Hawaii - This is how a nuclear war could have started

The Americans could have fire their nuclear missiles yesterday due to a 'mistake' in a drill to detect incoming missiles following the recent tension with North Korea. With everyone being made to believe that the North Koreans could fire their missiles, a missile attack warning that is said 'not a drill' is all that is needed to put everyone on panic mode. Below is reported in YahooNews.

'An alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile aimed at Hawaii was sent in error Saturday, sowing panic and confusion across the US state -- which is already on edge over the risk of attack -- before officials dubbed it a "false alarm."

Emergency management officials eventually determined the notification was sent just after 8:00 am (1800 GMT) during a shift change and a drill after "the wrong button was pushed" -- a mistake that lit up phones across the archipelago with a disturbing alert urging people to "seek immediate shelter."

The erroneous message came after months of soaring tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, with North Korea saying it has successfully tested ballistic missiles that could deliver atomic warheads to the United States, including the chain of volcanic islands.

"I deeply apologize for the trouble and heartbreak that we caused today," said Vern Miyagi, administrator of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency.

"We've spent the last few months trying to get ahead of this whole threat, so that we could provide as much notification and preparation to the public.'....14 Jan 18

This event clearly demonstrates that the North Koreans need not do anything to precipitate a nuclear attack on them. Some mischievous people could fabricate one, an inside job, to force the hands of the already mad Americans to fire their missiles. And who would be the likely culprit to want the Americans to attack North Korea? Definitely there would be some hawks in the American administration that would want such an eventuality. Then there are outside sources and Japan is uppermost in the mind. The Japanese have every reason to want North Korea destroyed and the USA as well. An attack on North Korea would bring in the Chinese and Russians to attack the Americans and the three super powers will simply annihilate each other and making Japan the big winner.

And who do you think this Vern Miyagi is? Something really suspicious indeed. How can a country simply leave its strategic functions and assets to foreigners to take charge? They were all locked up during WW2 to prevent them from creating mischiefs. How trustworthy are foreigners when their loyalties and interests could be in conflict with the national interest of the host country? What is their agenda? And with the American Pacific Fleet in the hands of another Japanese Commander, the situation is dire.

Can silly countries learn from this episode to stop them from handing vital and strategic functions and assets to foreigners? Foreigners are so nice, so safe? Which twit said that?

PS: Have we forgot that prior to WW2, the Japanese had already flooded the island with their spies? The island was not just Hawaii, it was Singapore.


Virgo49 said...

The North Koreans laughing till they rolled on the floors.

See how pak see these Americans are.

Everyday in panic stations

You think can survive in Nuclear Holocaust? ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They fabricated a shadow into a monster. Now they are fearing the shadow they created.

Anonymous said...

The elites make the citizens fear them. Nuclear threats make the elites fear their lives. Chances of mistakes get higher and higher with bloated ego among leaders and bloated bureaucracies. One of the "heads' anyhow panic and give wrong alarmist feedback & you have it.

Our small city is a excellent example of a gigantic bloated wasteful bureaucracies; just look at the enormous PeeMO office and the layers of civil services, stat boards, mayor offices, CCC, RC, etc. Low productivity definitely starts with the governing structure in tiny Singapore.
Eg one tragic fallen tree at Botanic and Npark is everywhere cutting down big matured trees that take years to grow, and top bureaucrats n ministers all keep quiet. Probably has to wait until the PeeM realize it. Sheer Panic. HOW UNPRODUCTIVE!

Anonymous said...

Virgo 8.22am //You think can survive in Nuclear Holocaust? ?//

Tot u said previously go to the mountains?

Rationally everyone could think of the same thing?

In India, if 1.25 billion all go to mountains, what will happen?

In China, if 1.35 billion choose likewise, can all the mountains sustain life for even a few weeks ...?

How about Indonesia (250 million), Msia (32 million), Vietnam (100 million) ...?

All go to mountains?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //The Japanese have every reason to want North Korea destroyed and the USA as well. An attack on North Korea would bring in the Chinese and Russians to attack the Americans and the three super powers will simply annihilate each other and making Japan the big winner.//

It is not unthinkable that is the anonae intentions?

It happened during the First Sino Japenise War in 1894-95?

Later on, the retired Japenise PM involved during 1894-95 recounted how far back their preparations started in anticipation of that war ...?

It was as far back as the Franco-Prussia War (1870) when they started sending young naval officers to UK and all over Europe & US to "learn the ropes" as well as secure the latest war ships and ammunitions?

Also to scuttle the Chinese efforts (in those days the Manchurian Qing Dynasty to be more precise) to acquire latest war ships & technology ...?

Anonymous said...


He ran errands for Japanese officers, and, at the encouragement of the officer, who gave him an English-Japanese dictionary, he began learning Japanese.

When the company was due to be pulled out from Muar a few months later, a new job was secured for Mr Nathan at a Japanese firm.

There, his command of Japanese caught the eye of another Japanese officer working for the inspector-general of police for Johor, and he was hired to join the Japanese civilian police, with which he stayed for the rest of the war until the Japanese surrendered.

Anonymous said...

Think the warning system is terribly designed. Hopefully the nuclear button that Trump talked about is not as flimsy or else he may just trigger a nuclear war without the ability to self correct immediately. Understand the siren once triggered cannot be shut down within 40 minutes. By this time, the world has break to pieces already.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 13, 2018 7:40 pm
//Hi Anon 6.00 Prepared to enjoy First class security service by our gallant Taiwanese APOs. Ahgongkia, their kins and admirer praised them for their sense of duty. Our front line Homeland Defence is in good hands. My friend just whatsapp that after Yong Peng Rest Stop which is another two hours before TuasCheck Point is already jammed. //

Normal times already jammed 100 km to Yong Peng?

