New nation new priorities

Singapore will be celebrating its 54th year as a new and independent country, and 200 years of colonial rules. Oops, Singapore has been independent since 1965. As a new country, a new nation, there are different priorities, mainly nation building, building the country, building our assets, infrastructure, systems of administration and building a people to govern and administer our country and its assets and institutions.

During the time of the pioneering leaders, Goh Keng Swee set the training of Singaporeans to be masters of our own country and destiny, to be in charge of our assets and planning the well being of our people, as top priority. One of his most conspicuous policy in manpower developing, to be self sufficient in the top echelon of management was in the finance industry. Singapore was evolving into a major banking and finance sector. So, despite the angmoh tua kee, and angmoh everywhere, Goh Keng Swee set about a process to ensure that Singaporeans would be trained under the angmoh doing business here, to be the leaders of tomorrow, the industry leaders of their respective fields.

Goh Keng Swee did not stop at the banking and finance industry, he wanted Singaporeans to be in charge in all industries and no need to say, the govt as well. That was the beginning of a new nation and nation building. We are the masters of our own country and our own destiny. Many baby boomers benefited from this policy and many rose to the pinnacles of their industries without knowing why, thinking that it was their own abilities and blessing, failing to acknowledge the invisible hand of Goh Keng Swee and to thank him for their good fortunes.

Has this policy change. In a way yes and in a way no. The top leaders of industries are also held by Singaporeans, even govt leaders. The main difference is that many are foreigners and they need not have to train native Singaporeans to replace them. They replaced Singaporeans but statistically, the posts would be held by Singaporeans.  How so?

These foreign imports would be given the pink IC and called themselves Singaporeans. So we have many new Singaporeans in the top posts, even in govt. The end result is the same, Singaporeans in charge, being masters of Singaporeans and charting the destiny of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Any difference between what Goh Keng Swee did then and what is happening now?


False flag in the Persian Gulf, a repeat of Gulf of Tonkin Incident

What is happening in the Persian Gulf, the attack on oil tankers that the US unilaterally claimed was done by the Iranians and wanting to use this as an excuse to launch a military attack against Iran is a mirror image of the sinking of the Cheonan in South Korea.

In the Choenan case, the Americans sank it through an inside explosion, killing more than 20 South Korean soldiers, quickly conducted an investigation by themselves, planting and fabricating evidence to show that it was done by the North Koreans and wanted to start a war with North Korea. The one sided fictitious investigation was refuted by the North and disbelieved by the South Koreans who done their own investigation and knew that it was a false flag incident to incite them to kill each other, Koreans killing Koreans. The South Koreans refused to bite and a vicious war was avoided.

The Americans are repeating the same false flag modus operandi in this gulf incident, conducted their own biased and fictitious investigation, one sided allegation that it was Iran that did it. The Americans claimed that the Japanese ship was hit by mines. The Japanese crew on board the ship said eyewitnesses saw the attack was from the air, struck by missiles.

No one is going to believe the Americans and the UN Secretary General Guterres is calling for an independent investigation led by the UN.  Calling wolf too often, telling lies too often, the consequence is that no one would believe the liars any more, no one would believe the lying Americans. 

Below are some quotes from Michelle Nichols - Yahoo News

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Friday for an independent investigation to establish the facts and who was responsible for attacks on two oil tankers this week in the Gulf of Oman....

"It's very important to know the truth and it's very important that responsibilities are clarified. Obviously that can only be done if there is an independent entity that verifies those facts," he told reporters, adding that he believed only the Security Council could order a U.N. investigation....

Guterres, who condemned the attacks on the tankers, was speaking on Friday alongside Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit after the pair met.

Gheit told reporters that he did not believe an Arab country was "trying to obstruct naval lanes or to shoot itself in the foot by acting the way we have seen in the Gulf of Oman or in the Hormuz Strait."

"My call to our Iranian brothers - be careful and reverse course because you're pushing everybody towards a confrontation that no-one would be safe if it happens," he told reporters.

The sickening thing about the above is that though they knew that it was the Americans that are raising tension and provoking a war, but they are still calling ' our Iranian brothers - be careful and reverse course because you're pushing everybody towards a confrontation that no-one would be safe if it happens.' They could not say the obvious, that it is the Americans that are pushing everybody towards a confrontation, not the Iranians. The Iranians would not do that to invite a military attack by the world's most powerful gangsters and assured destruction of their country.

This is the intrinsic bias that I said before about the silly mindset of Asians and Asian leaders. They are afraid to call the Devil the Devil and choose to blame the innocent, the victims of the Devil. The evil Americans are rooting for a war, not the Iranians!


Singapore's deadly drug addiction and dependency

Drugs are drugs, and drugs are addictive. That is why they are called drugs and with a negative and bad connotation, and can be very deadly. But drugs are the cravings of many people, the unthinking, the shallow thinkers, as they could provide instant gratifications, easy means to get the highs so needed.

Singapore is addicted to a few deadly drugs that are now beginning to wear off and the pain and suffering are getting more and more apparent. And to maintain the same level of highs, the dosage must not only be maintained but increased to get the same effect. How long can this go on before Singapore suffers from overdosage or be killed by over consumption or suffer the same fate like all drug addicts, from deprivation?

The first drug that is wearing off and showing withdrawal symptoms is HHDBP, aka High HDB Price. The problems of keeping HDB price at stratospheric prices are beginning to show. It is not only difficult but impossible. And the price is going to tumble faster and faster with each year pricing. The HHDBP drug is going to kill a big majority of Singaporeans as more than 80 per cent of Singaporeans are consuming this drug. There is no escape.

The next deadly drug is CPFNYM/CPFNE aka CPF Not Your Money or CPF Not Enough. Many Singaporeans, practically every adult Singaporean is affected by this drug. Their dependency on this drug is for life. Any time when this drug runs low, they will be in deep financial trouble. The withdrawal symptoms can be deadly or lead to premature death. The older Singaporeans get, the more dependent they would be on this drug. Unfortunately many just would not have enough of this.

