Asians assisting the West to recolonise Asia

This topic could also be titled, Asian news to be reported by Asians. More than half a century has gone past and Asia is still unable to shake off the colonial yoke. Many Asian countries are still colonised by the West, some unknowingly, some happily. This phase of post colonial Asia is the colonisation of the minds, the thinking, the mindset, by the use of main media. The main media is the biggest culprit, the biggest instrument in the colonisation of the Asian minds to be continually subservient to the angmohs. Angmohs are great, smart, clever, sophisticated, kind, handsome, civilised and knows all, have great ideas and enjoy life, make living better. The Asians are daft, unthinking, cannot thinking, inferior, crude and base, completely devoid of ideas, did not know how to live life, basically backward and stupid, despite all the best education they could get in the best western universities.

This is not just a white lie, it is a lie that daft Asians conditioned themselves to believe in and to live in, with the help of the main media, with stories written and reported by the angmohs about them. Many Asian main media cannot live without the angmohs and some half baked Asians thinking like angmohs to tell them what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, what to think and what not to think, what to say and what not to say.

All Asian media have failed in this task, miserably, except for those countries that have some pride in themselves, in believing that they are not inferior to the angmohs.

It is high time that Asians start a news agency that reports news the Asian ways, news that are written and read by Asians, particularly of their respective countries. It is an insult to the respective people of their countries to have their own news, domestic news, written and told by the angmohs or fake angmohs. When would the Asians start to respect themselves to have their own people tell their own stories and not to be seen and told from the perspective and tainted views of angmohs whose interests are contrary to their well being?

There are many able Asians, politically conscious of what is going on around Asia, to take up this call, to set up an Asian media, with Asians managing and writing and telling Asian news. People like Jack Ma, Li Ka Shing, Robert Kuok or Ho Kwon Ping, just to mention a few, should step forward, individually or as a team, to form such a news agency, to educate and enlighten the daft Asians that they are not that daft, to have pride in being Asians and to think Asians. They could cooperate with the respective govts of Asian countries to have their respective news makers and producers, to tell the world about themselves, in their own words, and free their people from being colonised by the angmohs for the last time.

Asia is for Asians. Asians must take charge of their own lives and do, think, talk about what is good for themselves, not what the angmohs are saying and thinking for them. Asia must grow up, be adults, not forever be like children or adolescents, forever needing to be told and led by the angmohs. Asians must free themselves from being colonised by the angmohs and chart their own destinies, to be themselves and be proud of themselves, for their own good.

The last thing the literate Asians should do is to assist the angmohs to continue to colonise the minds of fellow Asians. You don't need the angmohs to tell you to hire them to teach in your universities to deserve higher rankings. You don't need the angmohs to tell you that you are well and good, to tell you who is the devil and who are the good guys. You have a mind to think for yourself.

You are Asians, not angmoh slaves and servants.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, think that maybe u need to write an e-mail or letter to the PMO or PeeAm that Sinkieland's territory is no more a British colony & there is no need to celebrate 200 years of British colonial rules as these would save tax payers monies & time. Sinkieland need to wake up & tell the west angmohs that we r a sovereign island city no inferior ever any more & its govt must believe to invest on its own human capital.
Already an NS man died of heat stroke as nobody believe in him, what if a cuntry don't believe on its people citizens it would be a disastrous when the times comes.

Anonymous said...

Rotating to politics n GLCs pampered temp golden spooned paper generals running the army. What do you expect?

Anonymous said...

The NS Guardsman was a scout from the Recce Unit. If SAF officers do not believe in the words of their "elite" scouts, during peace-time, what will happen to the scouts during war time.

If you were the scouts, knowing from peace-time experiences that your superiors will not believe in what you report, what do you think you should do, when sent out on a dangerous mission to gather information about the enemy?

Answer: Provide Fake News!

Virgo 49 said...

Many bananas loved to be screwed by the Whites. Now even PrCs women walking proudly hugging the bloody whites in my estate.

One bloody Brit gave me and NY family Hell for five years as a tenant living just above me and now another fraking White took over the lease from another new owner and last two weeks kept me awake with his bloody bad habits of nuisance noises.

Farking Whites also believe that they can ride all over Asians with their imagingery superiority and their builts.The worst the farking Asians also thinks that they are so.

Every where they goes, they create troubles. Farking bougus Swiss banker also operate vice rings. Asians imitated how they speak with pricks in their mouths and thought they are classy.

Farking bananas. One observation see the bloody black ants features as alike with the whites.Only black in colour and they are just as kwa lan like them.

Anonymous said...

Rb, you not counting CNA?😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

It is an irony, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

One CNa news reader was heard saying ' happy birthday your majesty' last week on national TV !was Really stunted like vegetables....
Please dun do that on Singapore national TV... this is not 1845 where the straits times was under the British empire ....

Anonymous said...

Was really cringing watching the Commonwealth game. What's so 'Commonwealth ' about it really? Did UK share its wealth with all these countries?

During the ceremony it was like reliving the colonial glory.

Anonymous said...

CNA? See how many angmohs reporting news of Asian countries.

The CNA has been colonised. Angmoh tua kee.

Anonymous said...

By 1949, the British Commonwealth was a group of eight countries, each having George VI as King. India, however, desired to become a republic, but not depart the Commonwealth by doing so. This was accommodated by the creation of the title Head of the Commonwealth for the King and India became a republic in 1950. Subsequently, many other nations including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore ceased to recognise the Head of the Commonwealth as their respective head of state.[1]Wikipedia

Singapore is a republic..

