Genocide, the real practitioners were the USA and Canada


Canada and other nations are considering labelling China's treatment of its Uighur minority a genocide, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

This comes after Donald Trump's outgoing administration last month said Beijing's incarceration of mostly Muslim minorities in its far western Xinjiang region amounted to genocide and crimes against humanity.

"It's a word that is extremely loaded and is certainly something that we should be looking at in the case of the Uighurs," Trudeau told a news conference.  Yahoo News

Above is another smear campaign by the evil whites pretending to be champions of Muslims after invading their countries, bombing and killing millions of Muslims, occupied their countries and turned them into dysfunctional states but now using this excuse to attack and smear China.

 It is time to expose their evil past when they committed genocides against their natives in the millions, tens or hundreds of millions until the natives of  both North and South Americas are near to extinction. The worst affected were the native Americans in North America, now called Canada and USA. Just because the whites did not want to talk about them, pretended that nothing happened, the evil and wicked crimes were in a scale unimaginable in the history of humankind.  The few natives alive today are too small in numbers to fight back against the racist whites that terminated them to near extinction. And these white men are now putting on a sheet of white cloth and claiming to be protector of minorities when they were the worse criminals in genociding the natives of the land they stole and live on today.

The pathetic and sad cases of the natives of USA and Canada must be brought up to the UN for review and the criminals must be severely punished and made to pay for their crimes. The victims must be compensated for their sufferings and lost of their lives and lands. The evil Canadians and Americans are again pointing fingers at others to distract and divert the attention from their crimes against humanity. An abominable crime that western media would not want to talk about and pretended that all was forgotten.

Countries of the world cannot keep quiet and let the evil whites to set the agenda and walk around pretending to be angels when their hands are dripping with blood of the natives once lived in Canada and the USA.

Make crime pays. Make those that committed genocide pay. Make the Americans and Canadians own up to their crimes, apologise and put behind bars. Expose their hypocrisies and not allow them to go on pretending to be angels when they are devils in disguise.

The Americans are still killing the Arabs and Muslims today, everyday.


Anonymous said...

Decades of the Whites, particularly the USA, controlling the UN, makes sure that such genocides are not discussed within the UN and that since the MSM are also controlled by them from talking about it, the issues are dead and buried.

All these genocidal acts are coming out via Social Media, that is why the USA is making so much effort to make sure China's social media platforms are banned in order to clamp down on the diggings.

The USA thinks that marginalising Chinese Social Media platforms will close discussions about such genocidal acts is foolish thinking. Gone are the days when only the MSM delivers the sanitised news. The world no longer believes such propaganda trotted out by the MSM of the West. With travelling so convenient, travellers from White countries who have been to China, went and saw the progress and are astounded. The MSM of the West can no longer keep the genie inside the bottle.

The West is fabricating and sensationalising Xinjiang and the Rohingya problems in an effort to divert attention away from their own atrocities, to fool those who have not looked further back in history to uncover their bloody acts. As I said earlier, this is the age of Social Media providing all the information that one only has to make the effort to discover. You can hide the crime, but not forever.

Anonymous said...

The self righteousness overeache of the 5 eye countries. Not many other countries and none of the muslim countries have done the same even though the Uyghers are Muslims. Take the current spat between FB and Australia. It was Oz PM Scomo who threatened the tech giants to pay their news companies for linked content or packed out. Yes even for the craps churned out by the racist Murdoch media. The only country to do so. Google succumbed but FB called his bluff and blocked the country. The reaction? Iso of taking the fight, Scomo and Australia KPKB and complained to allies and even India about FB being a bully, just like they say about China when defeated. Who actually threatened who first? If only Australia can look into the mirror and ask that question. The hubris and overplayed of self importance are in diplay just like all their politics.

Anonymous said...

When the Whites look into the mirror, what do they see? The devil of course!

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The United Nations human rights office has asked the United Arab Emirates for proof that Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai's ruler, is alive.

In secretly recorded videos shared with the BBC, Princess Latifa accused her father of holding her hostage in Dubai since she tried to flee in 2018.

The UN has contacted David Haigh from the Free Latifa campaign requesting access to the footage.

In the videos, Princess Latifa says she fears for her life.