The third drug is HPP aka high property prices. Singaporeans whether living in private property or HDB estates cannot afford to have falling property prices. Lower property prices or lower HPP would make life unbearable. Singaporeans must be kept on a constant high with HPP or else it would lead to untold misery.

Another drug that Singaporeans are fed with, just like when they went to a party and everyone said must try and must have is LMI aka life and medical insurance. Like in a party, Singaporeans are forced to partake LMI or else, like it or not, everyone is on it, so no choice must also take. Got money, no money, still must pay for it. This drug is hard on the pockets of Singaporeans, an irresistible drugs, a must have drug that like drug addicts, must find the money to pay for it.

Another deadly that have long term consequences and once taken would be hooked for life, is FWL. This one has a very high dependency and addiction potency. The more one takes, the more is needed. Oh, this one does not affect the people directly but companies and the govt. In case you still did not get it, it is called Foreign Workers Levy. The companies needed this supposedly to keep their cost low. The govt is highly dependent and addicted to this as a cheap source of income to boost the GDP and the govt coffers. Cutting this drug is unacceptable. This drug is for life to the govt. Can't imagine how the govt is going to survive without this drug, or cheap source of income.

The consequences of this FWL need not elaborate. The constant presence of wild life in Singapore and turning Singapore into a third world city with more social problems and crimes are part and parcel of FWL. Singaporeans would have to live with more wild life in their midst, in HDB estates particularly.  It is not only social and economic problems but also security and safety problems.

The govt's heavy addiction to this drug is clearly shown by their die die must have 10m population and when this is reached, they would say 20m is better. They would not tell you how bad life would be with 10m or 20m population. They are just telling half truths, about how good, and keeping quiet about the bad parts, the other side of the same coin.

These are just some of the major drugs that are inflicting a lot of pain and damages to the well being and health of Singaporean and would only get worse as the addiction gets worse.


Boy PM and his rule of law

The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose image has taken a hit in recent weeks over a growing corruption scandal, denied Saturday that he acted in a hostile way toward a female lawmaker in his party....

It was yet more bad press undermining Trudeau's credentials as a progressive leader following the resignations of his attorney general and budget minister, both women, one indigenous.
Caesar-Chavannes said Trudeau asked her to delay announcing her decision after Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould had just stepped down, plunging the government into crisis over suspected interference in a legal process.
That was followed by the resignation of Budget Minister Jane Philpott.
The prime minister, who touts his credentials as a feminist and defender of indigenous rights, would like to avoid the political image of someone who presided over the departure of two (minority) women of color, added Caesar-Chavannes.
Wilson-Raybould, who has indigenous heritage, said after she resigned that she had faced undue pressure from Trudeau and his aides seeking that she try to avoid a trial of engineering giant SNC-Lavalin....

On Saturday, Trudeau acknowledged mistakes had been made but denied any laws were broken.
"There was a disagreement about the best way to move forward and there were certainly an erosion of trust in my office that I absolutely need to learn from and deal from and do better in the future and that I take very, very seriously," he said.

The above is from Yahoo News.

This boy PM, after parroting rule of law for the last few months when caught in the American conspiracy in arresting Meng Wanzhou, is now caught with his pants down, in interfering the judicial system on a case against the indigenous Canadians. And he still claimed that he was doing everything right and proper, like the Meng Wanzhou case when his ministers resigned because of his interference. All he did was to admit a loss of trust in his office, not in himself.

The boy PM is basically an inept, a former school teacher, rose to political office under the shadow of his father. This is perhaps his only ability and now he is fumbling over and over again, daily and becoming a joke himself. After what Trump did and said so far on the Huawei case, he still stubbornly sticks to his rule of law and doing nothing wrong antics. 

He will look totally lost when Trump and Xi sign a deal with the release of Meng Wanzhou as a precondition. By then not stepping down is no longer an option for this boy PM that surrounded himself with nincompoops.


How stupid can the Canadians get?

Trade with Canada is slowing to a standstill. Canola farmers are hit most with China refusing to buy canola and a whole range of Canadian produce, including meat. Things are getting unbearable with the farming community cursing at the boy PM and girly FM combination still sticking to their stupid ‘rule of lawlessness’ but claiming to be their rule of law. They knew, every Canadian knew, that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou is a political farce started in Washington and the little boy PM and girly FM were so eager to please the Americans to go and arrest Meng Wanzhou on transit at a Canadian airport.

The pressure for the Canadian govt to do something to reset relations with China is at its peak but the boy and girly combination is out of their wits. China has completely shut down communication with the Canadian govt, not picking up the phones, withdrawing their ambassador from Canada. Two Canadians are in jail for spying and one about to be hung for drug offense.

What do you think the Canadians are thinking of doing to mend fences with China? Talk to Xi, waylaid Xi at the G20 Summit in Japan, send ex PMs or diplomats that had good relations with China to China to bring back the jailed Canadians and resume trade. China has just said no to a Canadian request for Xi to meet Trudeau. No deal mate. None of them wants to think that the elephant in the room should be removed first. They still stick to their fantasy of rule of law, they could not bend their principle on the rule of law and release Meng Wanzhou on the behest of the Americans as a trade bargaining chip. And they really think that China is suffering from not buying canola oil or pork from Canada because some agency is spreading swine fever in East Asia and China needs pork badly!

When would these silly Canadians grow up and know that Canada is irrelevant in China’s scheme of things. Canada can disappear from the world map, from China’s world and China would get on fine with what it is doing without missing a beat. They still think China needs Canada and cannot live without Canada and it is OK to retain Meng Wanzhou and relations with China can return to normal.

They are still dreaming that Canada is big power, and China is a weak and hapless nation, that could be pushed around and kicked around by the white people, by a small insignificant country like Canada. Maybe Canada thinks it can punch above its weight and can knock at China as and when it likes.

Grow up boys and girls. You screw it up with your stupidity. As long as Meng Wanzhou is not returned home to China, Canada can forget about China. Keep on living in your little fantasy that you can push China around, that you have done no wrong, that arresting Meng Wanzhou is a normal and rightful thing under your fictitious rule of law that is more a rule of lawlessness.

