Evil Empire is a warring state

How many of you believe the attack on Saudi Aramco oil facilities is the act of Iran? My question is about believe, whether you believe it is or it is not. But your belief is not important, the beliefs of the evil Americans and the Saudis are important and good enough to attack Iran.

This is a quote from Reuters posted in thenewpaper. “‘There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!’ Mr Trump said on Twitter.”

The bold emphasis above is mine. They do not need any factual evidence, they do not need any white lies like the invasion of Iraq. Now they just need to believe and that would be good enough to kill the innocent Iranians. They did not want to believe that it was the Houthis who claimed to be responsible, a revenge counter attack against the Saudi for attacking them. The evil Americans just want to find a reason to attack Iran and any slim excuses would be better than white lies. So Iran will be attacked. The added reason, they believe the drones were from Iran.

This evil Empire is a rogue state, a warring state, everyday trying to start a war. Who suffers, the poor Arabs and the Iranians, made to fight among themselves and to buy more weapons from the Americans to kill themselves. The evil Americans would be the main beneficiary in this war.

The only hope is for Allah to be on the side of the Iranians and rain their missiles on American bases in the region and to sink the two aircraft carriers and all on board. This would be heavenly justice. May Allah and God strike at the evil Americans, the warmongers, the murderers of innocents. 

Evilness is now so stark, so blatant, so forthright, so vicious, so aggressive for all to see. But there are many with eyes but cannot see. To them Americans are peace loving people, protectors of human rights, protecting peace in the world. 

PS. The attacks on the Saudi oil refinery were undetected, meaning the drones were too small to show on radars. The evil Empire are spreading more lies, claiming that cruise missiles were used, but could not produce any evidence, because they have none. Just pure white lies and fabricated truths. The so called intelligence reports claimed the attacks came from Southwest Iran. If they knew, if they have seen them, they would have told the Saudis or taken action themselves. Now after everything is over, they are spreading white lies to create mischiefs so that they can attack Iran or cho cho the Saudis to attack Iran. 

Lets see how smart or how stupid would the Saudis behave. Would they foolishly take the bait and start a war with Iran?


Things to ponder in this GE

Be Serious to take Action:
Where is this PAPi leading us to?
Why are we suffering like that?
Why must we be sharing away our lands to so many others? For what purpose?
Did the PM promised to make things affordable and look into the problems?
Where is this PAPi leading us into?
We do not need scholars to plans and dig into our accounts and deplete our savings?
What concrete benefits are the CECA signing?
What benefits to us for giving away billions of tax payers money to foreign students, almost 1 million a day?
Are we happier under the PAPi?
Why do we need this PAPi?
Where are we heading? What are we doing?
Deny 2/3, otherwise this country will be flooding with 10M displacing own children future.
We need to take serious action to tell them to stop it.
Print this out and bring it to the ballot box. Read this again and ask yourself, before you volt.

The above is posted as a comment in TRE to an article posted by a supervisor with a $3k income, wife doing part time job and may be losing her job, parents and a child to take care of. The supervisor was asking is the govt doing enough to lower the cost of living.

What do you think?

Here are some suggestions for the supervisor to overcome his financial drags. Be a patriotic citizen, like Trump told his bankrupt farmers, get his parents to clean tables in the food court, good income and good exercise, healthy living and no need to be a financial burden, financially independent. Forget about having a maid. Also, his daughter can stop school at O level or earlier. You do not need to get a degree to become a hawker or to become a taxi or bus driver.  Can start work earlier as a food delivery girl using an Escooter.  QED


Will subject based banding mean more social mixing in schools

I read somewhere in paradise the lions and the sheep will play in the same field, probably the lion will also be eating grass to survive. This kind of reality is not going to happen on earth. The sheep or smaller animals are just food for the lion. Likewise the cats and dogs, or cats and mice, would not be seen playing together. It is by nature and instinct that they would go against each other. They would be some exceptions but a unnatural thing. Or should one put the rottweilers and bull terriers with the pomeranians and chihuahuas in the same pet schools? Would that be nice?

