What kind of govt do we want?

Today we have a govt that think or decide what is good for us. The govt will tell us what they think they should be doing. Or the govt will just decide what they want to do, and no matter how we protest, how we disagree, how we kpkb, they simply go ahead and do what they want to? Or do we want a govt that do what we want them to do? OK, we may be asking too much, not knowing what we are demanding, but should the govt at least listen to what we want? Can we tell the govt that during bad times, when we are feeling the heat, we want the govt to bring down the cost of living or at least stop raising fees and charges. And not raising fees and charges! And can we ask to govt to spend some of its reserves to alleviate the tough times we are going through? Or do we want a govt that says, ok, costing of living is going up. It is beyond our control and you people must tighten your belt. Don't expect the govt to mess around with market forces. That is not the right thing to do. People must live with the situation and make the best they can. Expecting the govt to help? Don't, we are not a welfare state. We don't give handouts. We expect the people to change their lifestyles and substitute their food with cheaper food. Now, what is a govt for? We vote people to form the govt for what? Did we vote people to rule over us?


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, it was a Government by the people and for the people. It evolved like the characters in 'Animal Farm' as time goes by.

tks said...

Yes, we have voted a government who said Walfare is a dirty word and all VVIPs in the government need to draw million dollars of salary.
On the other hand, the ordinary Singaporeans asked to tighten their belts. What a caring goovernment

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi tks, welcome to the blog.

in paradise, the belief of gods is that gods will always rule paradise. unless gods know that they can replace by other gods, they will keep ruling.

and to answer anonymous in another thread about proven politicians, lets see how proven are our proven politicians.

if i invite two horses to tea and ask the media to write some glorious reports on them, do i have two proven horse politicians?

the two horses could be happily working in the field with not a single interest in politics and the welfare of the people or the country. just for a cup of tea they became seasoned politicians overnight.

Abao said...

Its time governmental powers gets reduced and our rights returned to us. Nevermind the possibilities of rocket inflation, jobless rates, competition and blah, as long as I am alive there's always the possiblity of a happy end at the end of the long winding road.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

we need to tell the govt to back off and let us live our lives and manage our own affairs. they should only go and meddle with the lower income group who are less able to look after themselves.

they need to know that they are not gods.