Keep dreaming and fantasizing that China will come begging to buy your oil or farm produce. As long as Meng Wanzhou is in Canada, forget about talking to China. Period.

Come to Singapore for a piece of good advice from our very wise FM Vivian on how to get back on the good books of China. Vivian had been there and done it.


Let’s talk massacres Part III

The following is a list of massacres that had occurred in Vietnam: (Wikipedia – These are the reported cases only, some by French, some by South Koreans and the rest by the Americans.)

Sài Gòn massacre (Cité Héraud massacre) September 24–26, 1945 Đa Kao of Sài Gòn Province, Vietnam 300–400 Việt Minh

Hàng Bún Street Massacre December 17, 1946 Hàng Bún Street, Hanoi, Vietnam At least over 20 French Armed Forces

Mỹ Trạch massacre November 29, 1947 Mỹ Trạch village, Mỹ Thủy commune, Lệ Thủy District, Quảng Bình Province 300, more than French Armed Forces

Châu Đốc massacre July 11, 1957 Châu Đốc in An Giang Province, South Vietnam 17 Anti-government insurgents

Bình An/Tây Vinh massacre (disputed) February 12, 1966 – March 17, 1966 Tây Sơn District of Bình Định Province, South Vietnam 1,004 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Binh Tai massacre (disputed) October 9, 1966 Binh Tai village, Phước Bình, Sông Bé Province, South Vietnam 168 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Bình Hòa massacre (disputed) December 3, 1966 to December 6, 1966 Bình Hòa village, Quảng Ngãi Province, South Vietnam 430 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Thuy Bo incident (disputed) January 31, 1967 to February 1st, 1967 Thuy Bo, Điện Bàn District, Quảng Nam Province, South Vietnam 145 United States Marine Corps

Đắk Sơn massacre December 5, 1967 Đắk Sơn, Đắk Lắk Province, South Vietnam 114–252 Viet Cong

Massacre at Huế January 31, 1968 to February 28, 1968 Huế 2,800–6,000 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army

Phong Nhị and Phong Nhất massacre February 12, 1968 Phong Nhị and Phong Nhất hamlets, Điện Bàn District of Quảng Nam Province, South Vietnam 69–79 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Hà My massacre (disputed) February 25, 1968 Hà Mỹ village, Quảng Nam Province, South Vietnam 135 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

My Lai Massacre March 16, 1968 Mỹ Lai and My Khê hamlets, Sơn Mỹ, Quảng Ngãi, South Vietnam 504 U.S. Army

Thanh Phong massacre February 25, 1969 Thanh Phong village of Bến Tre Province, South Vietnam 21 U.S. Navy

Son Thang massacre February 19, 1970 Son Thang, South Vietnam 16 U.S. Marine Corps

Duc Duc massacre March 29, 1971 Duc Duc Village, Quảng Nam Province, South Vietnam 250 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army

Ba Chúc massacre April 18, 1978 Ba Chúc, Tri Tôn, An Giang province, South Vietnam 3,157 Khmer Rouge Forces

Surprise, surprise…The white American angels also committed massacres in Vietnam you know.


China must stand up to US hegemonism

          US imperialism must be checked for once. In just 242 years of its existence since its independence from its forebears England in 1775, the Evil Empire has done more harm and cause more deaths than any other western imperialists. Under its odious doctrine of American Manifest Destiny to grab all the lands from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean at the expense of the native Americans it started with the conquest of the whole of North America except British Canada, after the killings, massacres and genocide of the native Americans. Having grabbed all the lands from the natives its greed for more conquests has not been saturated. It created excuses and incidents to start wars with Mexico resulting with its occupation of the Mexican provinces of Florida, Texas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California. Having conquered all the lands in mainland America it went across the seas to attack and conquer Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines in 1895 to 1898 AD.

US political and territorial ambition knows no bounds. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, it has wanted to subjugate the whole earthly world under its total control and hegemony. US wants to form a New World Order where every country must come under US jurisdiction, total control and hegemony. To achieve its goal it has been using its deceptive warped democracy and human rights to psycho and deceive other countries to accept its New World Order. But no countries except some caucasian countries will fall for this insidious trap knowing that they are white supremacists imperialists who have no qualms in killing and decimating whole populations of native Americans and now killing millions of Arabs in Middle East as well as millions of others in many other countries.

Only two countries, Russia and China are able to check this evil global ambition of a New World Order under the United States total control and hegemonism. Since Russia and China are the stumbling blocks to its villainous global ambition they have pin pointed the two countries as its lethal enemies to be destroyed. To achieve that vile objective it has been perpetually demonizing Russia and China and churning out endless fake vitriol propaganda worldwide to try to get other countries to join its camp against China and Russia.To that extent it has not been able to achieve much as people and countries around the world know the evil intent of the American imperialists.

US is now trying all ways and means to take down China. But it will be their bad dream for China will be its nemesis. China will never give in to American bully and will put up a fight. US trade wars against China is not about trade but it is using it as a front and an excuse to contain China's progress and development in all aspects of  economy, science and technology inclusive of 5G and The Internet of All Things.

In an article , "China's Future Rests In Its People's Resolve", Mr Hu Xijin the Editor-In-Chief of Global Times deliberate on the consequence if China submits to US bully and hooligan tactics in the US-China trade negotiations.His advice to fight  US to the end and not to submit to US toxic unreasonable demands reflects the the wish and determination of all Chinese people in China and the world to unite firmly behind the Chinese government.

The United States, a rogue country run by crooks and scoundrels and charlatans frown on China's peaceful rise and development. China is developing so fast and US can't bear it and views China's rise with jaundiced eyes.

Hu Xijin pointed out that China's economy in 1978 was about the same size as India. However in 2018, that is 40 years later China's GDP is five times that of India. He said, "If China continues to develop like this in 20 to 30 years time it will really be the first in the world. America cannot accept it. And so it starts a trade war to contain China." The trade war serves as an excuse and a vehicle to take down China's development and progress in all aspects of the economy, science and technology.

He said the Chinese people are now living a good modern luxurious life equivalent to the best in America and the West. It's fast economic development will soon surpass US to become the world's largest economy.