In the Singapore context, in Singapore schools, this is called social mixing, where the rich or better off students are made to mix with the lesser rich students, the academically more inclined to mix with the academically less inclined. The idea is good, very good, very touching, very sensitive or insensitive depending on which side of the camp one is sitting. How can we let the rich live on their own turf and remain aloof and scorn at their lesser citizens? They must be made to live and mix with the lesser halves to understand them, to empathise with them and vice versa. It is unhealthy to have a school where all the children are chauffered to schools in limousines and schools with students either walk or take buses or trains to schools. This kind of stark differences in society is unhealthy and undesirable. We do not want to breed elitism, get out of my elite face!

So there is now this big movement, big disruption as they chose to call it, institutionalised social mixing in schools. There is no need for me to elaborate on all the good things that could come about in this social engineering. When one chose to just look only on the bright side, on the good side, everything is so glorious and beautiful, just like the sick mass immigration of people from the slum countries with their diseases to share with us. They have natural immunity, our greenhouse citizens did not.

This reminds me of the story when Einstein was invited to present the prize in the Miss World Contest. Miss World was so beautiful and also crowned for her intelligence in providing clever answers. She was so elated to meet Einstein in person and shared here intimate thoughts with Einstein. She told Einstein that if they were to be married, their children would be so beautiful and so smart. Einstein looked at her for a moment and thoughtfully replied. What if they turned out the other way?

The mixing of children of different social classes is nice and good and things can turn out nice and good or the way Einstein put it, the other way. Is there really a need for the rich and affluent to mix with the lesser beings to achieve a balance, or would their income or intellect eventually be averaged, with the rich getting lesser scores and the lesser rich improving their scores? The result can vary depending on the permutations, not necessarily only good.

In real life, the rich would not want to be living with the lesser beings. Why would they want to be so? If not, there would be no enclaves in district 9, 10 and 11. Socially, financially and in many ways they are incompatible. This is the reality of life. Why the pretence to force young children to mix socially when they would be living separate lives eventually according to their financial resources and blessing?

Or it is ok for the lesser beings to be forced to live with the slightly better beings while the really superior beings can continue to isolate themselves in their own pristine precincts?  It is nice to mix kopi or tea with milk and get kopi susu or teh susu, but leave the champagnes alone? It is ok to bring the wildlife from the slums of the world to live with the HDB dwellers as long as the landed property residents are safe from them?  And they can exchange all their bacteria and diseases in the train cabins.

This is a controversial subject and there will be the socialists that would love to level the playing field and make everyone more equal or look alike. But the elites will remain the elites and at most they would offer some lip service on such a project but would not live it out for sure. They would never change the landscape of districts 9, 10 and 11 and their privileged residents.

What do you think? Is this really a good thing? Try living with some wildlife as your neighbours for a start. Try to put your little angels and darlings in the same schools as the untouchables if you believe this is a good thing. What about dismantling the elite schools and mix their cohorts evenly with the neighbourhood schools?


Words, words, everything about words

In a recent interview with the Straits Times published on Sunday (8 Sept), Ms Teo admitted that she “should not have said” what she did. The Minister said that the ‘sex in small spaces’ comment was “meant as a private joke.”

Acknowledging that “nothing is really private anymore” as a Minister who is constantly in the public’s eye, Ms Teo said that the comment became a “lesson learnt” for her.

Calling herself a straight-talker, the ruling party parliamentarian added: “Some people don’t take very well to that. My husband is used to it, my friends are used to it, the people in my work sphere they are very used to it. It’s like that, I say (it).”

While she understands that her words are often of interest to the public since she is a politician, Ms Teo said that she reminds herself “to always take your job seriously but not take yourself too seriously.”....

“Sometimes what you say gets people excited for a variety of reasons. To say that you’re not bothered with it in the least bit cannot be the case, but you’ve got to, at some point, say, okay, let it go, and then refocus your energies back to the work.”

The above paragraphs are copied from theindependent.sg on what Josephine Teo said about sex in small places. The funny thing is that the more she tried to explain, the more funny it becomes as words taken out of context or read from a different angle can mean many different things to different people. I had a good giggle reading those words written in bold. This is good for lighter moments and private gossips in the clubs.

Wondering if you guys could feel ticklish reading them with your extra ordinary minds.


More gay sex scandal - Mahathir keeping mum

Mahathir was instrumental in putting Anwar behind bars for gay sex, sodomy, when Anwar was his deputy PM and supposedly to take over as PM from him. Today Anwar is waiting to take over from him as promised by him in two years after he took office as PM in a deal with PKR. Mahathir is dragging his feet and very evasive as to when he is willing to hand over power to Anwar, with his position changed to 3 years and could be the whole term.