Fake news or real?

Then "abnormal times how"?

Jammed until where?



Alor Star?


Hat Yai?




How bad would the jam be?

Anonymous said...


Major General Vern T. Miyagi assumed duties as the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, United States Pacific Command in February 2006. As the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, General Miyagi is the principle advisor to the Commander regarding reserve component readiness and operations and facilitates Homeland Security activities between state, National Guard, active military and Federal agencies.

General Miyagi is a 1971 distinguished military graduate of the University of Hawaii ROTC program. During the Hurricane Iniki relief operations on Kauai in 1992, General Miyagi served as the operations officer for the deployed Hawaii Army National Guard Joint Task Force. In 2000, he served as Hawaii Army National Guard Joint Task Force commander for the Asian Development Bank civil disturbance contingency operation. More recently, the General's primary focus was on the deployment of Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers in support of Operations Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Iraqi Freedom. From 2003 to 2006, General Miyagi also served in a dual hat position as the Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Operations, U. S. Pacific Command.


1971 University of Hawaii - BBA Degree - Accounting
1972 University of Hawaii - MBA Degree - Accounting
1986 U. S. Marine Corps Command and Staff College
1996 Army War College Fellowship - Ridgway Center for International Security Studies, University of Pittsburgh


1. January 71 - August 72, U. S. Army Reserve Control Group
2. August 72 - January 73, Student, U. S. Army Armor School, Ft. Knox, Kentucky
3. January 73 - August 73, U. S. Army Reserve Control Group
4. August 73 - December 74, Administrative Officer, 322d Civil Affairs Group, Honolulu, Hawaii
5. December 74 - July 77, Redeye Platoon Leader, 100th Battalion, 442d Infantry, Honolulu, Hawaii
6. July 77 - January 79, Battalion Communications-Electronics Officer, 100th Battalion, 442d Infantry, Honolulu, Hawaii
7. January 79 - August 81, U. S. Army Reserve Control Group
8. August 81 - October 82, Assistant Comptroller, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
9. October 82 - August 85, Comptroller, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
10. August 85 - June 86, Student, U. S. Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Quantico, Virginia
11. June 86 - October 92, Comptroller, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
12. October 92 - November 94, Chief Plans Officer, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
13. November 94 - July 95, Commander, 2d Battalion, 299th Infantry, Hilo, Hawaii
14. July 95 - August 96, Student, U. S. Army War College Fellowship, Ridgway Center for International Security Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
15. August 96 - November 97, Chief Plans Officer, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
16. November 97 - June 99, G2, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
17. June 99 - February 00, G3, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
19. February 00 - May 03, Chief of Staff, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
20. May 03 - January 06, Assistant Adjutant General/Commander - Army, Headquarters, State Area Command, Hawaii Army National Guard, Honolulu, Hawaii
21. June 03 - January 06, Dual Hat Position, Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Operations, Headquarters, U. S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Honolulu, Hawaii
22. February 06 - Present, Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, U. S. Pacific Command

MAJOR AWARDS AND DECORATIONS: Nothing of significance.

Anonymous said...

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Also to avoid passerbys stepping on the dog's Pee And Poo, uncle virgo contemplating making some signage hand on his dog to warn passerby ...?

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Small matters ...?

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That is all it is abt?

Anonymous said...

The "FALSE" Alarm was not a false alarm. It was a deliberate attempt by this Japanese Major General to make the US President fire off nuclear weapons against North Korea as well as the US Pacific Command to activate the 7th Fleet to engage North Korea. He probably is a close friend of the Japanese Admiral who is commanding the US Pacific Command.

This is my intuitive assessment - with 90% confidence.

Anonymous said...

We are 99.9% sure that Vern T. Miyagi is trying to start a war, just like the Taiwanese naval guy who fired a ship missile toward China . . .

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49January 12, 2018 6:25 pm //Hello b, PeePoo is ..... Pee And Poo. Everyday I walked my goD-spelled backwards I tell her to ...... Pee And Poo Cheers//

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting incidence, no one was sacked. It proved beyond doubt that missile firing system is well in control in US command.
Last year, taiwan fired a real missile towards china side. This missile was fired by a non officer low ranking soldier pressing the wrong button. The low flying shiongsan missile shot through a fishing boat and landed in the sea. If free fly, it would have reached china xiamen side. Problems might arise.
When shiongsan was shot, residents at seaside was seen standing outside to watch the sky. The sharp distinctive sound indicated what was flying on sky.

On hawaii land, the false alarm did cause people to run to bomb shelters.

In both incidences, there was no incidence of china responded by firing missiles to taiwan or US missiles let go. Whoever had the idea to trigger a missile war will need to work out a real war rather than accidental war. It means starting a battle first: such as shooting at North Korean when they are doing their jobs at 38 degree and build up troops at its border.

Taiwan had military expert talked about using 2 missiles to destroy 3 Gorges or changzhang san xia.
This one is far shameful idea as that is not a military target. But it reflected how hearts longing for war would have thought.

US senate had passed a proposal to enable high level or all level officials to visit taiwan. This one if Trump sign at the end similar to that he signed for fleet visit to taiwan, will indicate what US s intention is. In other words, US is planning war, using the sparking point at North Korea. Note that UK war ships HMS are on the war towards North Korea side, as promised Abe. Russia is reacting on this. Russia said it worried its own security is threatened. It had 50 planes doing air missiles and bombing exercises near china and north korea borders.