However, in the trade negotiation, "The core requirement of the US demand on China is that China should stop or slow down her economic development. To the United States the Chinese are not allowed to live a modern luxurious life like the Americans or the westerners."

Hu Xijin said, "We are faced with two difficult choices : Listen to the US, nix the development model and do away with national rejuvenation achievced so far, withdraw from the gradual competition with the US in economy, science and technology  or  thwart US pressure and defend China's right to continue to develop in the way it chooses."

He proposed that "Every Chinese must unite and firmly support the government in not being afraid to face a fight. We have to fight for the right to equally compete with the US. While doing so may be difficult in the near term, today's effort will buy us more space in the long run."

He said, "All Chinese people must see that today's Chinese government is really fighting the US for the interests of the Chinese nation and the right of the Chinese people to continue to improve their lives. There are plenty of demagogues who want to make important concessions, selfishly seeking political opportunities when the country is going through difficulties. They are too easily manipulated by American power, and they are naive, if not malicious."

He further said, "There is no reason for the Chinese government to do anything detrimental to the country and its people in the process of negotiations and stand off with the US. If the Party and the Central Governmment collapse, China will fall apart and the United States will be able to break China up and turn all the local governments in the country into pro-American regimes. This is what Washington wants."

He said, "the government will explain all this clearly to the people . China's ability to unite and persevere will determine the future of China and all the Chinese people."

China must win this fight against the wicked satanic Americans not only for the survival, pride and dignity of  China and the Chinese people but it will also be a victory for the survival, pride and dignity of all non-white countries and people.

Southernly 1

Wednesday, 12th June, 2019

Kim Jong Nam – another untalented western report

A Reuter report came out with a new idea about the reason why Kim Jong Nam was killed by North Korea, that he was a CIA spy. The previous theory offered by Washington was that he was critical of the Kim Dynasty and thus an order to assassinate him by Kim Jong Un. How plausible are these untalented and biased western view, all with one central position, he was killed by his half brother.

One glaring point about Kim Jong Nam was his finance. North Korea is not a rich country and he had been living in ‘exile’ for so long outside North Korea and supposedly living a life of a rich play boy and gambler. This supposedly lavish decadent life style is not cheap and needed a continuous supply of cash. Where did he get his money? Even if he was useful to the CIA, but unlikely to be of much use as he was outside North Korea, CIA would not and could not finance this kind of wasteful expenditure. And if he was an outcast of North Korea, Kim Jong Un would not be funding him. But it was obvious that he had a lot of money to spend, meaning that North Korea was the likely source. No other country would support the wild spending of a non entity.

The two supposedly murderers of Kim Jong Nam have been released unconditionally. What happened, no crime committed? Know how silly Asian leaders are, and how they would love to kiss the ass of the USA, if they know that it was the act of North Korea, they would happily put the two suspects to death, to be in the good book of the USA.

For them to release the suspects is likely because they knew North Korea was innocent, and the whole allegation was fabricated. Very likely they knew that it was the work of the Americans. Thus released everyone to close the case.

The point is that Kim Jong Nam had a lot of money to spend…doing nothing? I still stick to the position that he was working for North Korea, for his half brother, to do all the money laundering to bring hard cash for North Korea to pay for their imports. He was murdered by the Americans just to put the blame on Kim Jong Un and to paint the latter as a cold blooded murderer. This is the only consistent story, kill Kim Jong Nam and blame Kim Jong Un, and smear Kim Jong Un.

What does it say when Trump called this ‘cold blooded murderer’ a nice chap, and willing to meet with him and calling it brotherly love? Because Trump knew that all the badmouthing and smearing of Kim Jong Un were the works of the Americans.

Of course our resident funny, sometime crazy critic would disagree as he totally agree and accept all the allegations made by the Americans, that Kim Jong Un is a murderer, a womaniser, a very bad person. He would not say any bad about Trump’s sexual exploits and groppings. The latest smear campaign was that several of the negotiators of the Trump Kim Summit, including Kim Jong Un’s sister, were executed only to withdraw the allegation when they reappeared one after another.

See how talented or untalented are the western reports, how reliable or unreliable are their so called objective and highly regarded main media, and stupid experts that were actually generating fake news and misinformation to manipulate the readers and published world wide in many main media as facts, as worthy news!

Are these main media so gullible or told or paid to report it? 

I hope by now everyone reading western media would treat them with high suspicion, that most of them are white lies, propaganda and mischiefs.


Let’s talk massacres part II

Below are copied from wikipedia

California Genocide 1846–1873 Statewide (However the worst killings were in Round Valley) California 9,492 to 16,094. California Indians killed in over 370 massacres, California Indian population declined by 120,000 overall during the period

1837 Great Plains, smallpox epidemic 1836–1840. Missouri River through Rocky Mountains, Missouri , 17,200 to 34,400

Trail of Tears 1831–1850. Southeastern United States present day Oklahoma, 8,700 to 17,000. Deportation of Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole tribe members, black slaves, and white citizens as part of an ethnic cleansing policy made under the order of Andrew Jackson. In continuity with other Indian Removal policies the US has pursued in the past and future.

Long Walk of the Navajo, 1864–1868. Bosque Redondo, Arizona and New Mexico 3,500. Deaths of Navajo and Mescalero Apache from within the Bosque Redondo internment camp due to disease and starvation.

Comanche Campaign, 1867–1875. Statewide Texas 2,500 to 3,500.

Yavapai Wars, 1861-1875. Various areas Arizona 741 to over 5,500

The above are also white lies. Look at the first paragraph quoting 9,492 to 16,094 deaths. Then it added the Indian population declined by 120,000 over the same period? What happened, why so many disappeared? Migrated or massacred or diseased, killed by European diseases spread by the Americans? Oh, another point, the Americans would say no massacre, genocide is not massacre.

Also, with so few massacred, how could 80-100m native Americans died, disappeared, by natural death? Or they migrated to India? The Americans are not telling the whole truth about how they massacred 80-100m native Americans. Actually should search under genocide of native Americans. Massacres are just for small numbers of people murdered.