There is now another sodomy case involving a minister of Economic Affairs, Azmin Ali, someone closed to Mahathir and being groomed by Mahathir as the next PM. Anwar has been alleged to be behind this sodomy scandal that he vehemently denied to be involved. Azmin on his part also denied he was the other person in the dozens of video clips being distributed freely and widely in Malaysia.

Why is Mahathir keeping mum now when he found it irresistible to throw the book at Anwar and even dragged a hotel room mattress to court to prove Anwar’s guilt? The other question is, irrespective of whether Anwar is involved in spreading the video clips, a crime is a crime and if Azmin was the man, then he had committed sodomy like Anwar. Is there double standard?

Perhaps Mahathir could change the sodomy law like the law on drugs. Since it is so prevalent in Malaysia, why not decriminalize it and no one needs to be charged? In Malaysia anything can happen. Malaysia boleh. With Mahathir in the PM seat, Malaysia lagi boleh.

Mahathir had taken on the rulers of Malaysia, taken on China, what else is he afraid to take on when it is just a passing of a new law for the good of Malaysia?


Wei Ling's latest Facebook post

Dr Lee Weiling makes new Facebook post, Lee Hsien Yang shares it in support

In a Facebook posting today (10 Sep), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s sister, Dr Lee Wei Ling reiterated that founding PM Lee Kuan Yew had always wanted his house at 38 Oxley Road to be demolished.

She reminded everyone that at a special session of Parliament on 13 April 2015, PM Lee said, “Mr Lee’s position on 38 Oxley Road was unwavering over the years, and fully consistent with his lifelong values. We should respect his wishes, as well as those of Mrs Lee.”

However, since then, she said that PM Lee has sought to “rewrite history” about their father’s stance on demolition “to claim, unbelievably, that Lee Kuan Yew wavered in his unwavering wish”.

She quoted PM Lee saying, “However, after hearing Cabinet’s unanimous views that the property should not be demolished, Mr Lee eventually came to accept that the Government was likely to preserve the property in the public interest. He was consequently prepared to be flexible and contemplate options short of demolition.”....

She went on to say that after their mother died in 2010, PM Lee led their father and the family to believe that the house had in fact been gazetted or that its gazetting upon their father’s passing would be inevitable.

The above are a few comments on Wei Ling's facebook post in the TOC.  I am not not going to waddle into this family dispute but could not believe that the big white elephant is staring at everyone but no one could see it or want to see it.

Can anyone here spot the white elephant? The man in the centre of all this is a man of no nonsense, a man that would send shivers down the back of anyone summoned to stand in front of him to answer his queries. When Lim Chee Onn was wrongly accused of corruption, he made sure every stone was turn upside down to check the facts that eventually saved the day for Chee Onn. The allegation was vanquished and the culprits severely punished.


Chinese Beidou global position system more used than American GPS

The Chinese version of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has overtaken GPS and the Nikkei Asian Review says
The growth of BeiDou has profound implications and is raising alarm in the US national security establishment. Unlike GPS, which only sends signals and cannot identify the location of receivers, BeiDou’s communications with the ground are two-way. According to Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation, the Chinese satellites can jam signals in specific areas and raise capabilities in cyber attacks.
S’poreans should be asking why the PAP govt is allowing this probable threat to national security. Don’t believe me? Mamaland and Japan, both rivals of China, also got a lot of these devices?
But maybe it all has to do with the use of Chinese-made smartphone handsets?

What do you think?

Cynical Investor

The above is quoted from Cynical Investor who is very unhappy that Beidou is now more welcome and used by more countries, including Singapore. And this banana is very unhappy because his American god is being eclipsed and questioning the Singapore govt for allowing the use of Beidou here.  Like all bananas, he accepted the American and Japanese allegation that Beidou's two way system would compromise the users. Whether Beidou or Huawei uses their technology to disrupt or spy on others is a separate issue as long as their technology could do it.

Why is the American system not built for this strategic advantage? Why is the American GPS unable to do so? Obvious, the Americans would want to do so as they are doing so in every field, everywhere and every moment now. Their GPS tech could not do so because it is less advanced than the Beidou system. It is backward, old technology.

