Covid19 - The real reason behind the shortfall

 The pharma manufacturers are finding excuses not to deliver their contractual obligation of Covid19 vaccines to the buyers that paid cash for it. Some gave the excuses that they are expanding their plants to increase production, some with weak excuses for non delivery. My first reaction was that they had found problems with their vaccines and are trying to rectify them with new vaccines still in the process of changes to make them safer, less adverse effects and more effective.

 I was wrong, this is the real reason why there is a huge shortage and even European allies were left out in the cold. Only two countries are hoarding the vaccines for themselves, the USA and UK. While China is distributing to more than 54 countries world wide, with big demands, each country could only receive a million or lesser as the first installment and more will follow when more are produced. Below is what is being reported by AFP.

'WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden announced plans to vaccinate most Americans by the end of July with the help of 200 million newly acquired doses, as the country's inoculation campaign kicked off a new phase in drugstores and supermarket pharmacies, some of which will offer shots as of Friday (Feb 12).'

The Americans have acquired hundreds of millions of doses for themselves, the 'generous angelic' Americans, wanting to share and help the world and this is what they had done behind the back of the world. My view, they armtwisted the pharma producers to deliver to them first, in big amounts and bypassed the rest. And their hardcore allies are sacrificed, including Bolsonaro of Brazil, Trump's good friend and the EU. Their orders delayed until they have fulfilled the demands of the Americans and Brits.

The Europeans are not stupid and are calling foul, wanting to sue the manufacturers and now forced to break their commitments not to use Chinese vaccines with the Americans/Brits. They are considering using Chinese vaccines. Some have already ordered from China. 

Merkel and Macron are furious, taken as suckers, fools by the Americans and Brits.  The Americans and Brits have sacrificed the European countries to protect and save themselves in this pandemic. The Europeans trusted the Americans and Brits and were cheated.  If they can cheat the Europeans, who else they would not cheat or sweep aside?


Anonymous said...

The EU had already known that. Pfizer turned back on their commitment to deliver the contracted vaccine numbers to EU countries on time but had no problem with UK. Its even more ridicious when these vaccine were manufactured in Brussel, HQ of thd EU. When EU chief Ursula Loyen banned the export of the vaccine, she was made the evil devil by the Brit politicians and the media that she had to do a U-turn.

Anonymous said...

The sun is setting on the evil Anglo Saxon tribe.

Anonymous said...

The EU countries and other non White countries already paid for their contracted vaccine orders, so they have every right to take action. Unless, like Trump, they tear up those contracts using lawless behavior, like signing new executive orders to enforce that, but it will be cutting their noses to spite the faces, jeopardising future relations.

Is Karma working against Bolsonaro right now, getting his backside screwed by the evil USA and UK? Brazil tried to sabotage the Chinese vaccine, citing the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine earlier. Their drumbeat failed and now have to eat humble pie. China must remember that!

The Brits are genetically evil. since days immemorial. During their rule of India they let the Indians starve, while hijacking and shipping food back to Great Britain to feed their own Whites who were also short of food.

If the Asian and African countries are denied access to the vaccines of USA and UK, this shows the Whites have every intention to let them perish, which is, after all, the motive of their evil agenda of using the COVID19 to annihilate them. Thankfully, Russia and China have come into the picture with their vaccines to help. The world must remember that too.

When the USA offers help, there will always be steel wire ropes attached. Either they want to turn them into cannon fodders or force them to allow troop stationing in the countries they have eyes on, to confront any bogeyman of the day that they will invent to fool those leaders.

The EU is wising up. It is a blessing in disguise that the UK is now not in the EU, otherwise deeper economic ties with China would have been difficult. Duterte is wising up too, but can change his face quickly, if pressure is everted by his subordinates who are mostly pro USA. Duterte knows who the real evil one is, despite the Philippine's claims in the South China Sea.

It augurs well for China that there is the RCEP with 15 other Asia Pacific countries, the new stronger economic ties established with the EU, and the new trade route opening up across continental Asia.

China is also slowly weaning itself away from the USA and cementing ties with new trade partners, all clear and significant developments. Once new sources of supply and demand are met and established, it will be difficult for USA businesses to return to China again.

China is also promoting domestic demand, having learned the hard lesson of how fragile trade agreements can turn sour overnight. Decoupling from USA is no longer a fear for China and it will survive in better shape.

Anonymous said...

The USA already cheated their European allies many a time.

The USA via the CIA sold rigged encryption machines to it's European allies and spied on their messages all the time. Just imagine spying on allies. And those allies thought the USA is trustworthy!

Then there was the discovery that the USA also spied on Merkel and were caught red handed.

Now, can you imagine who the USA is spying on among the EU leaders? Maybe also on Modi, Suga, Moon, Duterte, Morrison etc to cement their hold on them.

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SSO said...

Why are there so many head hanchos stepping down now, after long years at the helm? Is it because of COVID? I think so.

They have been having a good time all these while. Now that going forward in the next few years seems uncertain, they must have thought it is time for them to skoot before the shits come. Let others face the shits.

These are the smart as well as cunning people. They have always wanted to keep the ccake and eat it as well. That's why they always talk about win-win situation. Not both sides win but heads or tails, they win either ways, just like Don Trump the US Mafia-in-Chief.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Even Andrew Cuomo had to lie about Covid19 death. This is how transparent and honest the Americans are! And they got the cheek to accuse China and others of lying and not transparent.

NEW YORK: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledged on Monday (Feb 15) that his office should not have withheld data on COVID-19 nursing home deaths from state lawmakers, the public and press, falling short of an apology a senior aide made to lawmakers last week.

Cuomo said at a press conference that "lessons were learned" in not releasing the data and that things "should have been done differently".

"The last thing I wanted to do was aggravate a terrible situation," said Cuomo, a third-term Democrat. "There were people's requests, press requests that were not answered in a timely manner."

More than 15,000 people have died in New York state's nursing homes and long term care facilities from COVID-19, but as recently as last month, the state reported only 8,500 deaths. CNA

Anonymous said...

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday (Feb 15) that world powers should clinch a global treaty on pandemics to ensure proper transparency after the novel coronavirus outbreak which originated in China.

This idiot needs to be whacked by China just like Morrison of Australia. He cannot see how dishonest and how not transparent the Americans are. China must squeeze his balls so hard that his silly hair would shoot up like a head of coconut husk.

Anonymous said...

Reports now say COVID19 infections are falling worldwide. That must be due to the Vaccine.

I believe it is due to less testing and thus reporting fewer infections, as leaders of many big countries are getting smarter by the day, by following what some other big country leaders have been doing to make the picture more manageable. But it is a wrong move, because fewer infections means people will demand less control and is going to be back to square one again, or even worse.

At the present rate of vaccination worldwide, and the hoarding of vaccines by the Whites, it will take at least five years for the whole world to be vaccinated according to some experts. Some countries may get their whole population vaccinated ahead of others, but life can only be back to normal for them when the whole world is normal.

Now, it is just a joint effort to talk up the optimism about growth and make a song and dance about the rosy path coming up for everyone. Keep dreaming!