‘American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) – “over 100 million killed” “[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives”Native Americans have the highest mortality rate of any U.S. minority because of U.S. action and policy. The biggest killers though were smallpox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhus, bubonic plague, cholera, and scarlet fever. All imported by the Europeans colonists.’

See more on espressostalinist.com

What about the massacres in Korea and Vietnam, not counting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and many African and Arab countries? Part III


Let’s talk massacres part I

Since the Americans are so happy to talk about Tiananmen Massacre as if the Americans were angels, never commit any massacre, let’s take a look at the Americans massacre records that they have recorded, not inclusive of the massacres in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Here is a list of the 10 Horrific Native American Massacres in listverse.com

The first 100 years or so of the United States’ existence was filled with travesties like the Civil War and the enormous slave trade which flourished in the South. In addition, manifest destiny and the inherent racism involved with the “white man’s burden” led to a number of horrible massacres of the Native American population. Some are well-known, like the Wounded Knee Massacre, but there are other terrible examples that we shouldn’t forget.

10 Sand Creek Massacre

At Sand Creek in the Colorado territory in 1864, the Cheyenne village of around 800 was supposed to be protected territory. Chief Black Kettle had brokered a deal with a nearby US Army fort for his people’s safety, but this proved to be an outright lie.

Colonel John Chivington had decided that winning battles against local Native American tribes was the best way to become a territorial delegate to Congress. When spring 1864 proved fruitless for battle, he used a 700-volunteer militia to burn Native American villages.

On November 29, just one day after Black Kettle’s deal, the Colorado Volunteers attacked Sand Creek. Nearly all the Cheyenne men were out hunting, leaving the women, children, and elders with no one to protect them. Between 100 and 400 Native Americans were slaughtered.

Although Chivington was denounced by much of the country, he was never formally charged with anything.

9 Camp Grant Massacre

Shortly after the start of President Ulysses S. Grant’s “Peace Policy” toward Native Americans, the Camp Grant Massacre occurred in southern Arizona on April 30, 1871. The local Apache had recently agreed to live at Camp Grant via an order by Lieutenant Royal E. Whitman, who also pledged to provide the tribe with food.

Unfortunately, public opinion turned against the military in Arizona, declaring them unable to protect the territory’s citizens. A handful of Americans, some Mexicans, and some rival Native American tribesmen sneaked up on the peaceful village in the middle of the night.

Most of those killed were women and children because the men were out hunting for food. The perpetrators of the massacre had used unfounded claims of Apache depredations to justify murder. Although 104 men were charged with murder, all were acquitted at trial.
8 1860 Wiyot Massacre

In an act of genocide on a small tribe, the Wiyot Massacre took place on February 26, 1860. (Smaller attacks on the Wiyot tribe took place later that week.)

For at least 1,000 years, the tribe had lived off the northern coast of California on what is now called Indian Island. The peaceful Wiyot had just completed their annual world renewal ceremony, marking the start of their new year.

The men were out gathering supplies when a small group of white men crossed Humboldt Bay and slaughtered women, children, and the elderly. From 60 to 200 people died.

The local sheriff lied, citing revenge for cattle rustling as the reason. In reality, a local militia wished to be federally recognized as a state militia to receive money from the government. The militia leader believed that massacring local tribes would accomplish that goal, but it didn’t work.

7 Bridge Gulch Massacre

The Bridge Gulch Massacre against the Wintu tribe of northern California took place on April 23, 1852. Shortly before the attack, a man named John Anderson was killed, with his riderless mule returning to a nearby corral. Nearly 70 men set out after the perpetrators, who were reportedly members of the Wintu tribe, though they were of a different band than the ones who were brutally murdered.

Surrounding a part of the small valley known as Bridge Gulch, the men attacked early in the morning, shooting nearly every man, woman, and child they saw. Over 150 Native Americans were killed, and only two small girls survived. They were taken back to the town and “adopted” by white parents.

6 Cypress Hills Massacre

One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Cypress Hills Massacre took place in 1873 in what is now Saskatchewan. People of the First Nations had occupied the territory for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Montana fur traders had recently set up trading posts in the area, with tensions rising as the traders’ stocks began to dwindle.

Eventually, some disgruntled wolf hunters arrived, tired from tracking another Native American tribe who were supposedly horse thieves. When another horse went missing, the Assiniboine tribe was blamed.

The drunken Americans went to take one of the tribe’s horses as payment, but a handful of the Assiniboine, drunk as well, challenged them to a fight. The Americans slaughtered the Assiniboine, killing at least 20 of them.

Canadian officials tried in vain to prosecute those responsible, managing to capture three of them while they were still in Canada. But they were acquitted due to a lack of evidence.

5 Three Knolls Massacre

By 1865, the Yana tribe’s population had dwindled to fewer than 100 in northern California around Lassen Peak. After the murders of several nearby white people during a raid, hunters tracked the culprits to Three Knolls, where the Native Americans slept.

Determined to rid the area of any remaining natives, the settlers attacked, killing dozens of Native Americans. Only a handful escaped.

A Yana tribesman named Ishi was present at the massacre as a small child, and he and his family eventually hid in some nearby mountains for almost 40 years. 1n 1911, he emerged as a frail, elderly man—the last of his people—to tell his fantastical story.

4 Marias Massacre

The deadliest massacre of Native Americans in Montana’s history was a mistake. Colonel Eugene Baker had been sent by the government to “pacify” a rebellious band of the Blackfeet tribe.

Eventually, Baker’s men tracked the tribe to a village along the Marias River. On January 23, 1870, the men surrounded the village and prepared to attack.

But a scout recognized some of the painted designs on the lodges and reported to Baker that this was the wrong band. Baker replied, “That makes no difference, one band or another of them; they are all [Blackfeet] and we will attack them.”

Most of the Native American men were out hunting, so the majority of the 173 massacred were women, children, and the elderly. When Baker discovered that the survivors had smallpox, he abandoned them in the wilderness without food or shelter, increasing the death toll by 140.

