Americans, bad losers trying to stop the Chinese growth engine

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden will hold his first event with leaders from the Group of Seven nations in a virtual meeting on Friday to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the world economy and dealing with China as a group, the White House said on Sunday.

"This virtual engagement with leaders of the world’s leading democratic market economies will provide an opportunity for President Biden to discuss plans to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, and rebuild the global economy," the White House said in a statement.  Yahoo News

What about China? Why no mention of China? Oh, the agenda is how to confront China. The Americans should be focusing on how to fight the pandemic at home and how to revive their own economy. The economies of the world do not need the meddling of a destructive America.  China is doing very well to revive the economies around the world, in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.  The BRI projects would keep the world economy humming along for another 30 years if the rogue and troublemaking Americans  did not try to disrupt and throw obstacles into its path.

For the Americans as a destructive force is already bad enough. Now they are trying to rope in the Europeans to help them to destroy the world economies kick started by China.  China is the engine of growth.  Without China pushing the cart, without BRI, the world would have gone into a recession long before the pandemic. The no idea Americans could only think of wars to export more arms and weapons of destruction. Their economy is built on wars and war industries. They needed wars and have created enemies and bogeymen like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorism to feed the demands of wars.

China is not a pandemic or a disease but a successful competitor in trade and development and in many fields of human endeavours.  China is helping to rebuild the infrastructure of many countries and the world, to interconnect the world more efficiently for trade and development. The Americans are the losers. Instead of competing to be better, to be more efficient, to produce more and becoming more competitive, the Americans are trying to slow China down, throw in obstacles in China's path, trying to break the Chinese growth engine, wanting to curb and control China to what it expects of China, a poor, inefficient economy that cannot compete with them. This is the only solution that the destructive and warmongering Americans could think of, fighting China by cheating, bullying, threatening China with wars. If the warmongering Americans succeed, then the economies of the world would collapse with a world war of unmentionable destruction.

America is a bad loser and is behaving very badly, threatening world peace and stability. Why don't the bankrupt of ideas evil Americans do something positive, like making themselves better and more competitive instead of trying to drag down those that run faster than them?

The Europeans are trying to run as fast as China, competing with China under the same rules and environment, rules set by the Americans. But loser America is trying to change the rules, by not playing by the rules, by trying to break the legs of anyone that is running ahead of them. If the Europeans were to listen to the mischievous and cheating and lying Americans, they would be dragged into a world war that would destroy them first before it destroy the Americans.  Merkel and Macron and other European leaders would have better sense to go along with the evil Americans to destroy themselves. Let the bad and troublemaking Americans to go and fight their own dirty wars of destruction. 

The evil Americans can no longer save themselves and now wanting to dump the Europeans together into their own shit hole. The world would not be kind to losers and would be very unforgiving to bad losers. The Americans should best bury themselves in their own isolated world of wars and destruction and leave the world in peace. China and Europe would be there to pull the economies of the world along happily without the Americans.

When the evil Americans could not even save themselves, still thinking of trying to destroy the world on the pretext of saving the world. The EU leaders should set the agenda to discuss how the evil Americans could behave less evil and stop inciting and fighting wars, and stop killing people around the world. The devils must not be setting the agenda.

The EU leaders must tell Biden that the world is very concerned about the mismanagement of the pandemic in America and the spread of the virus all over America. The world is also very concerned about what happened at Fort Detrick and Biden should be transparent and provide all the data and information on the virus leak in the facility. Biden must also be made to produce information on the American soldiers that were in Wuhan. 

Now who are the sickos that spread the mischievous narrative that if the Chinese were rich they would consume too much resources and that would endanger the world? What this sick narrative is saying is that China and the Chinese people cannot be allowed to be rich and live well like the whites. And how many silly bananas also went around spreading this sick narrative as if it is reasonable, that China and Chinese are a threat because they are getting richer and consuming more?


Anonymous said...

The evil empire is now trying to tell the world that China is instigating the situation in Myanmar. The propaganda machine of the USA is saying that Chinese Planes were seen at Myanmar airports, thus the accusation that China is supporting the Military Regime. China is a close and long ally of Myanmar and must therefore be demonised, otherwise sanctions would not be that effective.

Chinese planes in Myanmar had always been about ferrying goods in trade between the two countries, but is now being politicalised to frame China. There is even the accusations that Chinese soldiers have been seen in the streets of Myanmar.

What about USA soldiers being seen in the streets of hundreds of world cities where they have bases? So what is the problem with Chinese soldiers in Myanmar, even if that is true. China has categorically the accusations. It is all a USA ploy to generate hatred among the Burmese people against China. Likewise, exploiting the situation in Xinjiang is to create hatred of China among the world's Muslim people.

