US / West Allies Constant Criminal Acts Commit Grave Travesty of Human Rights


Besides using Democracy US/West also constantly use Human Rights as a front to demonise other countries which are opposed to US / West toxic policies and aggression or refused to toe US line and dictates. Such independent minded countries are usually targeted for frontal attack and regime change to be replaced with a pro US dictator.

US / West adopt double standards in the question on Human Rights. US can do anything no matter how evil it deems fit . The non-western countries cannot do what the US/West is doing but must listen and do what they dictate. It is a One World Order to be dictated by US/West and under US total control and hegemony.

The thirty articles in the UN Charter on The Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 have been completely torn to shreds and abused by US/West. Their morbid brutal behaviour and actions against non-western countries have made a mockery of the universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Contrary to the declaration of the brotherhood of mankind US/West contrive all ways and means to undermine the rights and freedom of other peace loving non-western countries. The white Americans / West believe otherwise and claim they are unique and special and are superior to non-western people. This is a wild and arrogant claim which the non western countries must demolish it.

US/West use constant barrage of mass propaganda through their control of mass media outlets throughout the world to demonise others and to carry out toxic disinformation, misinformation, deceits , lies , half truths and innuendoes to undermine targeted countries. They carry out illegal sanctions to undermine others economic progress and development through their complete control of the toxic petrol dollar which has a tight hold on the trade and economy of every other country, The non western countries must work out a way to demolish this petrol dollar so that US can no longer have a  strangle hold on other countries economy.

US/West have always demonstrated that 'Might is Right'. Through their military might they never hesitate to use coercion to force others to yield to their demands for military outposts, for submission to their orders and commands , failing which the countries will be subjected to attack and regime change.

One of  US/West greatest breach of Human Rights is the use of their various evil religious and militant doctrines to justify their killings, tortures, murders, genocide and conquest of other non-Christian lands which are still taking place before our eyes these days. There are endless examples of their evil deeds all of which gravely breach the travesty of Human Rights.

Their abuse of Human Rights is historical and never ending even to this day. The almost total genocide and decimation of the native American Indians is one example. The lynching and killing of African Americans and other races like the Mexicans and the Chinese is another. Even now the few left over remnant native American survivors are being ill treated and put in dreadful reservations in arid semi-desert areas.


In using its religious and militant doctrines as a foundation of its Foreign Policy US commits serious crimes against mankind and thus against Human Rights. Their evil doctrines are still being used to justify and empower them in their attack and conquest of many other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, Yemen and previously Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia of Indochina. Other countries within their target range  for attack and regime change are Iran, North Korea ( DPRK ) , Philippines, Malaysia, Venezuella and some other South American countries.

If US/West are serious about the sanctity of of Human Rights they must openly renounce and denounce the practise of their religious and militant doctrines so as not to breach the Human Rights clause on " the peaceful coexistence of countries and the upholding of fundamental freedoms and social justice. " They must stop kidnapping and arfbitrarily arresting people to be kept in solitary confinement for torture in Guantanamo , a US illegally occupied enclave in Cuba. Guantanamo should be rightfully returned to Cuba's sovereignty.

US pervasive faith in white men's uniqueness and superiority and its divine power and mandate that it arrogantly states it is not bound by Human Rights moral or legal standard and so it can carry on doing all the actual evil deeds that it has been doing all along without fear.

American politicians, statesmen and military officers like to boast that they are unconstrained by international law or Human Rights because whatever US does is blessed by its God, Jesus and so is beneficial and above critique. This is an open insult, abuse and travesty of Human Rights.

Instead of protecting small and weak countries rights and freedom and upholding justice US has been using its military might to carry out its aggression, oppression and repression of other countries with impunity. This is an affront against human rights and human dignity. This is seen in its endless attack on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, DPRK, Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuella. Those countries have been dastardly destroyed through US massive bombings and hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians have been killed which US conveniently shrugged off as unfortunate collateral damage. This is a callous disregard for human lives and they don't care or bother because they are all non white victims.


It is a travesty against Human Rights and a crime against humanity when US/West use sanctions and financial fraud as a tool to destroy other countries economy and livelihood.  It is able to use currency and finance as a tool and weapon because of its total control of the illicit petrol dollar . This is an abuse which all non-western countries must unite to take it down.

Another US/West act against Human Rights is its initiating, organising, supporting , training and funding of terrorist groups and organisations to carry out subversion and uprising against countries and governments which do not follow US dictates. Terrorist organisations like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Etim and many others are all initiated, trained, supported and funded by US via CIA.

