Time to kill the living gods

The living gods once found adultery so detestable that both parties will be drown in a cage when caught. The living gods also claimed that virtuous women shall be buried alive with their husbands. And those who do not believe in the same god as the living gods should be burnt alive at the stakes. Villages were torched and their population cut down by the living gods. Today, the living gods are still much alive and kicking and dictating to the human beans what they think is good for the beans. If your kidney is failing, wait for your turn, if you are lucky, a kidney will arrive. If not, wait to die. And the poor shall be protected from exploitation by the rich and to live in dignity and in poverty. The living gods also said that human beans shall live past 85 years. Sorry about your money in the CPF. No the living gods never say sorry. They just keep it for you. And the living gods also said you will need more visits to the hospitals when you grow old. Abracadabra, your $30k becomes untouchable. What else do the living gods say? Maybe it is time to burn them on the stake. They deserve it for being so righteous and so kind.


Mockingbird said...

The living gods need to be reminded they are mere mortals too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

that is a difficult task when one reaches maslow 5th level of needs.