3 Yontocket Massacre

The Tolowa people laid claim to territories in northwestern California and southern Oregon that were continuously encroached upon by white settlers. By 1853, a “war of extermination” had been going on for a while, with settlers forming makeshift militias and slaughtering any Native Americans they encountered.

In the fall of that year, the Tolowa and other tribes came together to pray at Yontocket, the spiritual center of their universe, and to perform the world renewal dance. Unknown to them, a group of white people, led by J.M. Peters, was slowly creeping upon the camp.

Surrounding the Tolowa, the men began firing, indiscriminately slaughtering everyone in sight. Peters, who lost no men during the massacre, reportedly said that “scarcely an Indian was left alive.” By the end of the violence, hundreds of people had been killed.

2 Clear Lake Massacre

An island in Clear Lake, California, was renamed Bloody Island after the massacre of the indigenous Pomo tribe there in 1850. Thanks to severe mistreatment, including rape and murder, at the hands of white men who had taken various members of the tribe as slaves, the Pomo people attacked, killing two men and escaping to a nearby lake.

Captain Nathaniel Lyon, a soldier in the US Cavalry, and other men set off into the woods to find the offending tribe. The men discovered the hidden camp a short time later.

After failing to successfully reach the tribe, which had taken refuge on an island in the lake, the soldiers built a handful of boats, loaded them with cannons, and attacked. From 100 to 400 Native Americans were killed.
A local newspaper originally declared the massacre to be tantamount to state-sponsored genocide but reversed course four days later, calling it a “greatly exaggerated” story.

1 Bear River Massacre

Perhaps the deadliest massacre of Native Americans in US history, the Bear River Massacre has remained in obscurity largely because it occurred during the Civil War. The Northern Shoshone called present-day southeastern Idaho home, and it was there that they were attacked.

Mormon settlers had been progressively taking more land from the Native Americans, appropriating nearly all of the arable territory. Striking back at those stealing their land, the Shoshone soon saw themselves in the crosshairs of Colonel Patrick Connor and 200 California Volunteers, who vowed to take no prisoners.

At daybreak on January 29, 1863, the soldiers attacked, brutally killing nearly 250 Native Americans. They raped any women who hadn’t been killed, used axes to crush the skulls of the wounded, and set fire to all the lodges.

The above 10 horrific massacres were lies, white lies. Not that they did not happen. These events were peanuts in the Singapore expression if you know what and how they massacred the Red Indians. Oh, they raised it to the highest level, called genocide. See part II

First test of fake news in the news

A diplomatic faux pas between Singapore on one side and Vietnam and Cambodia on the other side seems to be brewing with both sides saying different things on the Vietnamese presence in Cambodia. Hsien Loong said it was an invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam. The Vietnamese said they were there to liberate the Cambodians from the Khmer Rouges. The Cambodians chipped in to say they appreciated the Vietnamese presence and to prevent the massacre of the Cambodians by the Khmer Rouges. The Vietnamese and Cambodians are asking Hsien Loong to apologise for saying something they don't see as their truth.

Some quarters in the opposition parties have raised this issue and calling for Hsien Loong to apologise for making a false statement or a fake news or alternative truth. Who is telling the truth and who is spreading false or fake news? The Vietnamese and cambodians are sticking to their version of the truth. Hsien Loong is sticking to his Singaporean truth.

Can both sides be telling the truth or one side is telling truth and one side is telling fake news? How would this stand under our POFMA? I am very sure if this case appears in our courts it would definitely be in Hsien Loong's favour and the other side be judged as making false news and vice versa. What would Shanmugam said, Hsien Loong spreading fake news or the Cambodians and Vietnamese spreading fake news?

Is fake news so easy to judge? And in this case if one party is wrong for spreading fake news, it would mean that govt or national leaders can be spreading fake news. Actually the answer is so obvious. It all depends on who is saying it and in which country and what they would want to believe. Hmmm, does it mean that the truth is subjective or fake news is subjective? Remember that every country is writing their own history, and Singapore's history is British Empire history?

What do you think? While so many that are here, with Matilah the cheer leader, are in agreement with what was said in Parliament, that CPF is not our money, many, including me, would say CPF is our money. Am I spreading fake news, or what transpired or uttered in Parliament was fake news?

Now that POFMA is law, the party that is making false or fake news can be charged. Can those who shared my view that CPF is our money be charged for spreading fake news? The answer is no, parliamentary privilege, can say anything in parliament and cannot be charged, unless...


Yamato - Live by the sword, die by the sword


A very well produced sinking of Yamato at the end of WW2, depicting the last few minutes of the lives of Japanese soldiers and the pain, suffering and agony they went through, exactly like the American soldiers in Hawaii when attacked by them. Just retribution.

The attack scene is a good reminder for the crews of American carriers today, when they are attacked by waves and waves of fighter bombers, and missiles, and all they could do was to be sitting ducks.

The war demons in their aircraft carriers only think of attacking others with immunity, hitting others when others could not hit back, until the day they, the predators, become the victims and suffer the equally savage attacks and be bashed to pieces. The fate of all aircraft carrier soldiers would be the same as in this short 15 minute clips, live by the sword, die by the sword. Three Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk in the battle of Midway with all on board blown to pieces.

It is very enjoyable and satisfying to see the hunters became the hunted, the predators became the hapless prey, to be devoured like they devoured their victims. The Japanese butchers were butchered by the Americans.

RIP American boys and girls of Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.

This is the clip on the attack of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese, the devastating destruction of the American fleet with the Americans half asleep. 7 minutes of sheer agony under the merciless Japanese fighter bombers.



CPF Medishield Life Horror Show

Last GE, Minister of Health was going to give power to the govt to take money directly from your bank account if you fail to top up your Medishield Life. Many people think it is just for show and still voted PAP overwhelming. 4 years after the regulation made mandatory, it is going into enforcement.
We have many people telling social media how their money in the bank was deducted without consent and to find out they were deducted by CPF for Medishield Life. We also have another group saying CPF suka suka arrowed them to be the top up for their direct family members or distant relatives without their consent. And the arrangementauto mated without their consent too!

