Children of lesser gods

Toni and Sulaiman were both fined and jailed for their parts in the sale of kidney to Tang Wee Sung. They must know that in a country that is run on the principles of rule of law, justice will come down hard and swift. Whether they are smart ass super talents or penniless and ignorant kampong bums, our justice is blind. They will be dealt with in the same manner. The funny thing is that Toni was exploited when he sold his kidney to Juliana Soh. Now he is helping Sulaiman to be exploited by trying to sell his kidney as well. Probably he must be relishing the great times he had in one of the best hospitals money can buy. Great cushion bed, attached toilet, colour TV and room service with beautiful nurses in attendance. That was what he got when he was exploited. And when he went home, he was back to his wooden hut and probably bed was a few pieces of planks nailed together. And every night the mosquitoes were having a feast from him. Maybe not. With the 186 mil rupiah, he could afford some comfort and not to work for another 16 years. Now both will spend time in jail. Free meals, probably better than what they were getting back home. And I think ceiling fans are provided. And yes, they have fans back in their kampongs, the hand held kind made from palm leaves. I can't help thinking that the two will be back again to volunteer to be exploited. Life has never been that good to them before.

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