But this is not the reason why other countries chose to use Beidou. Not only that Beidou is more advanced and more accurate, it is not politicised. And China is not using it to spy on others or to threaten others. If China is doing so, all the countries would find out, know about it and abandon it.

The Americans have politicised the GPS, used it to threaten and blackmail friends or foes. They have switched it on and off as they like against other countries. Iran, Syria, India, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and many other countries have their use of the GPS stopped and compromised when the Americans chose to switch it off at the critical moments. These countries became blind and the Americans could fly their drones into their countries to conduct military and air strikes. The Israelis are using this to their best advantage against the Middle East countries, particularly the Arabs.

Did I answer the uncomfortable question of this silly banana? Only the Americans can spy and jam on others, others cannot retaliate and cannot have the capability to do so.  Why would countries want to use an ancient and unreliable technology, be controlled by the Americans and be at the mercy of the Americans?

And he said this in the above,  'Mamaland and Japan, both rivals of China, also got a lot of these devices?' Mamaland and Japan always see China as a rival, a foe, but do not mind using Beidou. So what does it say?


USA - A dangerous rogue and terrorist state'

          USA in its 242 years of its existence has always been a rogue and terrorist state. Native Americans have warned us never to trust white men for " They speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted." History tells us how the white supremacist of the United States brutally conquered north America by ruthlessly killing and genociding the native population and later by creating border incidents with Mexico providing it with an excuse to invade Mexico resulting in half of Mexico being illegally acquired by the US.

The Evil Empire thinks it can deal with other countries now in the same way it dealt with the native Americans. It has formulated new policies and doctrines to lay a basis for its justification to execute its wars of aggression and conquest and for its motive to dominate and subject the whole world under its total control and hegemony.

US is now using its doctrine of American Essentialism and the Jewish Zionist Wolfowitz Doctrine to undermine China's development and to eventually bring down China. The United States via its terrorist arm CIA is leveraging on creating choas, instabilities and violent street demonstrations in Hong Kong with the collusion of traitors and US lackeys to eventually destabilise and destroy Chin

CIA  planned and funded the Hong Kong riots

USA planned and funded the Tiananmen colour revolution on 4th June, 1989. It was put down by the Chinese government after many months of convulsions. However all the traitors , ring leaders and US lackeys who colluded with CIA were whisked away to America before they could be arrested.

The present many months of riots and violent street demonstrations  in Hong Kong is a carbon copy of  CIA covert plan of the Tiananmen riots.  CIA tries to lure and induce China to take strong action against the Hong Kong rioters so as to heighten tension and turn the riots into an international issue.  China will not fall into this CIA sinister trap but is giving the national traitors, ring leaders and USA lackeys enough rope to hang themselves first. China is letting the Hong Kong SAR's government to solve the problem first. However, if CIA's covert and overt operations is too overbearing for the Hong Kong Administration to handle then the PLA will march in at the right time to clean up the mess. China then may have to arrest some CIA agents and USA NGOs  caught in subversive activities and demand that US curtail its over two thousand consulate officers to just around eighty as most of the consulate personnels are actually spies and saboteurs.

Below I append an article forwarded to me by someone via Whatsapp which tells us how evil and wicked the US will go to undermine and destroy China and the Chinese people.

" We have to forward this message to as many people as possible to expose foreign plot, mainly CIA and UK M16.

Good reason why China is patient and not wield force by sending in the PLA.

The United States creates blood letting issues. Once the PLA comes to HK , CIA will kill some rioters and blame the PLA soldiers . Ukraine was done this way.

The American CIA will select a few rioters for killing  ( send a few sharpshooters hiding among the rioters and police and then start shooting). Then use the dead bodies for anti-China activities.

Escalate the issue and blame the PLA soldiers , and not the HK police, this is the reason why nobody has been killed so far . Once the PLA comes , there would be 100 ways waiting to blame the PLA.

They have already prepared the police uniform and weapons. Some rioters may put on police uniform and shoot people or protesters.

May even select and kill foreigners to raise the matter internationally , then use the Western media under the leadership of USA to push the matter to the climax. This is their operation operandi.

