anonymous said...


If all foreign workers are required to have CCAs in school, we will have more fakes in Red Dot to contend with.

If faking a degree is so simple, faking a CCA certificate is a piece of cake.

Back to square one?