Posted by DuGu QiuBai in the TRE

Is the above true? How many of you have experienced your money in your bank account, not CPF account being deducted by CPF for MedishieldLife? I must agree that this is really frightening. When my Medisave Account is depleted, at the moment CPF is deducting from it to pay for my MedishieldLife, the first thing I would do is to withdraw every cent from my bank accounts and closed all of them. I cannot allow anyone, not the govt, to have free access to my bank accounts and take what they want and when they like it. This is robbery, taking my money without my consent if it is true. My money is no longer safe in the banks.

I really hope that this is fake news, cannot be true. The govt cannot suka suka legislate to take money from you, money you put into the bank and think it is safe. Horror! 

What is happening in Singapore?  The govt just legislate it as law and make buying of insurance compulsory and the citizens cannot object to it, must pay or become criminals! And the banks too cannot say no to protect the depositors? This type of thing can only happen when your life savings in your CPF is not your money. Matilah laughing in glee, told you so  didn't I?


Singapore is India’s top investor in 2018/9

True to Singapore’s strategy to ride on super power India’s growth engine, with higher rate of growth than China, Singapore has risen to be India’s top investor for year 2018/9. Singapore’s investment was US$16.23b, beating Mauritius, US$8,08b, Netherland, US$3.87b and USA, US$3.14b and Japan’s miserable US$2.97b. Singapore’s investment in India would surely be appreciated by India and hopefully India would not sue Singapore for whatever they are unhappy about. And with the CECA being upgraded and more unemployed Indians getting jobs in Singapore, there would be less reason to do so.

Singapore is not only India’s top investor but also the top importer of India’s unemployment, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for jobless Indians. These two points would bode well for Singapore India relations and for Singapore to hang on the coat tail of India when it becomes the world’s number one superpower in 100 years time. Hopefully we would be able to see this day.

How did Singapore find so much money to invest in India? GIC using our CPF money? No, the US$16b came from Walmart which has an office in Singapore. The indigenous part of Singapore’s investment in India is US$230m. Dunno to laugh or to cry. Surely we have a lot more money to invest in India than just US$230m. The Indophiles must work harder to get more money into India to prove their point that India is the best place to put our good money in.

If Singapore has any doubts about investing in India, learn from the big western countries like Netherlands, USA and Japan, ploughing billions into the subcontinent. But please don’t touch our CPF, it is for our retirement and many would not live another 100 years to see the fruit of this investment. Maybe those Singaporeans not born yet would be able to see this great and glorious day when their money invested in India would grow 100 folds.

Among the reasons quoted for the growth of investments in India are tax treaty for Mauritius and ‘Singapore, with its well established regulatory environment, banking facilities and easier access to funds as well as human resource talent, helps firms create stronger substance’. I can agree with everything said about Singapore but the human resource talent part does not make sense. Singapore is a place of no talent and depending on India to provide all its talent needs. The only way for this to make sense is new citizens from India, now counted as Singapore talents and migrating back to India to provide talents for India.

This is double joy for India, sending their unemployed to Singapore to become talents and then sending them back as talents to India. Nice arrangement. Win, win for India.

Singapore’s dependence on India as the future is soundly based and Singapore would prosper together with India in the future. Singapura makes a lot of sense. And better still, Indiapore. Singapore got hope.


USA Underhand Methods And Dirty Tactics - PART TWO

Part One on Tuesday. , 4th of June, tells how US destroyed the Japanese high tech multinational company, Toshiba, thirty years ago. Looking back at the experience of Toshiba and viewing at what the Evil Empire is doing today has a resemblance of the same dirty unethical business tactics of the vile and despicable Americans.

The United States does not allow its high end manufacturing industry to be challenged. It will never allow other countries to become shareholders of American interests. Thus it is a high risk doing business with a rogue country, USA. The evil empire use of vicious means to undermine other nations progress is most despicable and shameful. US has no moral mores and its actions are monstrous,unethical, unconscionable, unprincipled, outrageous, indefensible, and utterly wrong and condemnable.

Thirty years ago it took down Toshiba. Now it is aiming to take down Huawei and other Chinese high tech firms because it is unable to compete with the dynamic hardworking Chinese socialist system. So it resorts to gangsterism and mafia way to try to stop China's progress and development.

The Evil Empire looks at Huawei's 5G advancement with fear and jealousy. It wants to lay their hands on Huawei's advanced 5G as a trade off for the release of Huawei's CFO, Miss Meng Wanzhou, whom they kidnapped in Vancouver, Canada, in January, 2018. They had also blatatntly used a gangster shakedown of France's Alstom and other international competing companies through illegal and illicit sanctions base on American unilateral toxic rules and laws. This is how the evil empire deals with serious competition. If they are unable to compete they will find ways and means to take you down. So it is really a high risk to have business dealings with the Evil Empire.

So, now they are targeting Huawei because Huawei is the most advanced in 5G  and years ahead of the Americans.

4G belongs to four United States Companies viz AT & T, Verizon, T - Mobile and Sprint. The world countries pay more than 10,000 trillion Yuan in copyright fees to the four companies in the United States. China's 4G pays US $100 million in annual copyright fees to the US companies. If the countries around the world switch to Huawei's 5G the United States will lose more than 10,000 billion Yuan of foreign exchange each year which is set at 20 percent of the annual GDP of the United States.

Therefore the United States will not allow Huawei's 5G in the world. The Evil Empire will try to destroy Huawei to protect the interest of the United States. It will thus hope to stop the loss of at least 20 percent of USA's GDP. This is the true and ulterior reason for the United States insistence on bringing down Huawei. This utterly evil preposterous method shows how contemptible and shameful the evil empire is . The Evil Empire really does not know what is shame.

But unlike Toshiba, Huawei is not going to be taken down easily by the unprincipled evil empire. Hua will put up a good fight It has the hundred percent support of the Chinese people and the Chinese government as well as robust support from many countries around the world who are disgusted with the contemptible dirty and vicious underhand method of the rogue and mafia behavious of the savage Americans. Huawa's fight is the fight for all countries who are aghast with the wicked unthical tactics of the white Americans and who abhor their monstrous unconscionable extraterritorial actions.