Readers should take this hawaii mis button as a pre warning for war. The war front is korea but the real target is not korea obviously. Putin is a ex kgb and his reactions with war planes exercises should be noted. Kim was laughed at by scmp article for not concerning its border at the north. The situation might end up with a south and north war fronts after all the peace talks end up nothing on denuclearization which US and China want.
What US s hawks want is not just North Korea Kim s collapse. Only naive politicians who bent for screwing will believe US will stop at Kim s collapse. Of course, Japan will have good laugh in view of the development. So does taiwan, horray.

Watch Putin s words. Among these politicians, he is the one who might support Kim.

Anonymous said...

How can they press the wrong button? This is a ridiculous excuse and a cover up to hide their incompetence. As ridiculous as telling the Chinese that they used the wrong co-ordinates to bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Are these people children playing computer games?

These are professional people manning important military installations and supposedly the military with the best intelligence in the whole world. They were supposedly the best army in the world with the best experience in actual combat all over the world. Not paper generals in charge!

I wonder.....

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole world will be destroyed, if not by natural disasters like melting of the poles, will be by failure of too smart technology that will trigger a nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

9.49am //The war front is korea but the real target is not korea obviously.//

2018 in Chinese Zodiac is "wu xu"?

What is "wu xu"?

"Xu" in technical chinese geomancy term is a resevoir?

Reservoir of what?

Remember Chinese culture is abt harmony, balance, ying yang, 5 elements ...?

"Xu" technically in Chinese geomancy lingua is a resrvoir of "FIRE" .....?

What represent "fire"?

In terms of geo-politics, it could be represented by "explosives" ...?

What could trigger this (dormant) reservoir to "be released" ...?

Pple generally know what is a water reservoir and what would happen if the floodgates are opened ...?

How abt a "FIRE" reservoir?

What could trigger it?

(Stay tuned ... To be continued .....)

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese fired nuclear missiles to USA knowing that both countries will be destroyed, do u think the Chinese will leave the Japanese alone? Unless the Chinese do not have enough missiles, they will fire the missiles to japan, South Korea, India and Europe and if got one spare one may be to peesai as well though low priority😰😰😰

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Think about this 'false alarm' seriously. When it was triggered, many systems would be activated. Many depts and agencies would be activated. The alarm went on for 40 minutes. How far did the American defensive system go when missiles were claimed to be flying towards Hawaii?

How far were the Americans' fingers on the buttons to release their missiles at North Korea or even China and Russia? They did not say anything about where the missiles were coming from, not necessarily from North Korea.

The whole incident was deliberate to start a war. When and at what point did the Americans realise that it was a false alarm and order to stand down? This was not simply a false alarm. Many counter attack systems must have been activated. Very likely all the nuclear attack centres would have been activated but the Americans are trying to cover this up. The Americans would react when they have detected missiles flying to American bases or states. This is very serious business.

This incident is not a joking matter. A little miscalculation, a little panic, a little fumbling and sense of insecurity was all it takes for the Americans to fire their nuclear missiles.

How was Third World War avoided on 14 Jan 2018? Some heads must roll. There can be no mistake of such nature allowed and thinking that 40 minutes went by and with many commanders ready to push the buttons. This was a Red Alert situation.

Think about it.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro 8.43

Nuclear missles to and fro between the Nuclear Countries will have even America including Hawaii into dust.

No point take shelters lah. Likewise SINKIE Land.

Whereas in China if you go to the mountains and the balance billions in other cities or whatsoever counties as they are, chances of Survivals is greater.
The Country is so vast like innner Mongolia etc. No need even have to live gas masks lives forever.

So even in war, Chinese will be still have some standing.

There's a prophesy that when the World ended. Mankind of other Races will be fullyeliminated but the Chinese will still have some Survivals.

Long Chiong pan Hey Tua, Tien Lan see Chet pua - All become charcoal but Chinese only die half.


Anonymous said...

For mankind is consider lucky?


Cos if divine is not merciful, 2018 could be volatile ...?

Luckily the astrology in 2018 for explosive trigger is avoided by 17 hours of difference in the Chinese Lunar calendar ...?

If 5 Feb 2018 is 4 Feb 2018, the outcome for 2018 is worrisome?

But generally, 2018 is still bad for certain pple born under some zodiac sign ...?

In terms of ranking, at the bottom in terms of health & luck are those born in year of dragon ...?

Especially those born 1964, 1952 ...?

Chinese say "Orh Mak Kak" ...?

Better go pray Tai Sui ... for those who are Taoist believers ...?

Work/ career wise also quite Jiatlat ...?

All past problems accumulated may surface simultaneously to engender a "PERFECT STORM" ...?

Best stay low or go retreat to a quiet mountain ...?

But bc luck is so bad, need take a lot of precaution cos poisonous animals like scorpion, centenpedes, rattle snakes, cobras, black widow spiders etc may appear out from nowhere & deliver fatal bites ...?

Need wear thick thick lor(if can tahan) ...?

Cover everywhere except nose & eyes ...?

If not hide at home lah as far as possible ...?

Everyday just order fried chicken, burger delivery?

Now got food king kong delivery svc oso?

Can order XO carrot cake?

Kuey lapis oso?

Dunno where to buy just Kee Chiu lor ...?

Rocket said...