More of such propaganda will be fabricated to smear China. But the world is getting wiser when such fabrication becomes one too many. Some have distanced themselves from future 'coalition of the willing' and want no part in that, though some still are fast asleep or held to ransom by veiled threats. That fabricated evidence of WMD that lead to the invasion of Iraq had opened the eyes of the world and destroyed the morality of the UN.

Thankfully, more and more Social Media and Chinese TV networks have been quite successful in countering such lies, which is why the West is getting paranoid and nervous about such avenues for countering by China. The USA knows how effective those sites are doing that they resort to banning them on the pretext of security issues. They even forced the poodles to do likewise, otherwise it will be threats of sanctions again.

SSO said...

China is poised to overtake the US as the World's Number One Economy by 2028 or earlier.

As it is now, China has already overtaken the US as the World's Number One Direct Investment Destination. Last year, the US lost 50% of its Direct Foreign 8Investments, while China increased 4-5% of foreign investors pouring their money into China. As a result, China has become the World's most favoured investment destination.

China has also overtaken the US as the Number One Trade Partner with the EU last year.

Trade between China and the EU was worth US$709 billion last year, compared with US$671 billion worth of imports and exports from the US.

In the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, China is steadily increasing trade with most of those countries.

It is only a matter of a very short time when China will lead the World in trade and lead the various countries of her trade partners to greater progress and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

While the USA is trying to cut off trade by tearing up agreements, China is doing the opposite. How could the USA beat China with this kind of attitude?

Why would someone want to trust the USA by investing in that country when the USA can unilaterally and arbitrarily erect barriers or imposed sanctions when it likes. Business people look for stability and wants to make sure their investments are safe to grow, not when they know what happens with China companies is likely to happen to them as well. Making American Great Again does not mean taking down others to promote their own. The world does not work the way the USA thinks it should work, according to their dictates.

The USA brought this upon themselves, so there is no reason for them to again blame China for unfair trading practices. The USA is not doing what it tells others to do, but blame them when it fails to compete.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry that idiot Trump is history. Let's hope we do not see him again. Under Biden things could be a little better. China will continue to build good relationship around the world. Maybe the United States of America will turn over a new leaf and follow the China way.

Anonymous said...

Things are too ingrained in the poisoned minds of Republicans and Democrats for the world to expect a meaningful change. USA politicians followed an agenda of putting down those who aspire to be better than them, instead of taking up the challenge to compete against them. Their mentality is to remain on top by putting others down, which they have succeeded for many decades.

This is clearly the objective of all the present predominant propaganda against China. They succeeded in putting down the USSR challenge, because the USSR did not have the deep pockets to counter them military spending during the years when the USA was the world's top economic power.

China is a different competing power today, and have learned from and does not follow the way of the USSR, but is more measured and strategically targeted in their spending on military buildup, focusing on the economic front instead. Spending on their economic progress, structural and logistic buildup is not a wasting investment for the future, unlike military buildup which is a wasting asset accumulation. That immense spending on the military could have been better used to help it's people, but now more and more are mired in deep poverty. It is a country destined to fail in the course of time.

Biden alone cannot unwind the harm done by just by Trump. There is only so much he can do to prolong the USA slide into infamy. It is not whether it will, but how fast the slide is going to take place. Like the British Empire, it's days are numbered and the writing is on the wall.

SSO said...

Why Ho Ching retires to enjoy the Swiss standard of living, while many Singaporeans are struggling, downgrading, degrading and suffering in this COVID-19 Pandemic Marathon (CPM)?

Why Ho Ching retires to enjoy the fruits of others' labour, when our GLCs are in the limbo in this CPM?

Why Ho Ching retires to enjoy her life, while her husband who should have retired for health reasons, still does not want to relinquish power and control in this CPM?

Is Ho Ching preparing to take over her husband as the Prime Minister, or what?

What is Ho Ching up to exactly?

Anonymous said...

Toss a coin. Head, to become President. Tail to become PM.

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans stay afloat by pushing everyone down into the water. This evil Empire must be brought down at all cost.

Anonymous said...

A new poll of more than 1,000 academics, government officials and business elites by Singaporean think tank ISEAS Yusof-Ishak Institute showed that 61.5 percent of the respondents believed the Southeast Asia should pick the US over China, if ASEAN was forced to pick sides amid the US-China rivalry.

However, at a recent webinar organized by the Hinrich Foundation, scholars said that seven of the 10 ASEAN member countries seem to be leaning toward China, due to the US' "neglect" of Southeast Asia, according to media reports.

Anonymous said...

A new poll by msn said all Asean states would not want to take sides with the Americans. And if forced to, 8 out of 10 would choose to be on the side of China, their number one trading partner.

All said they would not want to go to war with the Americans.