Anonymous said...

On 16 May 1949, during the Constituent Assembly Debates for the framing of a republican constitution, Nehru declared in the house that:

“ We join the Commonwealth obviously because we think it is beneficial to us and to certain causes in the world that we wish to advance. The other countries of the Commonwealth want us to remain there because they think it is beneficial to them. It is mutually understood that it is to the advantage of the nations in the Commonwealth and therefore they join. At the same time, it is made perfectly clear that each country is completely free to go its own way; it may be that they may go, sometimes go so far as to break away from the Commonwealth...Otherwise, apart from breaking the evil parts of the association, it is better to keep a co-operative association going which may do good in this world rather than break it.[7

Anonymous said...

Draft of the declaration of independence

Nehru drafted the Indian declaration of independence, which stated:

We believe that it is the inalienable right of the Indian people, as of any other people, to have freedom and to enjoy the fruits of their toil and have the necessities of life, so that they may have full opportunities of growth. We believe also that if any government deprives a people of these rights and oppresses them the people have a further right to alter it or abolish it. The British government in India has not only deprived the Indian people of their freedom but has based itself on the exploitation of the masses, and has ruined India economically, politically, culturally and spiritually. We believe therefore, that India must sever the British connection and attain Purna Swaraj or complete independence.[36] Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in China 1860

On October 18, Lord Elgin, the British High Commissioner to China, retaliated against the torture and executions by ordering the destruction of the Old Summer Palace.[12] Destroying the Old Summer Palace was also thought to be a way of discouraging the Qing Empire from using kidnapping as a bargaining tool.[13]

It took 3,500 British troops to set the entire place ablaze, and the massive fire lasted for three days.

Unknown to the troops, some 300 remaining eunuchs and palace maids, who concealed themselves from the intruders in locked rooms, perished with the burnt palace buildings.

Only 13 buildings survived intact, most of them in the remote areas or by the lakeside. (The palace would be sacked once again and completely destroyed in 1900 when the forces of the Eight-Nation Alliance invaded Beijing.[14])

Charles George Gordon, who was then a 27-year-old captain in the Royal Engineers and part of the 1860 Anglo-French expeditionary force, wrote about his experience:

Anonymous said...

'We went out, and, after pillaging it, burned the whole place, destroying in a vandal-like manner most valuable property which [could] not be replaced for four millions.

We got upward of £48 apiece prize money...I have done well. The [local] people are very civil, but I think the grandees hate us, as they must after what we did the Palace.

You can scarcely imagine the beauty and magnificence of the places we burnt. It made one's heart sore to burn them; in fact,

these places were so large, and we were so pressed for time, that we could not plunder them carefully.

Quantities of gold ornaments were burnt, considered as brass. It was wretchedly demoralising work for an army.' Wikipedia

Please stop calling them 'tua kee' it is nauseous!

Anonymous said...

While this is supposed to be the Asian Century, the shameless and prideless bananas in the Asian countries still feel inferior to the angmohs and the women would flip when they see one coming their way.

Anonymous said...


I hope more ang mohs come here. Then it becomes easier to rent out my condos & at higher prices.

I've been talking to my PAP MP (a minister) to feedback to the cabinet to open the floodgates a bit wider.

My current rentals still OK, but nothing wrong with earning more money right?!?

He tells me they also want to open floodgates wider, but need to wait until after GE. Sianz ... 2+ more years.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon, Sinkies yearn for four wheels but gng png pump $135.00 and claimed only asked for $10.00. Also previously car parks also want to save 0.80cts and ran 50 metres beating even Bolt's record when the car park auntie came checking. Coffeeshops poor PRCs servers even have to shout "Car park lai loh".First words as taught by their supervisors.

Poor Unko or auntie just earned $20.00 to $30.00 for twelve hours have to cough out how many work free days???

Living and conning on the miseries of others.

Many had HDB flats and thinks that
buying condos to rent and collect rentals to offset their mortgages.

Thought that Sinkielnad properties forever up and up and up.

Many idiots also thinks that it is class to have a piece of the private property and capital gains. Many living from Hands to mouths and Farking black faces every day. In SINKIE land, when I am in there, I always tried not to look at anybody faces as my 4D and Toto and PMP,Magnum and SportsToto will go haywire.

The owners who stayed in their Condo mostly had strangers living among them with most Foreign Trashes who are likely to give them scorns and HELL.

Now URA encouragingly short term rentals and many will suffer greatly due to these trashes many uncivilized behaviours.

Many even after collecting the rentals found that the repairs to their properties caused more than their repairs. On top the Tax men come after your Arses if you do not declared your rental income.

Some tenants can be really nasty and demanded that you come and change even a simple light bulb and air cons always give problems due to their misuse.

Poor owner occupants suffered noise and other pollution and shortened their lives thinking they are class Condo owners.

I do not not believed in renting out even my Melaka Condo and Apartments as I have heard horror stories from friends and even siblings.Your flat or Condo like pigstys when most shifted out.

If they are been sub sub and further rent out by your lessee and used for gambling or prostitution houses, then woe befall you. Your next three generations be cursed for been Brothel owners.

Waiting for the beautiful day when the property markets slumps and you will have many sky diving.

By all means rent and lived on the miseries of others who suffered great hardships and inconveniences by your petty gains on the miseries of others.

Waiting for the day of the Great Karma. Have to concentrate on my Roulette now.