US/West use religion as a front to create and foment trouble, choas and uprising. This is perverse to Human Rights. As major religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Christianity can be corrupted into different splintered forms US / West use it to to serve its different agendas and capitalise on using the inherently divisive nature of religions to topple governments which do not follow US dictates and to replace such governments with pro-US lackeys and dictators. Christianity has always been corrupted and subverted and used as a weapon of subjugation by US/West as per example Hawaii and the Philippines.

US adopts perverse logic on terrorism. It condemns terrorism when it is directd at US and its Western allies. However, US will always justify and support the use of terror against all other non western countries which are opposed to US policies and hegemony or when US monopoly of power is threatened as is seen in the Middle East and South China Sea region. US/West perversely portray that terrorism by non-state organisations or individuals is more heinous and grotesque than state terrorism carry out by US/West in their mass bombings resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians death . Yet through constant use of mass propaganda and brain washing US manage to convince many third world countries to agree with its perverted view notwithstanding the fact that their people have been oppressed, impoverished and plundered by US and the West for centuries.

In open defiance of Human Rights US/West always justify its aggression and illegal wars on the pretention it is fighting evil. When US/West are victorious in these illegal wars they always justify that the use of all means and weaponery are legitimate to defeat the losers who will suffer the fate of being labelled by them as criminals and terrorists as seen in the case of Saddam Hussein Colonel Gadaffi and Osama bun Laden.

Also US used of blanket shelling and bombing with depleted uranium in the Korean War, Vietnam war  and Gulf war is a gross violation of Human Rights.

US/West commit heinous crimes against Human Rights when it exploits and endangers the safety and security of countries and regions by exploiting the divide among these countries such as the divide between China and Taiwan, South Korea and North Korea, China and Japan, China and Vietnam, India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, Sunni Arabs and Shia Iran and India and China.

US incessant build up of over a thousand military bases around the world is its greatest perversion of Human Rights as they pose a lethal threat and grave danger to the peace and security of other countries and regions per se.


Friday, 18th May,2018


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's days as the world's hegemon are gradually going to be over. Its declining economy can no longer support its military adventurism. In the past Britannia rules the waves. The Americans took over when the British Empire went bankrupt. The Americans went on a killing spree. It began with Korea followed by Vietnam. Today it is the Middle East. NATO and Israel are both used by Uncle Sam to further its bloodthirsty schemes to achieve world dominance. Only Russia and China can stop the Evil Empire from doing that.

Anonymous said...

Every Empire will meet its end. We don't know the exact date the Empire started or the exact date it will end. But the ending is for sure.

Each Empire has six stages. The last stage is the Stage of Decadence. The US Evil Empire has reached its Stage of Decadence already.

Therefore, ending for the US Evil Empire is near. Not if, but when. Soon. Very soon.

So is the PAP in its last stage:
The Stage of Decadence!

Anonymous said...

The six stages are:

1. The Stage of Pioneers.
2. The Stage of Power Expansion.
3. The Stage of Increasing Wealth.
4. The Stage of Effluence.
5. The Stage of Intellect.
6. The Stage of Decadence.

The Stage of Decadence has certain characteristics:

A. An undisciplined over-expanded military. The military's discipline decline because commanders at the top bask in pleasure, entertainment, alcohol, wine, women and song. They leave everything to their second-in-command, eho in turns, leave everything to his next in command. And finally, it is the sergeant and the corporals who are running the show. Mishaps and accidents happen frequently on a regular basis. Committees of Inquries are conducted to cover the asses of the higher ranks. Scapegoats are made out of the lower ranks. Military expenditure and budget keep increasing. There is no accountability and no transparency. Everything is classified as State Secret or Sensitive. The rot sets in fast and furious. Before battles begins, the war has already lost.

B. Conspicuous grabbing and display of wealth - the elites grab as much wealth as they can and their children spend the ill-gotten wealth like water splahing it wherever they go.

C. Massive disparity between Rich and Poor - the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer, because the rich grab most of the wealth and at the same time deprive the poor from getting rich.

D. A Desire to live off of a bloated State - ministers enriching themselves using State funds and taxpayers' money.

E. An obsession with Sex. Adultery and pornification and glorification become the daily meals - breakfast, lunch, tea-break, dinner and supper. Adulterers are everywhere! Immediately, somebody came to mind - Speaker of the House and MP of Bukit Backside, who were forced to resign. Who else? Not caught, not exposed, but they are there in high places smooching and gropping away, for sure. No wonder new laws introduced to forbid private investigators from investigating top government officials, ministers???

