The fanatics decide who should die!

Under the cloud of high moral fanatics The kidney patient is dying. Across the road, several thousands were also dying... of hunger. Some may still get by, living a life of extreme deprivation, never ever have a single day of a decent meal. The obvious outcome is that the kidney patient will die if he can't get a kidney transplant. Many of the hungry and deprived beans wil also die, miserably, without a day of joy and contentment to have a hearty meal. They simply cannot afford it. But the kidney patient may live, and some of these hungry mouths could live better, if the gulf created by the high moral fanatics could be bridged. The logic of these fanatics is that the poor will be exploited by the rich. When has the poor not been exploited by the rich? Then, shouldn't they ask the poor if they are happy to live their pathetic lives given a choice to sell a piece of their organ to those who need them? Who should decide or who is deciding the fate of the kidney patients and the desperate poor? It is bad to benefit from the desperation of the poor to buy their organs. Sound very noble and very tooth. What if the choice is a better life, free from deprivation, and still live on? What if it is a conscious choice, carefully deliberated, that the man is willing to part with his organ to provide for himself and family, a better life, and live with some dignity? What these fanatics have done is to impose their values, their goodness and their selfish do gooder mentality on the desperate poor by not offering them a choice. The fanatics have decided and judged that they should not be allowed to live better by trading their organs. And the fanatics will walk with their heads hung high, that they are morally righteous, that they have helped these poor and deprived beans to live on, hungry every day, with little food and clothing. The fanatics will feel so good that they are their guardians, self declared. That all these miserable people are unable to think for themselves and needed to be protected from exploitation by the rich. Is that so? Who is more righteous? Why can't civilised people, people of the law, work out some rules and regulations to protect the poor from exploitation and allow them to trade their body parts if they so wanted, without jeopardising their lives, so that they and their families can live better? Are the fanatics really helping them by closing off their options!

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