Many are shocked and many still in disbelief that Ren Ci's Abbot Shi Ming Yi is being charged for cheating in court. The complacency is quite deep rooted and has been inculcated into the Singaporean mindset over many years. Singaporeans have been taught to accept and believe that everything is in good hands. Do not question. Questioning is creating trouble and will have its due consequences. Better shut up and let the gods do what they think is best. Even in blogs and forums, you can feel the discomfort expressed by the fearful that speaking up is bad. You may even be attacked for speaking the uncomfortable truth. We need more fakes to be exposed to kick Singaporeans out of their long slumbers. And the higher the profile, the better. Let's have a few more big ones. We need the shock treatment to get Singaporeans questioning again and not to accept things as they are told to accept. We need a relearning process which could take another whole generation to rise up to be competent first world citizens. As of today, we are still third world in mindset. We are simply believers in blind faith. Best part is that we are told to be believers. Where got complacency?


Mockingbird said...

Actually even if more scandals at even higher levels of an organisation or a government get exposed, the people's shock won't be that overwhelming. Afterall, all human beings should be given room to make mistakes. Whether they are top leaders or not. Of course we would want to impose higher standards on our leaders, but at the most if our leaders' scandal(s) are exposed, we'd just treat them as unforgiveable crooks, that's all. Life still has to go on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you are most kind. just like me : )