These American-Western pretenders act like gentlemen but plot in other countries to stir up people killing each other to be played again. Some rioters will unknowingly become sacrificial lambs of the West. So sad and tragical.

Everyone of us should work hard and spread this message . Let those blinded by the West know their plot and stop acting for the West  and also let others prepare for such an outcome and not be surprised should this happen.

Also could see the the evil acts of the 5 eyes under the leadership of the USA. The five eyes consist of USA, UK. Canada, Australia and New Zealand , all Anglo-Saxon countries descended from England."

The ultimate motive of the CIA planned and funded riots in Hong Kong is to proactively subvert the unification of Taiwan and China.

There are endless cases of USA rogue subversive activities against other countries which do not toe US dictates or subscribe to US aggressive foreign policies. Just last year 2018, USA tried all ways and means to subvert and destroy President Maduro government of Venezuela.. It failed because Venezuela had strong support from Russia and China as well as from a great majority of Countries in the United Nations Organisation.

USA terrorism on the high seas.

In the past USA had consistently hijacked ships and oil tankers of foreign countries based on spurious reasons that their owner countries did not follow USA illegal sanctions.

It is reported as in reference to Straits Times, Friday, September 6, 2019 'WorldBriefs' WORLD  Page  A22 of rogue USA trying to hijack an Iranian oil tanker.

" US offered millions to captain of Iran tanker.

Washington: A senior US official personally offered several million dollars to the Indian captain of an Iranian oil tanker suspected of heading to Syria, The State Department confirmed on Wednesday.

The Financial Times reported that Mr. Brian Hook , the State Department pointman on Iran, sent emails to Captain Akhilesh Kumar in which he offered "good news" of millions in US cash to live comfortably if he steered the Adrian Darya 1 to a country where it could be seized."

USA the Evil Empire is getting more and more desperate and dangerous. Its insidious activites and actions may lead the world to nuclear war and destruction of mankind.


Wednesday, 11th September, 2019.


The truth about the rioters and arsonists in Hong Kong protest

As the rioting and destruction get more serious by the days, the truth of this fake democracy and freedom movement is getting clearer. The idiots are waving the American flags and calling for Trump to intervene, maybe sending American boys and girls to fight for their fake democracy and freedom cause. Would the Americans be as stupid as the rioters and arsonists to die for their delusion?

The stupidity in the Hongkongers has been exposed. The myth that they are pragmatic and smart people is starring down at them. They were supposed to be innovative, creative and clever business people that would easily grasp what is good for them, not wild imaginations and useless idealism. The prosperity of Hong Kong in pre handover days and post handover days was political circumstances in the earlier case and the generosity of China when it returned to China.

The Hongkongers could not see these and believed that the prosperity of Hong Kong was due to their industry and cleverness. Never have they been so wrong, never have the academics and historians been so wrong in their conclusions. When the Cold War was waged by the West to contain China, Hong Kong was the only window and gateway for China to trade with the rest of the world. Everything in and out of China went through Hong Kong. How not to prosper as a conduit of goods with little value add, little creativity and innovation, no need technology and engineering? Has Hongkong produced anything worthy other than a middleman and overpriced housing?

After the return to 1997, China bent backwards to ensure Hong Kong prospers as a rich city of China and offered exceptional assistance to make sure this happened. The generosity and magnanimity of China were taken for granted, ignored and refused to be acknowledged. The Hongkongers continued with their smugness and delusion that Hong Kong’s success was due to them. And they believed that they could survive and prosper on their own, maybe with western crutches, without China. How silly and na├»ve the Hongkongers have proven to be.

Now this fake protest that is turning more violent by the day, for what? The Extradition Bill was not an encroachment or erosion of their freedom or democracy. It was a criminal bill, to bring Hongkongers that committed crimes overseas to justice. It was initiated by the Hong Kong govt, not by China. An extradition bill is a normal bill that many countries have signed with their counter parts to ensure criminals did not go free. Going against this bill is protecting criminals, not about democracy or freedom.

The Hong Kong govt has formally withdrew this Bill but the rioting and protest continue with increasing violence and destruction. Maybe this is a good thing. Let Hong Kong burn, let there be blood and carnage on the streets, inflicted by the rioters and arsonists and thugs. Let these be the reasons for the Hong Kong govt to come down hard on the arsonists.

