Why the need for MOM to approve Employment pass application?


‘Employers have the primary responsibility to ensure the authenticity and quality of the academic qualifications….that they wish to hire’- MOM. I disagree with the above MOM statement. Let me explain.

The reality in the workplaces is that too many employers just do not have the required resources, means and connections to effectively vet the authenticity and quality of the academic qualifications of their foreign hires and that is why MOM being the regulator has to step in and its approval sought. Isn’t MOM aware that their approval comes with responsibility?

It is most despicable of MOM to push that responsibility to the employers when things screwed-up but when things are fine, they sure know how to collect the employment levies months after months and years after years without fail.

I will be blunt. If that is the standards and attitudes of Singapore MOM, then MOM ministers’ jobs and responsibilities aren’t too difficult, heavy and impressive really.

MOM, I clap for you!

Just imagine if only a fraction or say, 1% of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of work pass holders who have landed employment in Singapore over the decades possessed fake academic credentials, then thousands and thousands of our citizen job seekers would have been deprived or shortchanged of employment opportunities in our own job market and many of those jobs are decent paying jobs. I could go on…


Simon Lim posted the above in TRE

 Why is there a need for MOM to approve Employment Pass application when the burden of checking for fake degrees is on the employer? Would it then not be better and easier to regard MOM as a rubber stamp, to inform MOM of such an application and to pay the dues for the application and nothing more?

If MOM does not need to verify or check the qualifications and suitability of the applicant, what then is the value add of MOM? 

Who should be responsible to make sure that fake degrees and cheats are not allowed to work in Singapore? As Simon pointed out, who has the resources to make and verify that degrees and certificates are genuine, especially when they come from overseas, from little corners of the earth, from places that no one heard off, from institutions that are not even listed or known? 

What would MOM or employers do when degrees and certificates cannot be verified for whatever reasons? Never mind lah, just accept since cannot find out, dunno how or where to check? Is this what is happening when comes to application for jobs in Singapore?

When dunno, don't ask, no need to know. Never mind?


Anonymous said...

Normally 4 parties are involved in the employment of a foreign talent. The foreign talent, employment agency, employer and MOM.

The burden to make sure that no fake degrees are used, all four parties must be responsible and punished if things fakes are employed. Ok, cannot punish the MOM, but MOM must be made to explain to Parliament if they failed to enforce this scam. The employment agency must also be fined or jailed if too frequent.

The employer, the HR and CEO must be held accountable as well, fined the company and jail the HR or CEO if the breach is too serious and too often. Start with warning, then fine, then jail. This is the only way to stop this fraud from ruining lives of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate question to ask "Who vote these fellows in?" The people rite?..as what KJ said u all got the G u deserved so suck it up mann.. wait another 5 yrs & cycle continues it never get resolved..

Anonymous said...

Can employers check with the Universities involved whether the applicant's qualification is genuine? I am sure they can.

The problem is those using fake qualifications ultimately are bound to be cheaper to engage, so employers of small enterprises may just close one eye as long as the job can be done. That begs the question of what is the intention of collecting those levies if MOM is also not taking responsibility for sniffing out fake degrees.

Of course the danger is that certain jobs need genuine skills to ensure safety like the MRT/LRT, hospitals and servicing of planes for example. These are large conglomerates with the resources to ensure that people with the right qualifications are engaged. Even so, there have been lapses over the years with unqualified teachers and even doctors in the news.

I think Red Dot really needs to start an exercise to purge the fakes once and for all. Check all foreign talent's qualifications with the respective Universities and clear them out. Making piece meal attempts of reporting 15 fakes and forgetting about the rest is not the way to go.

Anonymous said...

This fake degree scam is so organised that even the university staff are involved. They are paid to tell you the fakes are real. It requires a lot of meticulous work, back breaking work, using people that are honest and trustworthy, to screen the fakers.

How many company or country can do it? Open the leg wide wide without any means to control the process only stupidity has no cure country will do. They simply don't care except giving lip service. The scam and fraud are so prevalent and so wide spread that 7 out of 10 are likely to be fakes.

Just leave it to the irresponsible imbeciles to destroy the country and lives of Singaporeans for this scourge to spread in the island. They have no answers. And by now, a few tens of thousands of them are already here and in key positions that they could not do anything about it with every fake protecting other fakes.

This is a very serious and pervasive problem now. It has been going on for too long with eyes wide shut.

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans today are the victims of the stupidity of a few.

Clear eyed said...

How to authenticate qualifications from unheard of institutions? A standard must be set whereby only certificates from genuine and creditable institutions are recognised and they must be authenticated before an EP is issued. MOM is taking the easy way out and is sleeping on the job. As it is, the flood gate is wide open and it is a free for all here for foreigners to come in and grab what they can.

Anonymous said...

What to do?

This is irresponsibility against the Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, nothing would be done after a bit of venting.

Life will go on and more fakes would be allowed in as long as idiots are in charge.

No one believes anything would be done to change this silly situation.

Anonymous said...