Many Japanese moved to Guam after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the US Atomic bombs. Major General Vern Miyagi's parents were among them. He came to Guam together with his parents. He was raised in Guam and later went to study in Hawaii. After graduation, he joined the US Military. He is now a 2-star General after spending all his life in the US Military.

What do you think his he harbours in the dark recess of his heart and mind?

Knowing what the Japanese are capable of, I won't hesitate to think that he has VENGEANCE deeply embedded inside his PSYCHE - a Natural Instinct of All Japanese People for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

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Morning u let her do the Pee And Poo oredi?

Must remember pick up after that, wrap in rubbish bag & throw into the rubbish dump so the rubbish truck can collect and drive to the Tuas Incinerator to burn your dog's Poo Poo (to ashes) ...?

Anonymous said...

For such a serious thing as pushing a 'life and death button' during a red alert situation, there must be someone higher up the hierachy overseeing the one pushing that button, and may even need to go up to the very top. This is an unbelievable excuse. And pushing the wrong button at that. How about pushing the launch button?

But of course, if those at the top are sleeping, with no one to slap them, like the MRT management in red dot, we just have to believe that not everything is as transparent as they claimed.

Anonymous said...

The Japs have long memories.

And so does the Chinese, Koreans and those countries in South East Asia.

We cannot trust the Japs, and they know that most Asians do not trust them. Hence their belligerant attitudes and behavior and refusal to admit their atrocities committed during WW2. They are intent on going back to their old samurai habits if they build up their military.

jjgg said...

Push one wrong button n create mass anxiety n paralysis? Trump pushes all the wrong buttons n still remain in charge. Singapore government pushing right buttons? Never in the history of Singapore has it's citizens been so heavily taxed.. never in the history of Singapore has there been a more expensive legislature.. never in the history of Singapore has it's citizens been more deprived of its civil liberties.. never in the history of Singapore has there been a greater divide of have n have nots.. are these the right buttons?

Anonymous said...

U can learn what the westerners in mind by watching how EU wanted UK to pay Euro 80 billions to leave EU. The digs are never ending for free money.

U can watch Duterte to do the dig, he got what he wanted. The next dig is where? The reservoir of money. The chinese believe in ying yang. It is a common believe: human has 2 faces. Newton s second law: action equal to reaction. Iran s belief from its current president: every thing has 2 sides of view. Want more?

In politics, u have the strength, u dig for maximum and the rich one will give up the maximum to avoid something "unlucky in chinese zodiac: "pei xiong".
UK had HK for 100 years free use. Japan had 50 years of Taiwan free use. All because of the emperor wanted to save face: for his kindness, he gave. At the end, China was cut off into parts by Japanese and the westerners. Chinese characteristics is to "pei xie, avoid evil divine, pei xiong, avoid death and injury".

The west want their gold digs. They cannot see a rich chine be a formidable force in future.

Back to the played games on china. The west will use the NK nuclear issue to induce china to give up support, while SK will sooth china s suspicion. It was the ploy played by westerners in shanghai olden time and the Japs kindness to put wanjinwei in power. The chinese were in 2 sides: nationalistic one side, pro westerners the other sides.

NK s game is the same old ploy. Let say the west pushes into NK, and the northern neighbor pushes its troops towards south. Kim will have to pass the nuclear to whom? If westerners dont want the nuclear toys, they will want china to pay them a big sums billions of dollars. Its a game that might take months to end (if according to planned moves which often not accurate). China avoided long war if it plays a part. China will get longer war if it help Kim to fight the westerners and japanese.
This is real ying yang plays in chinese war game: one Peking uni professor wrote the article telling china leaders to discuss the handling after Kim. Do u started to think about it similar to above?

There are always 2 sides of a view: iran said so. There is action equal to reaction: scientists said so. U chose ying yong is chinese said so. Who will win? No one knows.

Anonymous said...

11.02am //But of course, if those at the top are sleeping, //

Maybe not only "sleeping" but "grabbing pxxsy" ...? Remember palmergate & buttockgate? Tip of iceberg ...? Anyhow whack ...? Today dunno tmr ...? Some more paid out of this world $$$ .... from top to bottom including middle ...? On stage tawk corks and absolutely NOTHING sincere ...? When is wayang kulit going to end? Everyday kena cxxxe by countless pple ...? Its a matter of time kena jiatlat jiatlat (karma) if not kena oredi till fully paid ...? The porlampa same ... like the freak accident ...? Traffic opp oso can "fly over" & send the porlampa to ......? Pls con't to be (super) kuai lan (& abuse xxxxx to the max) ... the karma will be proportional ...?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.58

Go gym for some exercise. My dog adopted from shelter previously from Pulau Ubin very SMART. She will pee and poo on the grass ONLY at those plaques of those Ministers and MPs of tree plantings spots.

So really Pee And Poo - PAP.

Wah piang tomorrow's gona taste Ahgongkia's kins, his Taiwanese APOs at the check points going to Matland Europe.

DONT know how many hours kena stuck. 100 % strip and frisks. Whether must also take out shoes, pants and underwear.

Now already kena hand phone, belts and sometimes even watched.

Wah, Lau chau Bohs already shouted at you. Now kena further by Foreign Mercenaries. Nine times out of ten times, i kiosks screwed up.

What's sort of systems they have.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 11.26am //Wah piang tomorrow's gona taste Ahgongkia's kins, his Taiwanese APOs at the check points going to Matland Europe.//

Drive up lah ...?

Alternatively take some kakis car up lah ...?

Reach Awana Station change to cable car lah ... many car park lots there a few thousand ... members free parking .... no?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! The fun has just started.