The fake protest and lawlessness must come to an end. Hong Kong and the Hongkongers would pay the ultimate price for exposing their stupidity and silliness and for betraying the Chinese people and becoming the running dogs of the West.


USA is more than a terrorist state, now a rogue state

A senior US official personally offered several million dollars to an Indian captain of the Adrian Darya I, the Iranian tanker that was hijacked by the British in Gibraltar and subsequently released after Iranian Army arrested British tankers in retaliation. The American dog refused to release its bite and wanted to hijack this same tanker at all cost.

American State Department spokesman has confirmed this, that a Brian Hook, a State Dept pointman in charge of Iran, had sent emails to Captain Akhlesh Kumar to offer him “‘good news’ of millions in US cash to live comfortably if he steered the Adrian Darya I to a country where it could be seized according to AFP.
This kind of daylight piracy and kidnapping of ships in the high seas could only be done by the European powers, in this case the British and the rogue Americans, and openly admitting it while the rest of the world was unable to do anything, not even one country dares to condemn or criticize these acts of piracy and robbery.

After being refused by the captain, the Americans went further to “imposed sanctions both on the ship and on Kumar himself, freezing any assets he may have in the US and criminalizing any US financial transactions with him. Any US of foreign persons that engage in certain transactions with designated persons or entities may themselves be exposed to sanctions.” Said the State Department.

This kind of hooliganism, gangsterism, lawlessness by the evil Empire is still the rule of the day, with many cronies and little USAs supporting such acts of hostility or keeping mum about it. Very likely the only country that would dare to stand up to the evil Empire is India, now with their citizen under threats and undue duress from the Americans. Would India speak up or hoping to get a better deal from the Americans in exchange?

Where is international law, rule of law? This is rule of outlaw! The Americans are behaving like thugs, international gangsters. Any country willing to open its big mouth to tell the Americans that this is against the rule of law, on the ground of principles? The USA is a peace loving country and should be invited to be the policeman of the world, for peace and human rights. My two big balls.

PS. The Iranian tanker that the Americans tried to hijack has reached its destination and unloaded its oil safely. The Americans have failed to intercept and rob the tanker from the Iranians, thanks to the non cooperation of other states, including Nato countries that refused to do the dirty work for the Americans. 

The UK was the first to accede to the Americans evil plan, like Canada in the Meng Wanzhou case, but relented and released the ship when Iran hit back by arresting British tankers in the Persian Gulf. Since that incident, and knowing the rogue Americans’ unilateral action to cripple Iran, European nations have dissociated themselves with the evil Empire.

Without their assistance, the Americans could not continue with their devious plans unless other silly countries are willing to go along to execute it for the Americans. This is good news and an eye opener for little USAs to learn not to be silly asses of the Americans. The European, hardcore American allies and cronies, did not want to be part of the American mafia in the high seas.


Periscopic Insights: USA monstrous Crimes

     USA monstrous crimes against other people and countries knew no ends.

To escape persecution from the then almighty Catholics the Anglo-Saxon protestants then set sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to found a new colony in America. Like the Spaniards and the Portuguese they were initially welcomed, giving food and lodgings by the friendly native Americans. The natives taught them how to hunt and grow crops like potatoes, maize and tomatoes. But within one year or two as hundreds of thousands of new Anglo-Saxons immigrants came from England the social climate changed. The European settlers began to terrorise the natives by stealing their lands and crops and their cattles. They kidnapped their wives and daughters, rape them and destroyed whole native villages. When the natives tried to escape from the burning villages they were shot and killed. The natives discovered too late that their generosity and benevolence to the 'pale face' ( natives referring to European immigrants ) were repaid with hatred, killings and murder by the newcomers who claimed that the rich and resourceful lands of America were destined by their Christian God for white European christians and that the savage natives ( that's how they ironically referred to the generous and civilize natives ) did not deserve such beautiful well endowed resourceful land. The white invaders were intent right from the first day to dispossess the native Americans of their lands and they justified this robbing of native lands with their evil militant religious doctrine, ' The Doctrine of Christian Discovery'. The natives realized that too late and when they resisted, their  tomahawks or axes and arrows were no match for the savage invaders great fire power in their guns and cannons. The persecution of native Americans persisted in the last few hundred years and continues to this day in the United States where few native survivors are put in  "Native Reservations" euphemism for their evil slave labour concentration camps. In the slave labour camps the American government and white supremacists hope to kill all natives thus eventually leaving no trace of them in history. 