CECA says no need to check. Remember that. Intra company transfers blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

The Fair Consideration Framework deliberately and explicitly stated by MOM that CECA is exempted. Josephine Teo even openly said it is so.

Anonymous said...

Better for all Indians to be exempted.

Anonymous said...

It would be like exempting all the cheats from the law.

Anonymous said...

It's like hunting for snakes but only catch the non-poisonous snakes and afraid to catch the poisonous cobras and vipers. And deliberately let them escape and live to cause havoc to human beings.

What kind of people do such cowardly and stupid things?

Anonymous said...

Where can you find the highest paid clowns in the world?

Anonymous said...

They are not the highest paid clowns. They are highly educated in the best ivy league universities in the world and highly intelligent and cunning. How can can they be clowns? Highest paid, yes. Clowns, no.

They know fully well what they have been doing, are doing. They know the situation better than you and me, because they have all the data that we do not and cannot have. Therefore, they must have deliberately make the policies, procedures and restrictions/un-restrictions purposely like that, in order to disadvantaged our own people and make our people suffer. Why?

So that when our people have to spend much of their time searching for jobs, once they got the jobs, they will keep it very dearly by working so hard until they do not even have time for their children. And money not enough to pay for all the normal household expenses and children's education. With no money and no time, the people cannot get involved in politics. That's why we see that opposition parties are not able to get much people to help them.

PAP can get all the businessmen to support them financially. Why?

Because those rich grass-looters that support the PAP financially can get back their money easily by getting some lucrative contracts from you know who?

So, in the final analysis, to be blunt, they are not clowns but traitors, betrayers of our own people! Period.

Anonymous said...

They are not cowards nor stupid, either.

In fact, they are very brave. They dare to defy and betray the people who voted for them to sit in those fat-ass seat and dishing out policy after policy to make the voters suffer, not afraid of any repercussion because from the trend in the last 50 years, the same voters keep voting them in to screw them again and again and again ..... infinitum.

They are not stupid because they can see through the majority of the daft and idiotic Singapore voters, especially those who loved to be screwed again and again and again, even though they have been experiencing the pain. The more pain, the more "siok"?

See, your highest paid "cowards, stupid idiots, clowns" are actually very brave, highly intelligent and intuitive, and are making Singaporean voters (YOU) look like clowns instead.

Anonymous said...

They have been laughing all the way to their banks every single day, for the last 54 years!

On the other hand, you have been kpkb for the last how many years, 54 years?

Frankly speaking, the PAP has got most of you voters (at least 60%) by the balls, and squeezed you so hard until you can't even protest as a single person, in any way, in any form, any time, any where.

Even just standing silently, carrying a placard with a mascot icon drawn on it, nothing else, can get fined $8,000!? And the best of it is: Not a single Singapore Opposition leader has so far stands up to speak on his behalf.

How much more pathetic and tragic can Singaporean be?

Anonymous said...

A person was pronounced dead on the east-bound track near Kallang MRT station on Thursday night (Feb 25), disrupting train services on parts of the East-West Line.

The incident occurred at about 9.30pm between Lavender and Kallang stations on the line towards Pasir Ris, said SMRT.

Tragic! How many suicides per year in Singapore? About 370 per year? One per day?

Anonymous said...

That's why total news black-out about suicide cases? Most probably so. Pathetic!

SSO said...

Another Blunder By MOH?

Letter by Ravi Sri Dhevi published in the ST Forum on 23 Feb 2021:

“The nurse on the line told me that she needed my consent before administering the dose, as my son is under the age of 21, and asked if I was aware of the vaccine’s risks.

When I asked why no consent was sought for the first dose, she had no immediate answer. She checked with a few other nurses, and then told me that no consent was needed for the first dose.

Why was consent sought for the second dose only? Also, why was the process done over the phone? The nurse would not have been able to verify that I am the mother.”


The letter speaks for itself loud and clear that this is not an ordinary mistake. This is a "big cock-up", in army language.

Anonymous said...

All vaccinations require parental or guardian consent for those under 21 years old.

Anonymous said...

Degrees from unheard of Universities must be fakes for sure. If companies that hired those fakes try contacting those unheard of Universities and cannot find them, that must spell something is amiss. Simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Pritam Singh raised the issue of public funds for assistance having to go thru CDC, ie PA or defacto PAP organ and also the need for mayors who are exorbitantly overpaid (500k?). Why the need for mayors in small island nation when govt agencies and respective MPs, who are themselves well paid for part time work, can do the work? And given the spending on the Covid measures, shouldn't mayors be done away to save some precious money?

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for a brave one to ask about the DBS and LVB.

Anonymous said...

What about the free loaders in the PM office? Why so many still needed to hold the Clown Prince's hand. The old man only needed extra hands to hold his unsteady gait when he was gravely ill.

Then what about all those scores of what they called senior ministers of state, ministers of state etc in every ministry? Why so many needed? They are not cheap. Each one probably paid more than the leaders of many, many countries of the world. They must be paid more than S$500K, otherwise would they put 'mediocre' elements there.

Not true?