China –The world ‘s biggest consumer market beckons

The stereotyping of communist countries as poor and backward agricultural societies is over. Though this reality is as clear a bright sunlight, many that have lived under the western media’s condemnation and smear campaign of communist countries and communism would still swear, with their eyes wide open, that communism and communist countries are the poor and backward bad guys. The blinkers should have fallen off long ago, but these daft and unthinking beans would put them back on and keep on swearing at communism and communist countries.

China, with its 1.36b population is now the second largest economy and the world’s largest consumer market with at least 600m people that are middle class and with the spending power to match. They are hungry consumers for all the good things in life that money can buy. They buy them in China and the rest of the world as big spender tourists. Yes, they are communists, or from a communist regime that the West have branded as bad and evil. The one century of indoctrination and western propaganda is hard to shrug off, worse for the unthinking kind.

Be nice to the world’s biggest consumer market or you will have to face the consequences. The little white sheriff still thinks it is an European state and sided with the evil American Empire to be an enemy of China. China is closing its market to this little white rogue and it is crying in pain. China should persist in keeping this little rogue in its little corner of the world, not allowing its goods access to its market, not allowing its citizens to visit and spend money in Australia. Keep it that way for another 10 years and see how long it will last in its anti China and racist way.

The Americans started a trade war, fired the few first shots. Now it is thinking twice. Without the world’s biggest consumer market, many of American products would find no buyers. The agricultural produce would go to waste. The automobile companies, the aircraft industries, the high tech industries, including Apple would have its sales figures slashed. GM and Ford Motors would go belly up.

The same fate would apply to the European companies. They need trade, they need to sell their goods and services. And who have the money and the willingness to buy them? The rich communist Chinese in China. Any country that wants to sell their goods better be nice to the communists in China. They have the money, not 1.36 b of poverty stricken peasants anymore. They are travelling the world, strutting around with pockets full of cash.

Deny and defy the biggest economy and biggest consumer market in the world at your own risk. Without China buying, without the Chinese buying and spending their hard earned money, the world economy would have gone into a recession. Many European countries and their companies, including Americans, would go bankrupt without the consumers in China.

This is the new reality. Remove your blinkers, dafties. This is the brave new world of the 21st Century.

China should not just shut its door to Australia, it should do the same to a few of the rogue European countries like France, Holland and Italy and also Canada. Without the biggest consumer market in the world, and the second biggest market closing its door to them by Trump, these rogue countries would go bankrupt very soon. China should just do it, don't buy from them, don't trade with them. Pick a few like the saying, kill the chicken to frighten the monkeys.


Anonymous said...

China must learn to skin the little white rogue countries one at a time. They have lost their plot and it is about to be game over.

Without the Chinese market they have no one to sell their products and services to.

Virgo49 said...

Mahatahir should heed Mr REDBean's advice and be nice to Xi.

One stone kills many buzzards and monkeys.Now country in deep SHITS with trillion in debts. China with her investments can haul you OUT.

Sultan of Johore also see the potentials in China investments.

Same time using China to Sink Sinking Land.No need much efforts.
No need be bad guy borrowed knife to kill someone.

Just let China do the slaughter.

Opportunity seldom comes a second time.

Anonymous said...

Strength means everything, and thus Trump attaches more importance to reviving the American economy and increasing the defense budget than soft power. He was unswerving about launching a trade war.

The Chinese are clear that strength is all that matters to Washington in future negotiations. Rules and morality will be respected only if beneficial to the US. Otherwise they will be abandoned.

Washington has been taking advantage of its dominance to acquire more benefits in a US-led world order. But now Americans believe the benefits gained from the world order are meager and that the US should coerce other countries to surrender to its will so as to accrue more benefits. In this way, the world will be dragged into a new turmoil.

China in response will build up its strength, especially its strategic deterrence. China's performance in this regard determines the extent to which the US respects the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir knows that being friendly with China will benefit Malaysia more than being friends with the West and particularly the US.

