Stubborn Mahathir just refuses to learn

Don’t teach an old dog new tricks. Mahathir just announced a 10% cut in ministerial salary. His own salary will be cut from MR 22,826 to RM 20,540. His ministers’ salary would be from RM14,907 to RM 13,416. Anyone knows how miserable is RM 20,540? It is less than S$7,000pm. How to survive like that? The quality of life of his family members would be gravely affected. And his ministers’s RM 13,416 is less than S$5,000. Does he know how much is our PM and ministers getting a day?

My God, any average Singaporean will have a household income of more than S$5,000. Many household incomes here are more than S$7,000. This means than many Singaporeans are earning more than Mahathir, the PM of Malaysia. This is really injustice. No dignity.

Does Mahathir really think his ministers can survive with such a miserable salary? Does he know that human beans are corrupt by nature and if he does not pay them multi million dollar salaries they will definitely become corrupt? This human nature is universal.

Singapore’s govt understand this and have solved this problem by paying their ministers in the millions to prevent them from becoming corrupt. When Hsien Loong visited him, did he not see the shining example of a incorruptible PM and his cabinet of equally incorruptible ministers? Should he have learnt something?
Instead of raising his ministers’ salaries to the millions, he made them take a 10% pay cut! He is really asking for trouble. They will become corrupt for sure. Like that Malaysia would be in more trouble. His govt would become more corrupt than Najib’s. At least Najib tried to pay them well.

This old dog is too stubborn and refuses to learn from Singapore. On second thought, how could he learn from Singapore? He detests everything Singapore. He is trying to prove the impossible, that low minister salaries would not lead to corruption. I am sure he will surely fail. He does not understand human nature. Greed is good. He also does not know that to lead a quality life, you must have million dollar salary. The peasants can tighten their belts, but how can he expects his ministers to tighten their belts and live like paupers?

Malaysia jiat lat leow.


Anonymous said...

Better than legal corruption.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia PeeAm, Ministers & MPs truly sacrifices their livs to serve the nation.
Whereas the southern neighbor, greed has no barriers. Birds of the same feathers flock together. End up multi-millionaires but with mediocre results. Might as well let Matland become foreigners Minionsters in the south better so as to keep their toes tight on ground probably.

Virgo49 said...

A part-time timer MP who attended once a week bogus Meet the Poor Souls Meeting or sometimes even not at all gets Sinkieland dollars 16K that is RM48K more than the PM and his Ministers.

Figure Head President parasites 8M Sinkies dollars.

High salaries no corruption? ? SCDF Mama Director also high salary brought home free laptops citizens properties home.

Matland only have the bare minimum of Ministers whereas the little dot smaller than even Johore or Melaka had over bloated parasites unnecessarily Ministers, Snr Ministers of States etc.

So many duplicating Appointments that sucked the citizens blood.

So much for only benefiting their cronies

Anonymous said...

Sg is very lucky to have M stirring in My!

The more messy in My, the better for Sg!

Of course I wish My well! But very very impossible!

As long as nearby countries remain very "run", Sg is OK!

You really think Sg is that very very very very good?

Sg is just very very very very lucky!


SSO said...

In other countries, generally, politicians amassed their wealth before enter politics.

In Singapore, generals enter politics in order to amass their wealth thereafter.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, the anti-corruption agency should report directly to the king who is elected independently by the people, not a puppet installed by the prime minister with the anti-corruption agency reporting directly to the PM.

Anonymous said...

At least Malaysia King is independent. Singapore President is fully controlled by the PAC, that is controlled by the PMO, that is controlled by the PM.

Anonymous said...

Stubborn Sinkie voters just refuse to learn from Malaysian voters !

Anonymous said...

Even the her speech in parliament was drafted with input from ministers of the ruling party. The state media said so.

We need to ask this question : is Singapore presidency an extension of the ruling party?

Singapore president draw a 7-digit salary in Singapore dollars!

A fail grade for financial prudent paying a non executive president this much.

Even presidents of US France China combined are paid less. They are superpowers with huge populations and land mass.

Anonymous said...

US China France combined? The three superpowers in the UN security council? Their presidents combined paid less than a island state of 700 square kilometer and only a CEREMONIAL president.

Some more the govt wants to increase the GST water taxes

Austin said...

Human beans are imperfect, and subject to fear, ill-will, desire, greed, arrogance, jealousy, pride, anger, hatred, biases, intimidation and other idiosyncrasies.