Watching the world burn and "the people who deserve the government they get" get royally fucked, then suffer πŸ’£ and scream for god's help πŸ’€....that is in-the-moment live-stream entertainment Hollywood can't match. πŸ‘πŸΎ (The "wprld-peace" motherfuckers in pain. I love it muah! 😘

Encore! Play on! Standing ovation! πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ Fuck The World!

🀑 🀣

Rocket said...

Mitsuko Heidtke shakes her head in disbelief after hearing that Hawaii is now the first US state to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear strike by North Korea. She lives on the island of Oahu now, but 72 years ago she was in Hiroshima, Japan.

Heidtke says she was 10 years old when she experienced first~hand the utter devastation and the terrible consequences a nuclear bomb can deliver. She is disturbed to learn that there is even a remote possibility of going through anything like that again in her lifetime.

Growing tensions between the US and North Korea have led Hawaii to take action.

On August 6, 1945, Heidtke was on a train going to school.

“I saw the flash. I have never seen anything that bright. Then I saw the mushroom cloud,” Heidtke said.

She got off the train and witnessed the worst scenes of her life.

“It was so terrible. People were running away with their skin hanging from their bones and burned.”

At least 200,000 people were killed instantly by the initial blasts of the two US Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

More than 72 years later, the threat of a nuclear strike is being planned for.

State and military officials know there will be little time to react if North Korea does launch a nuclear warhead aimed at Hawaii. The state has been working on updating preparations for some twelve months now.

If North Korea uses an IBM, from launch to impact in Hawaii is approximately 20 minutes,

"Pacific Command would take about fives minutes to characterize a launch, where the missile is going, which means the population would have about 15 minutes to take shelter,” said Major General Miyagi.

Hawaii is working on how to warn its 1.4 million residents by a siren system and messages through cell phones.

“We want people to simply have a plan in place just like they would for a hurricane, tsunami, or any other disaster.” Miyagi said. But he is keenly aware that getting people to be prepared takes a lot of cajoling and constant reminding.

Hawaii has a much larger comprehensive emergency plan already in motion.

The current estimate is that North Korea likely possesses a nuclear device very similar in strength to what the US dropped on Hiroshima. It would be devastating. Those in proximity to the impact site would instantly die.

Hundreds of thousands of people across the Hawaiian Islands would survive the initial blast, meaning residents need to know how to keep themselves alive until help arrives.

Miyagi said: “It is the nuclear fallout that could end up killing people after the initial impact, unless people know what to do.”

"The message is simple: Take shelter immediately after a warning is issued."

“You can’t take time to call your wife, your kids, your husband to pick them up and try to find a shelter,” Miyagi said. “There is no time for that.”

“We don’t want to scare people. They should not panic, but they should prepare,” Miyagi said.

Mitsuko Heidtke never thought she would have to think about another nuclear attack. She searched for days for her mother near ground zero and never found her. That scenario played out with many of the mothers from her neighborhood who were volunteering in town that day. She has one message to world leaders and anyone who will listen.

“This kind of bomb should never be used, never ever again.”

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 11.26am //She will pee and poo on the grass ONLY at those plaques of those Ministers and MPs of tree plantings spots. So really Pee And Poo - PAP.//

Thank yew ...

Oops ... thank yew doggie ...?

Uncle RB, should readers @ MSN not contribute & award a plaque & a full year of nutricious dog food to this SMART dog of uncle virgo?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 14, 2018 3:25 pm
//Right Anon 3.00 Barisan Socialists under Lee Siew Chor made a fatal mistake in walking out of the Parliament. Voted in 13 MPs and they vacated their Seats. Afterwhich Sinkies lostb confidence in them. SDP under CST also won two seats in Bukit Batok and Nee Soon but lost due to their incompetence. Acutually, cannot blame them for they have no supports to run their Town Councils. You know, those government agencies silver serpents also gave them HELL. Opposition parties candidates just need to get themselves elected.//

Actually quite eazi ...?

Just explain to voters where the mouth is ...?

Explain in (simple) layman terms Economics that even chair mare goo botakchay blind oxes understand ...?

But first must conduct some simple (layman as simple as abc) Economics lessons in MSN ...?

But dunno uncle rb allow or not?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo,

Once after lunch uncle rb gives thumbs up the go ahead sign then can start the first lesson le ...

Btw, a prelude ...

Lesson 1: Voters Utility Maximisation Under Current Regime (& how can voters use their one vote to maximise their utility without incurring extra costs (more taxes etc etc)?

Lesson 2: Budget Constraint (How to elect a govt that doesnt pay itself out of thsi universe paychecks?)

So now lesson can kick off le after lunch once uncle rb gives go ahead thumbs up ... sinkies can embark on a new chapter ...?

Evrything ready ...

Wan Shi Ju Bei, Zhi Qian Dong Feng .....

Oops salah ...

Wan shi ju bei, zhi qian rb signal thumbs up go ahead ...?

Anonymous said...

Jan 14 3:25pm
Not correct because of town council: those days mp did not run town council. Those day hdb flats were not popular, how could they run town council? Mostly are atap or zinc houses landed properties.

Barisan mp ditched themselves and were arrested after lots of protesting on streets, resulted Kai Giam. Old fart locked them up unless they admitted as communists. One was locked for 32 years.

Got this right: if mp are not doing their jobs to serve the constituents, they will be ditched and voters will never come back.