The reason Robert Kuok is back in Malaysia as an advisor to the Malaysian Government is because he is one who can bring China and Malaysia closer. Mahathir realised that and he also knows that the development by China of the one belt one road will benefit Malaysia as well.

Malaysia almost fell under the control of the West during the financial crisis had they listened to the IMF prescription. That was one lesson that Mahathir probably could not forget until today. That is why he is still wary of the West.

What does the US bring to this part of the world? Nothing but conflicts, subterfuge, destabilisation of regimes and war, which benefits them greatly from with sales of weapons to both warring sides at one time or another.

Anonymous said...

That's why instead of KPKB or talk cock sing song like most fuckers here, I'm getting rich by investing in war stocks, social media stocks, tech ecosystem stocks --- basically anything with large & growing demand.

A lot of growth has been in china tech ecosystem companies & automobile companies. I'm enjoying 7-figure profit from the hardworking Chinese workers & consumers!!

We're all in a secular bull for the next 20 years .... at most only 2 or 3 20%-30% corrections in a big picture of 10,000% increase from 2018 to 2040. Huat AHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Bull shitter! If you are making 7 figures profit, you won't come here and kpkb!

Anonymous said...

Global inflation from supply chain disruption n higher interest rates will derail this very long n matured bull mkt soon.

Anonymous said...

6.13pm, I agreed with u. That dude needs to be sodomized to get to his senses instead of delusion.πŸ˜°πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

@ 6:13 & 2:02

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Anonymous said...

3 cheers to the multi millionaire in this blog.
Knn, think this chap still eating in hawker centres.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China and Russia are only "communist" in name only, and that is the party-line of the governing party.

Once your cuntry has capital markets open to everyone to play in, that's no longer true communism.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN Matilah, eating ice cream also can turn you on.

b said...

Learn from history. Chinese elites only care about themselves. They will not build nice houses for people to live in. They only build small flats for the people while they live in gigantic castle. Tell me a good chinese leader.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b

No matter. Chinese people like money and status and have no problem "going for it".

Show me a Chinese person who doesn't want to make more money and have a bigger house.

The leaders are only those who "got there first". Dun worry, 1 -plus billion people are working hard and smart to catch up. ;-)

@RB, you know me, I change avatars. Today ice cream, tomorrow jesus :-))

Anonymous said...

b, have you been to China to see the houses they are building for their people? They even built so many that they became ghost towns as the critics would say. This is 2018 not 1918. Pay a visit to see for yourself and get an education instead of living in the past.

Modi don't believe too and went specifically to a smaller city to witness what the Chinese have been doing to rebuild their country. There will be corrupt leaders every where and all the time. There will be time when good leaders took over to rebuild a country.

Watch if the country is getting richer or poorer, if the people are rebelling or supporting the leaders. No need to think too much. If the present Chinese leaders are bad, there would be no modern China and no rich Chinese tourists all over the world and no Chinese investments all over the world.

You are a typical banana that refuses to see the new reality.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Aiyah, the fucking western press likes to target the "ghost cities" of China.

So what? In time some other developer will buy cheap and tear them down, build something else. Or the govt will take back the land.

China, like many other cuntries runs on DEBT, and too much debt creates bubbles, which when they burst brings everything to a STOP. During the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 lots of projects were just abandoned. No problem, just some ugly rat-infested half-built projects. In a year or 2, all settled. New owners. New loans, new projects.

There are lots of "faults" with China, if you like to cheery-pick. The leftie Western press is like that...they like to criticise China for human rights. WTF man, "Human rights" has never been part of their plan,, how dare the western media force values on a whole fucking cuntry?

Like it or not, China moves forward. Not everyone will "win". Some Asian cuntries will experience "downsides" to China's ascent.

So what? Look at history lah...some cultures win, others lose.

Don't be such a fucking baby.