Fast forward from the first day of the Independence of the United States on 4th July 1775, the US government had lay down broad visions for the conquest of the whole of North America. This evil design was reinforced and fortified with the later more aggressive bellicose doctrine of conquest, "The Doctrine of the Manifest Destiny of America." Having killed and genocided almost a hundred million native Americans or almost 98 percent of native population and taken over all of North America except Canada ( similarly under the rule of savage European invaders ) the evil white Americans proceed to the next phase of expansion for worldwide domination.

American grand design for world domination started with the 'Monroe Doctrine' . Under the doctrine the United States will not allow any other foreign country to have or hold a dominant interest in the economic and political affairs of all the countries in South America and Central America. All economic and political affairs of the region must go through Washington DC for prior approval. This monstrous policy and doctrine immensely enriched the United States but tremendously impoverished all the countries in South and Central America. Thus the US has always been able to have a strangle hold on the region. Nevertheless the South American and the Central American countries are fighting back now and hopefully with the help of Russia and China and the whole world they will be able to free themselves from the evil dictatorship and ditrimental hegemony of the Evil Empire, the United States.

We will return to discourse on  how the United States evil design has greatly devastated the economy and people of Central and South America ( also known as Latin America ) later . In the meantime USA had expanded its American Manifest Destiny across the Pacific Ocean to invade and conquer Hawaii, Guam and many other smaller Pacific Ocean islands. In the invasion of Hawaii US had killed and genocided not less than 300, 000 patriotic Hawaii resistant fighters. US illegally annexed Hawaii in the 1950s against the will of the native Hawaiians.

To take advantage of other countries and to deal with international relations to its undue advantage the US has propounded the policy of American Essentialism. Under this doctrine US arrogantly  claims that America will not submit to international laws and regulations of the United Nations , rules of which they were in the forefront to formulate. In other words international rules do not apply to US for they are meant to hamstrung other countries and enhance US aggression, dictatorship and hegemony of the whole wide world. Thus US has never signed the United Nations Conventions of the Laws of the Seas 1982, but demands others to follow. Also again on rules against militarising space, cyber, the internet and UN rules and regulations regarding declaration of war against another country under false and fake excuses as seen in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.

Descriptions of USA monstrous crimes will continue in subsequent articles.


Monday , 9th September, 2019

Chinese majority under challenged

Singapore— At a ceremony recognising outstanding Teachers held at the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK), the country’s Education Minister, Ong Ye Kung, reminded everyone present as to the significant contribution that key stakeholders like parents and the Chinese community have made to the educational system.

Mr Ong says he sometimes gets asked for the reason why the children of clan members may avail of an earlier phase for Primary 1 registration.

He talked about the history and beginnings of government-aided schools, and how much stakeholders have contributed to the bigger picture.

“Without them, these schools would not be here,” the Education Minister said. “Today, they continue to play the role of upholding the tradition and culture of the schools and the community that started them.”

The above is copied from theindependent.sg. More and louder voices are heard from the minorities and also from foreigners working here and getting paid questioning and challenging the rights of the Chinese majority that came with the natural advantage of critical mass and calling for a change to this majority.  The questioning of the privileges of Chinese children in having priority as quoted by Ong Ye Kung is not new. It is understandable that new citizens would not know why such privileges were extended to the Chinese children. Even the young Singaporeans ignorant of our history and cultural heritage would not know why.

Ong Ye Kung gave a simple and pointed answer.  “Without them, these schools would not be here,” These are not govt schools but govt aided schools. They were built by the Chinese community, with their own money and to fulfill their dreams of educating their children...(to uphold) the tradition and culture of the schools and the community that started them.”

The same reason applies to NTU, though the name has changed from Nantah, the buildings, the land, the idea, were from the Chinese community, to educate their children and to preserve their history and cultural heritage. Would the appointment of a foreigner, non Chinese, as President of NTU serve the original reasons for the existence of the NTU? Would Ong Ye Kung answer this? Would the ugly and insensitive incident when Chinese characters were banned from NTU foodcourt a sign of how the history and reasons for the existence of Nantah/NTU would be eroded, lost or something to be forgotten?  

