Singapore's infatuation with wildlife

 A 27 year old wildlife from Britain was recruited to teach children how to read, teaching children at pre school age, 3 to 4 year olds. Singapore must be very short of talents, not even have enough decent pre school teachers that it had to recruit such talents from UK and probably paying a ransom for it.

This wildlife not only taught the little children how to read. He also made them very comfortable by caressing the buttocks of little girls in his charge. For that he was arrested and charged. He has pleaded guilty to the charges after denying it earlier, but was caught on closed circuit camera. This paedophile attacked a 3 year old child in his charge! And he was recruited all the way from UK.

How many of these wildlife have been brought in and how many Singaporeans have been raped, molested, beaten or insulted or humiliated by them? Do we need more wildlife in this island?

We are so short of land, so desperate that every little piece of land, included nature reserves would be cut down to make way for more of these wildlife. We are going to bring in these wildlife to replace the original natural wildlife that we have invaded and robbed them of their habitat. We do not think that we need to leave them some space, some private space to live on. The wild boars would be culled regularly when their population got too big with our limited land. 

The little forest in Clementi is going going gone soon. Yes, the wildlife, the birds and the bees, the little animals, would have to make way for more wildlife called foreign talents. Singapore's mission is to fill this little piece of rock with more wildlife because Singaporeans cannot reproduce enough. The one trick pony's economic formula for growth is to increase the number of mouths to consume and consume everything so that they can call it growth and prosperity.

You want growth? Then you must accept more mouths to consume more goods and services. It is a never ending story of growing the population for economic growth. So, be prepared to lose all the little corners of greenery for more wildlife.

You think they are going to stop at 6.9, at 10m or 20m? Cannot! They need to grow the economy, stupid. If no population growth, no economic growth. Simple as that. How many more new estates and towns are they going to build with more reclaim land? Climate change? What is that?

Not enough land, not enough water, not enough electricity and power, so what? Just build, build, build. Import more wildlife is growth and more good life. 

PS. Our organic population growth is minimal.  Why the desperation to build and build and build? No plan for 10m? Got plan for 20m or not? Definitely no.


Anonymous said...

This kind of single factor thinking on economic growth at all cost without consideration for other factors and consequences would lead to the destruction of this island.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of their greed for more money, they are now going to destroy the little natural habitats that are left for Nature's wild lives. In their place, the money greedy elites are going to build pigeon holes for human wild lives from 3rd world countries.

This is a shame. Basically, there is no country, no nation. Everything is nothing but about money. Money-face "chia chi kwa".

Anonymous said...

Singapore government will always import FTs from overseas to increase population, hoping that some of them will settle on this little rock, thus increase the PAP voter pool. 10 million population will be a certainty. True blue Singaporeans will become a minority in 10 years time. That will also be a certainty. Well, PAP will be the majority government for the next 4 or 5 general elections unless Singaporeans wake up and not submit to the sweeteners dished out just before the general elections. Wake up and do not be fooled. Singaporeans have lived as second class citizens for too long. Very soon PRC immigrants will out number the locals. WAKE UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cities in Asia are sinking. Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila are really sinking due to overbuilding of homes and offices, and over extraction of ground water and climate change.

Will Red Dot follow? Jakarta already had plans to relocate to Kalimantan. I guess Bangkok and Manila will have to do the same. They have alternatives. Where can Red Dot relocate? Underground?

1984 George Orwell said...

Singapore eagerly and happily imported another 19 new Covid-19 diseased persons into the country to increase the risk of widespread infections of the disease to the local communities.

This foolhardy unconcerned attitude and behaviour has been going on for the past few months without respite.

Perhaps, this is the same trademark as the big time gamblers who deliberately change the law to make gambling not a crime in Singapore, so that gambling casinos at the Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Resorts World could be opened to to lure in all the incorrigible gamblers to game away their lives and families?

Looks like they just love to gamble with other people's lives.

SSO said...

While Singapore's military generals are infatuated with GDP growth to increase personal annual bonuses by importing more and more wild lives, Burma's (Myanmar) generals are infatuated with military coups to ensure wild lives are kicked out of the country for good.

Anonymous said...

Red Dot cannot sink lah. It can take in another 10m people also no problem. Think another 20m or 30m also can. How about relocating to the air, in the cloud like cloud computing, or like building castle in the air?

Just redesignate all houses to be converted to high rise buildings, no more low rise districts in 9, 10 and 11. Plenty of land to build more flats.

Anonymous said...

Blame the 61.24% ..

Anonymous said...

Red Dot will not sink, but sea level will keep rising. When you see floods on sunny days in places during high tide, you know the writing is on the wall. That is what is happening in Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila.

Last I heard the leaders were talking about building a sea wall around the island, like in the Netherlands aka Holland. Then Red Dot will be very safe against rising sea levels. Did they walk the talk, I wonder!

Yeah, can keep on building and increasing the population to 30m also can lah. Red Dot Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Building a wall around the island would be very very good for the GDP, shooting sky high even no real value until the day the water really comes.