Anonymous said...

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of elites with power in hand, living together with fellow countrymen in a progrossive society, they create for themselves in due course a legal system that authorizes them to steal from the State coffers and glorifies the theft, making themselves instant millionaires and billionaires with glee and glory. They openly celebrate their act of stealing with impunity, without shame nor fear of retribution.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said MM.



Anonymous said...

shouting is one way making a person
pay more attention.i think.

Virgo49 said...

The Americunts behaved as though they are the Lords of the Universe.

Dotard Trump now broadcasting to Kim that He Will Protect Him. Who the fark and creature is He??

They stirred shits and now offered as Big Mafia Chief to give Protection when he cannot even able to protect his arse from Kim's missiles.

One hand acted as God and the next as the Devil.

Farking Whites Drvils.

Anonymous said...

doc.M.will not be education minister
if only r books recovered from ex.pm homes..

Anonymous said...

Israel last week killed numerous Arab civilians at the Gaza "border", (do UN recognised occupied territories constitute genuine borders, in the first place?)
Isreal said the demonstrators are terrorists and killing them is ok ok. Donald Trump instantly supported and said every country has a right to defend its borders.
Correct, but if the borders are forced upon, many years ago by military aggression of the israelis, how can Trump statement be correct?
When China killed Civilian demonstrators at Tiananmen in 1989, usa condemned the killing and said, Human Rights is violated by china gov.
What about the human rights of the demonstrators at last week's incident in Gaza? Why double standards? Why no condemnation of israel killing of Arab civilians?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

83% of oil exporting countries are accepting RMB instead of petrol dollar. Once the 90% number is breached, that would be the end of petrol dollar and the evil Empire. This is the main reason why they invaded Iraq, Libya and planning to invade Iran and Venezuela.

The days of the evil Empire are numbered. Without free petrol dollar, they cannot afford to pay for the more than 1000 military bases overseas and the 11 aircraft carriers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As usual, the one-sided nonsense version of history.

The so-called "evil" western powers need "partners" to be successful at their global crimes.

Just like the old American slavery story...everyone sheds crocodile ters for the niggers, and the White Christian Boss Man is evil.

Almost no attention is placed on the AFRICANS WHO SOLD THEIR OWN PEOPLE INTO SLAVERY...without whom no "slave trade" could have occured.

Similarly, for all these shithole cuntries. They would not fall prey to US-Allied "intervention" had their leaders not fallen in and out of bed with varying US Administrationsand US Foreign Policy.

That isn't to say the purveyors of "manifest destiny", "Exceptionalism", the "White Man's Burden/ Noble Savage" thoeries are my any means innocent.

This belief that "demo-crazy" is what every cuntry needs is a religious belief, in that it is taken on faith alone and not based IN FACT.

Some races/cultures NEED A DICTATOR and TOTALITARIANISM to function properly. As there'll always be more corruption in such "centrally planned and managed" cuntries, but that is perfectly OK because it comes from their culture. Westerners should not apply their standards to other cultures.

There is no such "thing" as UNIVERSAL Human Rights, despite what the UN andfans of the UN might claim.

Politics comes from The Cultureof the cuntry in question. The govt emerges from the poitics of that cuntry, and hence the culture. Therefore it is also true to conclude that: In any given territory, the People get the cuntry, govt and culture they DESERVE.

Anonymous said...

As usual, a famous sex pervert trying to influence the readers here, in order to set the narrative of the cognitive map and make the sheeples remain as sheeples the dafts confused, and the smart to sodomize his asshole.

Anonymous said...

Europeans are not too happy with Americans turning their back on the Iranian nuclear deals. Calling out US leader for his capricious assertiveness and behaving like unreliable ally.

“Looking at the latest decisions of President Trump, someone could even think: with friends like that, who needs enemies? But frankly speaking, Europe should be grateful for President Trump because thanks to him we have got rid of all illusions. He has made us realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.”

Mr Tusk European president also said he wanted Europe to “stick to our guns” against Mr Trump’s new policies, and called for a permanent exemption from the metals tariffs. He branded a US move to use national security grounds to justify the protectionism as “absurd” and not based in “reality”.

Think Many Singapore lang n Malaysians read already sure

Arm Chio!

Cracks liao NATO?