Reckless evil Empire and fake news

This piece is about fake news, distorted news, mischievous news and fabricated news, to demonise a country, to con the readers to think what the devils behind it want them to think, without thinking.

Read the extract of Yahoo News on the recent barrage of attacks against Iran, painting Iran as the demon that should be attacked and invaded, by the devils of course. Read the points raised and ask if they are true, really or fabricated.

"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The Latest on fallout from U.S. withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal (all times local):1:20 a.m.
The White House is condemning Iran's "reckless actions," accusing the country of "exporting destabilizing influence throughout the Middle East."
White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders has issued a statement citing actions in Syria and Saudi Arabia. She is calling on "responsible nations" to pressure Iran to "change this dangerous behavior."
An Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights prompted an Israel attack Thursday on Iranian targets in Syria. Saudi Arabia is accusing Iran of providing missiles that Yemeni rebels have fired toward Riyadh.
Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May Friday. The White House said both condemned the rocket attacks."

Iranian troops are in Syria to help fight ISIS. And they stupidly lobbed one or two missiles into Syria, for what I dunno, to give Israel a reason to attack them with massive forces, several times, and killing a lot of Iranian soldiers on the ground. Why would they want to invite the Israelis to attack and kill them when they were happily destroying the ISIS and rebel forces in Syria? Logical? Or were the supposedly missiles fired into Israel were fabricated, false flags, to allow Israel to use them as a pretext to attack them? And for the Americans to brand them as reckless?

Now, were the attacks of Iranians in Syria by Israel reckless? And the scheme by Israel and the USA and now dragging in the Brits, to attack and invade Iran reckless? Iran is not going to be like Iraq and got hit and invaded without hitting back. This the Russians are also in Iranian soil. Remember the murder of Kim Jong Nam in KL and the poisoning of ex Russian spies?

This reckless scheme of the unthinking in Washington, Tel Aviv and now London, is going to bring about a war that they cannot stop and the Middle East would be on fire. Israel may foolishly think that they and the Americans and Brits could hit the Iranians and the latter could not hit back. But if they miscalculated, Israel will be in smokes when Iranian missiles landed in their soil. An attack on Iran would bring in Russia and China and others into the conflict.

The reckless evil Empire must be stopped to start another war with their own fabricated news. The UN must stop the reckless Americans, Jews and Brits from starting World War 3. What to you think the UN is doing now? Nothing, absolutely nothing, because the lawless Americans are not going to follow international laws and norms. They decide when to go to war and against whoever they chose to.

The Americans, the Jews and the Brits are the reckless ones, not the Iranians.

See how dangerous is fake news, fabricated news, mischievous news and how dangerous is to read news without thinking and taking them at face value.

See how aggressive the evil Empire and the West, the Jews are in their pursuit of war!  They are the warmongers, but many silly Asians believe that they for peace and would want to invite them to be the policemen of Asia. They are only peaceful when every country becomes their colony and say, yes masters.


Anonymous said...

Texas student shooting in the news again. The evil empire's retribution & more will come, Dotard unable to solve but only requested the teachers be armed.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Middle East is going through perilous times. Uncle Sam and its Israelis poodle are stoking a fire that may become a conflagration that will engulf the world. False flag attacks are Uncle Sam's SOP since the end of WW2. Its aim to be the world hegemon has led it to set up an evil empire. Instead of using its wealth and power to uplift mankind, Uncle Sam wreaked destruction and death to all countries that refused to kowtow to American imperialism.

Virgo 49 said...

Good, good, Karma had them killing one another for their Uncivilised Behaviours.

Likewise, North Korea. The Americunts wants to promise Kim "PROTECTION".

Thinks they are the Lords of the Planet Earth.Any Country Ruler needs their approval??

The Chinese don't behaved as such.

The World must unite to obliterate the Americas out of the Map.

Sadly, there are many ABCs in this time. American Balls Carriers.

Just like ACS- American Cocks Suckers SinkiesLand Elites bananas

Anonymous said...

Any country, big or small, whose leaders sing the tune of the Evil US Empire and its Appendage Israel must be condemned - for they know the Devil fully well yet they chose to sleep with the Devil.

Anonymous said...

That is why countries have to be with them or be accused of against them.

That is from the country that talks so much about human rights. Who is the biggest human rights violator in this world that massacred the Red Indians, stole the country, and was the one and only country that used atomic bombs on another country?

