Reckless Americans flirting dangerously to provoke a nuclear war with China

 The one week exercise involving American aircraft carriers in the South China Sea fizzled out after tension and the threat of a nuclear war were looming in the horizon. The Americans were playing with a very dangerous game in provoking and threatening China at its doorstep, flashing nuclear weapons that could hit Chinese mainland in minutes and giving China no time to take them out. 

What would China be doing in the face of such a clear and present danger that could wipe out many big cities in China and turn China into a colossal mess of death and destruction? How many nuclear weapons were available to be launched against China by the carrier battle group? China could not be doing nothing and waiting to be blown into oblivion.  China must have been on full military alert with all its nuclear weapons activated and fingers on the firing buttons. China was only waiting for a dangerous sign to trigger a nuclear war with the US. What would be sufficient for the Chinese to push the nuclear buttons? 

Would the opening of the missile hatches in the American warships be serious enough to signal an act of war, a nuclear war? Or would China wait for the missiles to be launched, leaving the warships and airborne? Would that be too late as once the missiles were launched, some would definitely hit their targets in China. China would not risk waiting and watching the American nuclear tipped missiles flying towards Chinese shore. At a certain point, a defined act, China would have to push buttons to save itself from nuclear destruction. It could be a fake move on the side of the Americans. It could be a misjudgement on the side of the Chinese, and there will be nuclear weapons flying all over the skies.

The reckless Americans are playing with fire, risking a nuclear war with China in their hostile provocations at China's doorstep.  A slight miscalculation on either the American or Chinese side would lead to the total destruction of both countries and their partners that were deemed to be part of the 'war game'. A very dangerous and thoughtless game indeed.

The risk is getting too much on the nerves of Chinese leaders and they have sent out a clear and distinct signal to the reckless rogue Americans on what they could expect should they make the wrong move. China has made it known to the world that it is China's policy not to be the first to use nuclear weapons, and neither would China use nuclear weapons on countries without nuclear weapons. But this is what China is telling the Americans to make them know what they are in for if they try.

What would be enough to deter the Americans and its hostile allies from adventurism, to attack China? Would 100 nuclear warheads aiming at the USA be good enough to tell the reckless warmongering Americans not to try their luck? What about 300, or 500 nuclear warheads flying to the American homeland? If this is not enough, how about a thousand warheads? Would these be enough to knock the crazy Americans from their drunken stupor to think that having a war with China is another cake walk?

China has announced that it has 1,687 nuclear warheads aimed at the USA, 262 nuclear warheads aimed at Japan, 386 nuclear warheads at India, 253 nuclear warheads at Europe and 176 warheads against hostile countries in South East Asia. This is the clearest signal to the rogues in the USA not to be reckless and China meant business. 

Any attempt to attack China, when war breaks out, 1,687 nuclear warheads will be flying to the USA. Even if the Americans can stop half of them, it would still mean more than 800 nuclear warheads would hit American soil. Sure, more than that number would hit China as well. Would it make any difference?

And the American allies would receive their fair share of nuclear warheads should WW3 starts. Japan would be the first to be knocked out since they have many American military bases and nuclear weapons on their soil. Would any reasonable and sensible man still be thinking of war with China, fooling around with warships and war planes to provoke China and think that everything would be alright, nothing would go wrong?

The rest of the world think that it is not their business when the warmongering Americans are provoking China in the South China Sea and nothing would happen to them or harm them. When nuclear bombs are flying, it would be the end of human civilisation. No one can escape this holocaust of unthinkable proportion.  When would the rest of the world, the UN, tell the warmongering and reckless Americans to stop their rogue and wild behaviour to endanger the lives of all human civilisations?

The rest of the world must put a stop to the wild behaviour of the evil Americans. The world cannot afford a nuclear war. Period. The warmongering Americans must be stopped before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

No one can survive a total nuclear holocaust. Even hiding inside rock solid mountains would not guarantee survival, with contamination totally eclipsing every living thing. Food, water, air would be unusable, maybe for centuries.

A look at nuclear plant disasters will tell us how it will be like with a total nuclear war. Just look at Chernobyl and the fear of the concrete dome leaking radioactive materials. Look at the issue still plaguing Fukushima after ten long years. Unable to stop the reactions just after the disaster, or to step inside to do anything to stop the contamination that is still unravelling. A full global nuclear war targeting most if not all nuclear plants, even by mistake, will be the beginning of the end of the world.