Pee and pee got in 3 millions foreigners to cause jobs market distribution problems bias towards cheaper asking priced foreigners will be a huge problem. The salary level cannot go up. The jobless citizens cannot find job fast. The cost paying for bills is twice or three times higher.
Pee and pee will have to face Barisan s similar fate: no loyalty to citizens welfare.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese must be cursing at Harry Harris for not pushing the red button to launch a nuclear strike at North Korea.

Or he tried but his order was blocked by his American commanders?

How many American commanders were at the verge of pushing the red button but obstructed from doing so by other officers? How many American officers disobey the order to fire at the North Koreans?

Thank God the world survived from the brink of a nuclear holocaust and human beans could live another day.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.41

No more free parking.Only VIP Gold Cards and above

Mine, kuching mural, only cha tee

By cars, Worse. Buses, coaches got bus lanes. Sometimes as shared lanes with the trucks got stuck.

Cars, peak, peak chalat. Like snails crawling and many jokers like to cut cut lanes.

Reach the Aetos, suay kena checked vehicle strips. Now Taiwanese, bet you 100% checks.

Whole car torn apart. These jokers always checked wrong people and real smugglers and illegal goods slip thru.

They looked for easy meat Sinkies to abuse their powers.


Anonymous said...

Who is the unnamed employee? Is he another Japanese? Why cover this up. The world demands to know the truth.

Was it really a mistake or someone was behind this, gave him an order to push the button?

Rocket said...

It cannot be an "inadvertent mistake" as claimed by Major General Miyagi. Because for the mere facts:


2. The Alert was sent through sms to all mobile phones, through the Radio and through the Television. At each and every instance, a Verification and double CONFIRMATION have to be made in a two-way communication. How can every level make the same careless mistake? All sleeping or taken drugs or drunk? Nobody verify first?

3. The correction messaage to stand down only come after 38 mistakes. So how can that be a mistake? If it was a mistaken, the culprit who pressed that Button would have realized it immediately and made an instant counter announcement to stand down. They said they could not do it immediately. This is pure bullshit because Hawaiian residents have been subjected to all sorts of Alerts all the time - volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, etc. They already have the means in place to called for a Stand Down for donkey years.

Rocket said...


3. The correction messaage to stand down only come after 38 minutes (instead of "mistakes").

Anonymous said...

If North Korea or any other countries were to launch a Nuclear Strike at Hawaii and USA now, I think most US citizens and residents would believe it is another "False" alarm. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

President Trump was playing golf at that time. He did not make any comment until today. So, what is the conclusion to make? Was it a real false alarm or a false false alarm?

Anonymous said...

George Bush Jr was citing poetry to little children when the twin towers were hit. So, did he know or did he not know that the twin towers would go down?

b said...

There is such a theory. Usofa, germans and japs have been working together for a long time. Usofa did not participate ww2 until germans and japs are losing the ww2 when the others successfully took over many strategic locations. Usofa also gave many scientists and engineers from germany and japan citizenships after they lost ww2. Some of those worked for usofa defence unit.

b said...

No one wonder why UN let germany and japan became rich and powerful again in such short period of time after ww2 after they committed such horrible crimes? Usofa has been the mastermind, imho.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia stock exchange floor collapse was not an explosion cause.
Imagine that.

"Indonesia’s stock exchange evacuated people from the vicinity after a floor collapsed during the midday trading break.

The floor collapsed into the ground level of the bourse’s Tower 2, spokesman Rheza Andhika said by phone, adding that it wasn’t an explosion."

Anonymous said...

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” - Frederic Batista

Anonymous said...

The European Union today is the extension of Germany.
Germany today is the extension of Hitler Nazi Germany without the Nazi uniform.
The only difference is that instead of being controlled by the Nazi, Germany is controlled by the Jews.
The Royal Line in the UK has German blood, therefore today is divided into two camps.
USA is aligned to Israel and Germany, both controlled by the Jews.
The Rothschild Family controls the whole Western World, even Russia; until Putin put a stop and reverse the tide.
USA has always been controlled by the Rothschild Family together with the Rockefeller and the Koch Families.
Donald Trump has been compromised during the course of his Presidential Campaign. That's why his flip-flopping nowadays. So was Barrack Obama, Bushes and Clinton, and almost all other US Presidents in the past, except JFK, Abraham Lincoln and two others.
This is my take but I can be wrong.
You form your own opinions and conclusions.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 15, 2018 11:26 am
//Go gym for some exercise.//

At least yew do at the gym. Use the machines to work out. Good karma. Not like some ex-speaker or MP, work out in some offices, cars, hotels etc etc ... Worst thing is they treat some other human beans spouses as workout machines until the husband found out ...?

Lao hero 10.29am //This was a Red Alert situation.//

Obviously as far as the husbands are concerned. Like LWL said maciam abuse organs of states and power by using position & influence to engage "WW3 with other people's spouses" ...? Like that how can the society function properly? How is the social fabric going to stay cohesive & glued together? Yew are rt, uncle rb ... RED ALERT ... Social fabric collapsing without nuclear bomb ... The enemies don't have to do anything? Lao Goa already said liao ... but he nvr paint the whole picture but nevertheless a Fraudian Slip ... that is, ownselves screw ownselves people ...? Grassroot, grassloot or grasssoot? Yew say lah? Becum 1 big "Orh Gui Keng" liao ...? What kind of examples to set for the young children & teenagers ...? Shame Shame Shame? Still hv the pretense to act like angels and so righteous in community events ...? Fark yew? Karma will catch up for being such hypocrites and engaging in things that cannot see daylights behind people's back?