The Evil Empire wants to take down China's industrial process and high-tech development and success target for the year 2025. It demands China to follow a profound overhaul of its economic and industrial policies prescribed by the preposterous Americans. The lunatic Americans behave as if China is a US colony. So they demand China must subject to US dictates and suffer serious disruptions to her economy and well being so that the United States can have the upper hand to do even more evil.

However, the evil empire's bad dream is not going to succeed. Huawei has anticipated the evil empire's dirty plan and has put in place its own operating system and has been manufacturing lots of its own chips beside storing in abundance chips bought from other foreign chip industries. Also Russia is now cooperating with Huawei in building the 5G system network. Lastly with the great support from all corners of the world and with the highly innovative hardwork and great talent of the people in charge of the company, Huawei will definitely evolve from the fight a stronger and more solid company to serve the world. Victory for Huawei is victory for the free world. Victory for Huawei's 5G system will serve to build a better society for the free world and leave the detestable Americans behind for once to rues.


Thursday, 6th June, 2019

Shangri La Dialogue was about peace and cooperation

The acting US Secretary for War, Shanahan came to the dialogue to sow suspicion, spread fear and incite wars. He wanted the Asian and South East Asian countries to buy more American weapons of war to prepare to conduct wars. That is his real message and the red herring or the enemy he painted was China, China, China.

This dumb ass still think Asians are stupid to be led by the nose to go to war, to listen and obey the Americans and their belligerent narrative without thinking what is real and what is fake news.
The Asian and Southeast Asian countries have no fear of China wanting to conquer them for 3 reasons and have no need to waste money buying more and more weapons of war and destruction. They only need enough weapons to keep

The first reason is that it is futile to buy and buy weapons of war if really China or the US wants to attack them. No amount of weapons would be enough to fend off an attack by the two super powers. Mahathir in his unique words of wisdom said recently in Tokyo, if any super power wants to invade Malaysia, they would let them walk over without fighting. There is no fight, a mismatch, pointless.

The second reason is reality. Look at China’s policy towards its immediate neighbours. If China is an aggressive and expansionist country, it would have taken back Taiwan and Outer Mongolia long ago. These two were part of Chinese territories until they broke off, Taiwan due to civil war and Outer Mongolia due to the deceit and hostility of the USSR then. And there are several smaller countries around China that are living peacefully with China. China could walk over them if it wanted to but never, and these countries knew that.
The American anti China hype of China wanting to conquer Asia and SE Asia, even Europe through the BRI is simply hogwash and only hogs would believe in it.

The third reason why Asian and SE Asian countries need to worry about China and need not waste money accumulating American weapons is simply the American Empire. The American Empire would not allow China to invade and conquer any country in the region and undermine the dominance and control of the Empire. With or without a military alliance or treaty, the Americans would step forward to fight China for control of the region. There is no need to worry about China and waste money buying little weapons that are useless, meaningless and could not do anything against a super power like China or the US.

Let the Americans do the job they badly wanted to, not to defend the Asian or SE Asian countries, but to defend and protect their Empire. They is no need to contribute to the defence of the American Empire in Asia, or Europe or anywhere in the world. It is the American Empire and the Americans must pay for it to defend it. Japan and South Korea are arm twisted to pay for the defence of the American Empire as they are semi colonies, no choice. Asia and SE Asia are not colonies of the Empire, at best cronies or little USAs, but no need to pay to protect the Empire. It is so foolish to contribute to the defence of the Empire and be semi colonies of the Empire when they can be free and independent nations.

Europe is also in the same boat. Why is there a need for the Europeans to pay to defend the American Empire? It is not their Empire. Paying and protecting the American Empire is as good as accepting the rule, control and dominance of the American Empire and paying for it. Trump may be mad to think the Europeans are stupid to believe in his bluff and pay. The Europeans are not that stupid to want to pay for the upkeep of the American Empire.

There you have it, the 3 reasons why Asia and SE Asia do not need to pay for more weapons of wars to fight an imaginary war created by the Americans built on the suspicion and fear of China. Let the Americans pay and defend their own Empire.

PS. If there is any war in the region, it would be started by the Americans. Period. The Americans are war starters but claiming they did not want wars and accusing others like China or Russia, Iran or North Korea for being aggressive and wanting wars.


When would the USA behave like a normal peaceful country?

The Americans are accusing the Iranians for provocation and not behaving like a normal country. The Americans claimed that they did not want war, want to end the sanction against Iran, but who started the sanction, who drove up tensions in the Persian Gulf and threatening war? Who is sending all the warships to the Persian Gulf?

The country that is not behaving like a normal country is the USA. It is warmongering, threatening countries with war, with sanctions and regime change. It is using its military might to threaten and pressure countries that it unilaterally proclaimed as enemies and axis of evil when it is the Devil in Disguise.

It talks about rule of law when it breaks all rules and all laws and behave like outlaws, international gangsters and murderers and accuse others of the crimes and war crimes the Americans are committing daily while no one else is doing so.

They accused China of not abiding by international laws, untrustworthy, but look at how the Americans are tearing every agreement they made with every country in the world, including with their allies. This warmongering country is the one that did not abide by the rules of law and agreements signed. The Americans are unreliable and untrustworthy by any means. And they went around the world accusing everyone and lecturing everyone about the rule of law, about international order, about being reliable and predictable about commitments to agreements.

The Devil never believe in anything, but lies and cheatings to get its way to control the world. They are committing all the crimes blatantly and unashamingly without remorse while accusing others that did not do anything of these things. Trump is tearing every agreement the Americans signed into bits.

The Evil Americans must behave like a normal country, not a war monger, keep on destabilizing the world. 

Mahathir said 'We are still primitive, uncivilized because some people/country thinks that conflicts should be resolved by wars, by killing people.' Who are the uncivilised people and which country is agitating for wars and killing people by the millions? The uncivilized people/country is accusing everyone else of warmongering when they are the warmongers, the murderers of innocent people, women and children.

Mahathir is very specific and clear who is the primitive one. Do you?

Watch this speech by Mahathir on the primitive Americans, the murderers of the world especially the question and answer session.