We can do nothing to stop the madness. Worrying is futile. For the poor, just their cheap life to lose. For the rich and powerful, no need to say.

Anonymous said...

N war is ok!

Quick! Just do it!


SSO said...

The desperate race to establish a living habitat on the Martian environment is a clear indication that the US is looking for an alternative to Earth, in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

The Garden of Random may not be found on Earth but could be found on other planets.

Anonymous said...


For the past nine months, China has blocked Australian exports of coal, cotton, lobsters, timber and meat while also levying anti-dumping duties on Australian wine and barley.

But we must not forget that Australia targeted China before it targeted us.

Barley is at the centre of an Australia-China trade war. Bloomberg

After signing the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which also covered investment, we:

• Blocked more than 100 Chinese imports using a dumping duty approach inconsistent with World Trade Organisation rules;

• Led the charge globally to ban Huawei from the 5G network;

• Officially condemned human rights violations in China without shaming neighbouring countries (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc) for their transgressions or taking moral responsibility for our own Pacific Solution for refugees;

• Condemned China for breaching international law by seizing a disputed coral atoll in the South China Sea while ignoring Donald Trump tearing up international agreements such as the Paris Climate Change Accord, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Treaty, and the Medium Range Missile Treaty;

• Banned China from promoting its interests and influence in Australia while not blocking other nations from doing so;

• Publicly requested the World Health Organisation to investigate the origins of COVID-19 after talking to the Trump administration, but not giving prior notice or let alone having any dialogue with China; and,

• Now banned virtually any investment from China or any bilateral co-operation between state governments and universities and their counterparts in China.

Anonymous said...

In view of these actions, China is accusing Australia of singling it out for special discrimination and has designated us a “hostile supplier”. I think it has a point.

We could find ourselves isolated as other countries continue to not only co-exist with, but forge closer ties with China. The US made China buy more agricultural exports from it. The EU and China have now concluded a “Comprehensive” Agreement on Investment.

A first step would be to recognise that we share responsibility for the breakdown in relations.

And in November, 15 Asia-Pacific nations (including Australia and China) signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to eliminate about 90 per cent of tariffs on inter-regional trade and establish common rules for e-commerce, trade, and intellectual property.

Following that agreement, Japan and China agreed to work together to uphold and strengthen rules-based multilateral trade and to hold talks with South Korea on a three-way trade deal.

As former trade minister Andrew Robb has written, China contributed two-thirds of the world’s GDP growth in the last 15 years. Diversifying our exports to other markets that can’t match that result won’t be a substitute.

But with media hysteria and megaphone diplomacy, it will be hard to repair the damage to our bilateral relations. It will also be hard for Australia to grow quickly after COVID-19 without China’s market, capital, people exchange and knowhow.

Finding a d├ętente is essential. China insists Australia take “concrete steps” to fix the relationship to allow high-level dialogue to resume.

A first step would be to recognise that we share responsibility for the breakdown in relations and apologise to China for not consulting it before we requested WHO to investigate the origins and handling of COVID-19.

That action, more than any other, turned China against us. Also admit we should have been more sensitive to China’s complaints about our dumping duties on its exports. Such a mea culpa would greatly help.

Second, welcome Chinese investment in all non-strategic industries, infrastructure projects and joint research activities and specify what they are. I would have thought Lion’s juice and dairy drinks, Probuild’s residential and commercial building, and Victoria’s highway construction were in that category.

Third, undertake in future to fully engage with China on any concerns we have with it or it has with us before going public. That does not mean compromising our sovereignty or leaving ANZUS, but it does mean mutually respecting each other as friends, not foes, just as we did before the spat.

President Xi Jinping last week told world leaders that, “China is working hard to bridge differences through dialogue, resolve disputes through negotiations and pursue friendly and co-operative relations with other countries on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.”

Let’s take him at his word and insist on such dialogue after we have taken “concrete steps” to demonstrate our sincerity.

On the other hand, if we are convinced that China is now our enemy, we should say so and cancel all partnership agreements (not just those with universities and state governments) and ban exports of iron ore, copper, aluminium and coal since these go into making military hardware, missiles, and munitions.

Having a bob each way - friend and foe - is not tenable.