Uncle Virgo49,

Cannot help but agree with u ...

Grassrot, ie?

That is what they are?

Public servants who abuse their position like ex-MPs the ugly Mount Buttock's Botak ... how pervasive? Work very stress ao must fark a lot is it (with each other at work)? So the students and teachers not stressed? The principals not stressed? Must fark like some ex-MPs with each other (in sch) is it? Good examples to set for the young generations?

Uncle Virgo, (they are) grassrot indeed? So rotten until they see it as a way of life? No wonder lsw run riad for good? Where got hope? Everything oso turned upside down? Chio see lang? Now worst oldies cpf kua cha peng (coffin $$$) also can't even touch or see or smell? Fark with pple's lifetime savings $$$? Suka suka? Abuse position & fark with pple's spouses even ex-MPs/ speaker can do that? What kind of fark public serpents are these? Ownselves pay filthy salary & make the whole society so filthy?

Really, the young generations got hope?

How are they going to face the world (with heads held high) with confidence when those supposedly in charge of them are so farked up and rotten?


Lao Hero (14 Jan 2018): //I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same.//

Uncle, unfortunately it is so? No use de? It is rotten liao? Apple rotten liao? And making infecting/ making many other apples rotting too?

No hope le?

What else is left standing not rotten (to the core) yet?


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 15, 2018 12:53 pm
//Anon 11.41 No more free parking.Only VIP Gold Cards and above Mine, kuching mural, only cha tee By cars, Worse. Buses, coaches got bus lanes. Sometimes as shared lanes with the trucks got stuck.//

Uncle & oldies in MSN,

Now no hope left lah ... (in peesai)?

Can eat, eat lah ...?

Can go Jln Jln, then go lah ...?

Better than kena rotten apples & become rotten too, tio bor?

See grassrot, must walk far far away from them?

If Uncle Virgo say earlier, dun mind join him tmr la ... now last min but uni classes just restarted no good sabo pple take urgent leaves lah ...

Mb weekend go join uncle virgo ...

Considering ...

Go have some good beer at the new Sky Mall ... walk amidst the cloud/ mist outdoor ... now even more cooling there .... forget abt the rotten system ...

It is not if but when ...

Waiting for the inevitable ...


This matilar comment (below) summed up everything:?

12.32am, 15 Jan 2018: //Plain Sailing, with the blessings of the Unfair Elitist System curved out by Amos Yee's Horrible Man.//

A joker albeit a clever & observant one ...?

Anonymous said...

@ b January 15, 2018 4:34 pm
//Putin is the real dragon. A communist who is richer than any capitalist ever existed.//

Oh oh ...

Yew are right?

Putin born in Year of dragon?

Jiat lah liao ...?

2018 Year of (Fire Reservoir of) Earth Dog ...?

Go fathom yewrself what might happen?


Anonymous said...

2018 Mid term election could be Dotard's waterloo?

Interesting time in 2018/ 2019?

Anonymous said...

In Chinese zodiac 2018 calendar year, what would happen?

This Dotard is 1946 dog year born?

Dog "clash" with dragon?

Putin born in year of dragon?

But 2018 is dog year?

Means what?

Wonder why after ah long porlampa Dotard in wdc with almost $20 billion, Dotard immediately laukui ah long the following week by telling the whole world $23 billion broadcom is relocating from peesai to yewass?

Dogs and dragons usually hard to be friends as far as chinese zodiac is concerned?

In fact, according to zodiac, dog & dragon are "mortal enemies" (just like snake & rat, dog & cats, .....?

Openly they embrace each other?

Behind, they middle finger each other?

Why yew think Dotard almost immediately announce the withdrawal of $23 billion boradcom f4om peesai after ah long (dig deep) and present Dotard in his homeland wdc a "present" of almost $20 billion order & even say will create a lot of jobs for 20 years for Dotard voters & supporters then Dotard following week lau kui ah long?

How can snake & rat ever be mortal friends and the hug & smile in front if cameras be real?

All wayang kulit?


Anonymous said...

The 2 leaders of the world's 2 largest economies no like ah long?

If not why Dotard do that?

Why Xi detain ah long military veh?

Means peesai jiat lat liao?

Mabu also not happy make noise?

All his hard work in wdc all these years "go up in smoke"?

Still can get up every morning, motivated and go back to work?

What is going to happen in the future?

The JLB give sch children a few hundred $ on stage tawk until maciam like santa claus?


Wait till 19 Feb jlb drop "bombshell"?

Give 1 small chicken wing to the kids take back 1 whole lorry life time chicekn farm?

Still dun get it?

They act act and think all others dump ass dunno anything?

Who is the dump ass (tawking on stage, looks like one, acts like one, tawks loke one)?

Anonymous said...

The leaders of the world's 2 most powderful countries showed middle fingers?

The leaders of the world's 2 largest economies showed middle fingers?

Wan dan le?

The daft 69.9% still sleeping no understand the implication, ramification, reverberation?

Others already said very obviously?

But the peesai 69.9% still dunno what others are saying?

Pee And Poo le?


(Still) No?

What did rb said?

Stupidity no cure de?

Lao Hero (14 Jan 2018): //I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same.//

No hope le?


b said...

Ah long also dragon right? Albeit a small one and so cannot fight the golden dog. But russy dragon is very powerful and thus much more formidable.

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing ...?

2018 dog year?

When bug russy dragon dun wan to be lan lan lang par teh tiao, what could happen?

Dotard soldiers & russy soldiers poliahing their guns facing eaxh other?