Do these people have a conscience?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The 2 Big Dogs in the Middle East are Saudi Arabia and Iran. When the shit finally hits the fan, they will be toe-to-toe with each other and both cuntries will experience severe losses. This is something the fake western news won't tell you. The fake western news is all about Arabs bullying Israel, which is entirely not true. Israel and Saudi Arabia have excellent relations, and the relationship is growing.

To get the "real" story behind the very complicated Middle East sagas, you need to speak to and hang out with lots of people who live in the region. Not just the top-dogs, but the average non-political, moderately-religious Ali and Fatimah, and their kids.

Since western powers have been meddling in the middle east forever, the current "proxy wars" fought by USA and Russia should come as no surprise. USA backs Saudi Arabia and Israel, and Russia is covering Syria and Iran. In the mix, just to complicate matters further are powerful "non-state" actors like Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS...and a whole number of "offshoots" of shifting loyalties and alliances.

So yeah, it is one big sausage party of greedy guys all jockeying for power. The show has been going on for a long time. Until the day where the Saudis and Iranians settle their shit, the "entertainment" is going to continue. However if there are western powers meddling in the region, the thing will not be stopping anytime soon.

Now for the oil and gas. America is tipped to become the world's largest oil and gas producer. Russia is a large oil and gas producer. Saudi Arabia and Iran; we all know where they get the bulk of their export dollars from. So could this be a contest for energy supremacy...or something along those lines? Quite possible.

Lately, Saudi-Iran relations have worsened. Even the UAE has been dragged into the fray with Qatar. Qatar is accused of supporting terrorism and siding with Iran. The Lebanese president resigned to escape being assassinated by Hezbollah and Iran (as he claimed), but reclaimed his position and office a few weeks later; returning with a very pissed off attitude vowing to "cut off Teheran's hands" if they continued to interfere with his cuntry.

So yeah, the stories in the western media...or rather the stories non-Middle Eastern people choose to believe are not even close to what is really happening in the region.

One thing that is also of cultural importance. Despite the Shia-Sunni split, there is one other deep-rooted aspect in Iranian culture. Deep down, they regard themselves as PERSIAN, not Arabs. The mainly Zoroastrian (one of the oldest surviving religions) Persians were conquered and occupied by Islamic forces, and had their culture upended, and Arabic culture forced onto them. Centuries later, this is still a sore point with Iranians.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Yankee cowboys are riding wild again. With no injun to slaughter, any Muslim or communist can serve as fair game. Trump will make Uncle Sam the world's greatest butcher.

Anonymous said...

Why no one condemn the Americans and the West for supporting ISIS?

Anonymous said...

Trump's vision of making America great again may have been misunderstood.

He may be thinking of greatness in another dimension, which is back to the days of slaughtering Red Indians. He tried to make America great again by messing with Putin, but lost the plot. He was about to make America great again by destroying N. Korea, but lost the script. Now he is going after Iran. Who is next?

Anonymous said...

Good profits for my war stocks. Including Chinese ones --- china has always been 1 of the largest arms & war tech exporters in the world, usually hidden in statistics as business loans or economic investments.

Now the next phase is developing Skynet --- autonomous killing machines. Currently no fully autonomous e.g. drones, siege robots, bomb disposal robots etc, humans still can't trust machines. Even the ROK robot machine-gun sentries along the Korean DMZ are only semi-autonomous.

SSO said...

What could be discussed in just half an hour of Dr Mahathir meeting Lee Hsien Loong? Nobody seems to know, yet.

But within the other half an hour of future PM Anwar, Lee Hsien Loong told the world that he told Anwar Ibrahim to go and write a book. What kind of a diplomatic or courteous demeanor is that? Obviously, attempting to rub salt into his wounds.

If I were Anwar, I would have told him that I will be writing a book titled

"Temasek Holdings and GIC - The Art Of Losing By The Billions!".

Anonymous said...

Anuar shud go tell that Emperor without clothes of the South : " ..go write a book entitled the Downfall of the PaP under a Dishonorrible son.." That emperor was clearly no shame of his own self.

Anonymous said...

I think Lee Hsien Loong should offer Najib Razak to go to Singapore to write a book instead of Anwar. His good friend Najib now needs his help to use Singapore as a sanctuary yet Lee never visited him to offer him help. What type of good friend is that? Fair weather friend?

Anonymous said...

% What type of good friend is that? Fair weather friend? %

Not juz dishonorrible son but a dishonourable friend as well.
How can Dr M trust such a person?