Ministers, like civil servants, are continuously being influenced, knowingly or otherwise, unwillingly or otherwise, by political power at play, especially from the top. Therefore, the idiosyncratic character of the domineering political leadership must be considered in the execution of duties by each and every agency in the government and organs of state.

When a country has been functioning as a centralized-control, top-down system over more than 50 years, it is very difficult to visualize how each agency, department, ministry and organ of state can be independent in anything.

It is even more difficult to believe that any of them can be purely independent when high monetary rewards and incentives are dangled in front, together with subtle threat of punitive consequences to self and family.

If even the highest office in the land, the President, is not independent, how can any of the others claim to be independent?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

In Malaysia they don't don't like the fake "morality" behind the idea of legal corruption.

Singapore enjoys FAKERY when it is "in the national interest" and if it "enhances the Singapore brand". So we have bullshit like fake-democratic process, fake-transparency, legalised corruption, fake sincerity...and so on.

Now before you all complain from your high-minded selves...take aa pause and consider this: all the fakery that most of us know about Singapore is crucial to make the whole darn thing WORK and beat everyone else in the world.

Mahathir doesn't subscribe to legal corruption. In Malaysia is is A-OK for corruption to be IN YOUR FACE and OUT IN THE OPEN...Najib Razak has proven this. Also most people know that Dr M is probably one of the richest men in Asia...and that's not from his "honest" govt/cabinet salary.

Did I just call Dr M "corrupt"?

Yes, I think I did. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well said. Malaysia chiat lat liou with Ministers all having to cut their pay. How to survive with such miserable salary? Unless of course these are true politicians whose goal is to save the nation and serve the people. Not sure which is the right model, Singapore or the Malaysian model.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dr M (for Money) is probably the richest man in Asia. Don't believe a word of his 12 ringgit sandals. That is for show only lah.

Anyway, the families of past Presidents and PMs in Asia are all multi billionaires. Suharto's children and wife, Marco's children and wife are perfect examples. Mathathir? You make a guess. Of course Mahathir says he is not rich and his $12 ringgit sandals shows you proof.

Anonymous said...

According to Lee Kai Sing, HK's richest man, the one who built Suntec City, during the interview he gave to Singapore media during the Opening Ceremony of Suntec City, he said the richest man in Asia was not him but someone in Singapore. He also asked the Singapore reporters, "How come you guys don't know?"

Anonymous said...

Who was that richest man in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the richest man in Asia is not anyone of you fuckers! :)

Anonymous said...

What about you? Look at the mirror.

Anonymous said...

If you familieee has almost total control of geeAiSee, Tummysick n MAarse n can suka suka dont like you know even to OTC, then Li Ka Sing said is not fake news.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 326

I think that during the interview Li Ka-shing was mischieviously referring to Lee Kuan Yew. Can't call LKY "corrupt" or a "kleptocrat", but don't fuck with Uncle Li, he one smart mofo, and being Cantonese, don't make him lose face.

Li KS and Lee KY did not get on well. Apparently Lee KY made Li KS lose face when he essentially instructed Li KS to "go fuck himself" (not in the exact words, but in meaning).
Lee KY told Li KS "We don't need your money. We have money."

Diu leh lo mo! Li KS lose face. Bang balls. And so when interviewed, he "hantam back".

@ 217:

I alluded to *Tan Sri Datuk Dr Mahathir, PM-elect of Malaysia being one of the richest not THE richest individual (my error, I used the male pronoun) in Asia.

Of course, we will never know for certain who the richest individual is...in Asia or in the world....for maany reasons, but one being that rich people tend to be very secretive about their true net worth---for very good reasons.

*Ah fuck it lah. I use his full name and title, the corrupt anti-Jew, anti-Chinese half Indian motherfucker ...make it easier for the half-past-six-free-oso-don't-want Malaysian lawyers...to try to tekan me :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Excerpted from Walking The Tycoons Rope by Robert Wang

Suntec tycoons' meeting with Mr Lee Kuan Yew

There was a long table with the Prime Minister and his Private Secretary seated on one side. We sat opposite them.

"Prime Minister, I hear Singapore may privatise some of the GLCs," said Li Ka Shing, who was the first to speak.

"We are interested in taking part even if it means we have to pay more for the companies."

"We don't need your money, Mr Li," the Prime Minister said with a dry smile.

"Prime Minister, it is like this," said Tan Sri (Frank Tsao).

"We are interested in building a Convention and Exhibition Centre."


...and thus, Suntec City was born