The latest, NTU hired a foreigner, an associated professor, who wrote an article challenging the presence of the Chinese majority here and the associated privileges, not legal or institutionalised, and advocating that this be changed so that the minorities would not feel discriminated or underprivileged. Reading this and the trend of unhappiness by some minorities against the Chinese majority, how far would it go before NTU and Chinese govt aided schools would lose their Chinese character and be a thing of the past? 

Or would Ong Ye Kung repeat his defence line, without the Chinese community there would be no Chinese govt aided schools, no NTU and no modern Singapore? The minorities all contributed to what Singapore is today. But without the majority Chinese community, would Singapore be a modern world city as good as the best cities in the world? Or would Singapore be just another city like the slum cities of third world countries where there is no Chinese majority?

So far, despite the challenges to their existence, the Chinese majority has been very quiet, not a sound is heard. Not even with the vulgar video attack and accusing the Chinese majority of being racists did the Chinese majority utter a sound of objection. Everything is fine, nothing to worry about. Soon everyone will be equal when more foreigners are brought in to change the racial composition of the population and the Chinese may not be a majority anymore. And all will live happily ever after because there is no Chinese majority and thus no privileges to the Chinese community.

Some banana Chinese are favourable to the idea and have made suggestions on how to reduce the Chinese majority so that with equal population representation things would also be equal for all the different communities. Be sure you know what you are asking for. Would it be, can it be? Ask, why are the Chinese more successful when they were a minority when they first came? Ask why are some overly represented despite smaller in numbers. Assuming a day will come when all the 4 major ethnic groupings of CMIO are equal in numbers, would there be equality then? Or would there be more stupidity? 

Would Singapore be better off if the smartest man is Mahathir? The modern Singapore today, with first class housing and infrastructure did not come about by accident. It would not happen without the effort of the Chinese majority that everyone is enjoying and benefiting from. 

PS. If only India would to allow the Chinese to rebuild its country, in less than 30 years, India would have all the super infrastructure, super highways, super trains and super cities. Without the Chinese participation in India, in another 50 or 100 years, India would still remain a slum country.


Mahathir – the smartest man in Malaysia

Mahathir is widely revered in Malaysia as the best PM they could get. After several PMs came and gone, Mahathir, at 93, was reelected as the PM of Malaysia after being out for 2 decades. Why would Malaysia need to bring in an old man that is in his twilight years and in many ways should not be in active life? Here Mahathir is in the thick of things, the man central to everything that is happening in Malaysia. He is not a piece of furniture putting there for show, but fully involved in every minute affairs in Malaysia.

The one and only reason for Mahathir to be back is that he is the most capable and smartest man in Malaysia. They could not find anyone that is better than him after trying out a few young PM. I am wondering if this is a blessing or a curse for Malaysia, with the smartest man in Mahathir. He is the best Malaysia could produce in the last 50 years.

And the few smart things he did when returning to office were to cancel major infrastructure projects signed by his predecessor, Najib, in the name of cutting cost, cannot afford to pay. And he expects the cancellation of these projects with no cost implications or downside to the Malaysian economy. The contractors would just give up everything, including hundreds of million spent on the projects that have already started. This is how smart Mahathir is, tearing away contracts freely with no consequences, no need to pay. This is the law of Mahathir.

His next clever move was to keep shifting his goal posts with regard to handling power to Anwar as promised and spoken publicly. He has no qualms or regards to whatever he said or promised, or how the PKR and the rakyat think of him. He just do it and nothing can be done to stop him. The PKR is hapless, the rakyat is hapless.  He is the smartest man after all and who dares to challenge him?

To conclude, let me just add one more Mahathir wisdom. They have finally run down a monopolistic national airline. Mahathir still wants to own a national airline. It is the pride of a nation. His latest quip, Malaysia can own a national airline without paying for one. This kind of smartest is unequalled, unparalleled. Only Mahathir can claim that it is possible. Tomorrow he may tell the Chinese to resume the cancelled major projects for free. And the Chinese would have to do it because Mahathir said so.

Mahathir is the smartest man in Malaysia and no one is near to him in intellect. Malaysia has a great future with the smartest man in Malaysia in charge. Not only Malaysia will have its national airline for free, the high speed train and Malacca port will be built for free by China because of Mahathir.