And after that make a wayang kulit political dance?

Anonymous said...

How can the big russy dragon stomach it?

WW2 Russia lost more than 35 million pple fightung the nazi?

Fdr lost less than 100,000 pple in ww2 but becum world police?

Polar bear did all the hard work & heavy lifting to deplete the nazi military and fdr soldiers just walked in and take the prize?

Got so chao kuang logix meh?

Anonymous said...

During 2016 primary, Doatrd cliamed his very big, even humiloated and inauoted Megan ...?

But then u see, he is only 6 yrs older than russy dragin?

But Doatrd got no balls?

Does he dare take on russy dragon in the ring to show how big his is since he boasted so.much?

Let russy dragin show Dotard whose is really big in the ring?

Does Doatrd has the balls to take on ruasy dragon in the ring?

Anonymous said...

Part 1:

Lao Hero //The Japanese have every reason to want North Korea destroyed and the USA as well. An attack on North Korea would bring in the Chinese and Russians to attack the Americans and the three super powers will simply annihilate each other and making Japan the big winner.//

This "cheap trick" in Chinese have many phrases & even 3-yo know them by heart?

Means the americunts from WW1 & WW2 are masters of such "cheap tricks" & how can they not know & fall into the "Japenise trap"?

No need to say anymore lah?

During WW2, Nazi & Stalin fought themselves till death like 2 tigers and fdr army so "heroic" walked into france and then western berlin to prevent the encroaching stalin army from taking over the whole of europe? That was the reason why fdr got involved? To thwart stalin efforts to lord over entire europe? Not to their advantage lah? Final count: Stalin lost more than 35 million comrades ...? Fdr: how many soldiers they lost when they walked into france? After all, the nazi sent underaged 10 to 15-yo boys to "fight" the "heros" who save europe after stalin's troops annihilated the entire nazi force in the vast russian wilderness?

In Asia, fdr let the crane & clam fought to their death? China lost more than 30 million comrades and the Jap 90% of their army? Then the americunt re-enter towards end of WW2 and dun even bother to sacrifice their soldiers to fight the remaining 10% Jap army? They just drop atomic bombs to force the Jap surrender? How kind-hearted the yankees? Why they nvr drop the bombs in Germany?

But Karma is a bitch?

When the yankees fought Vietnamese on their own, they had to flee in the end?

Worst is against a poor 3rd world country with only less than 1/4 of americunt population then but can force them to flee?

Nixon even abandon the Gold Std bc of the Vietnam War?

So, this round with the Dotard around & almost 4 times bankrupt, this sly willy lau ah pek who looks so much older than putin who is just 6 years younger than Dotard, will likely play same cheap tricks?

Putin, Xi & fatboy know what Dotard up to lah except peesai world #1 mfa who fell into Dotard humiliation? How can broadcom decide to annouce withdrawal oveenight aftet ah long's present of $20 billion airplanr order? Must be premeditated long ago to lau kui ah long & this world #1 peesai fm walk rt into the trap & got ah long so lau kui? What happened to peesai intelligence? All zzzg?

How not to lose confidence?

Mrt messed up? Fa messed up?

Mabu oso baey tahan quit his post? His decades of hardwork in wdc went up in smoke?

Dotard "cheap tricks" can only be used against the book smart jlb who got their 4As through intensive tuition before A level exam? After that got scholarship then pple really think they are top grade? How come cannot perform in real world like shipping line, mrt etc etc?

Anonymous said...

Part 2:

Ownself praised ownself like laogoa is sure ROAD to destruction & demise?

Contiuing to allow (some) middle rank serpents to abuse their positions (& close 2 eyes) surely will land in big shit eventually for those at the top?

Karma will go one full circle ...?

But now too late le?

The jlb are even too incompetent to avert liao?

Sad ... Sigh ...

Old man claimed behind world class team?

How is that so?

Empirically it is the opposite?

How many billions were lost in UBS, CITIbank, Barlays etc etc investment?

So many things not going right?

Old man's words & empirical facts are oceans apart?

Even old stalwarts like mabu said he want retire le?

Then this philip yeo published a book & said so many "nan ting" stuff?

Why like that arh?

How to expect sinkies to wake up every morning & motivated to face life?

The radio talkshow propaganda alone can turn around & make pple think positive?

Probably the daft 69.9%?

If big things screw up, whatever done and how bz or positive the rest are futile efforts?


Meanwhile, how many EMAs screwing are going on everyday & implicitly or explicitly condone? How can the social fabric not tear apart? How many divorce & family tearing apart? What happen to the sch children? Will they grow up properly? As some said, the mess are accumulating & snowballing? But nothing can be done (unless yew want kena sue till pants & panties drop?)?

Soon, even kpkb in social media could be history ...?

Time will tell ...?

Meanwhile, all oldies & readers "bao zhong" ... Take care ...

For those families & spouses going through EMAs break up, the thoughts are with u ... it is painful and sad for the sch children ... so many cases and should not have happened if obnoxious bastards are prevented/ removed from abuse of position ... meanwhile life have to continue for those who kena, and those who haven't kena (yet?) ...

Either way, it is likely a dark, long and cold journey ahead ...?

Anonymous said...

@b January 16, 2018 4:57 pm
//It is not their money so it is easier for them to spend it like water. In sg, the people have no say. Its a fake democracy. Elections everywhere can be fixed. When the wolves are in charge, the people are screwed.//

During the end of Song Dynasty, the people's lives were horrendous and were supposingly better after the Mongols took over?