Why 2 senior ministers and 2 DPMs?

There is an article in Zaobao forum on 8 Jul discussing why the PM needs two senior ministers and two DPMs to assist him. Given the super talent nature of all the ministers, surely the PM should be capable to hold the fort himself, alone. The forumer were trying to reason why is there a need for so many ministers to assist the PM. Subsequently he set this aside and commented on the impression of all the PMs, including the Chief Ministers that Singapore has had and found only David Marshall was the only one who could inspire and create a special aura around him. He then suggested that if the senior ministers were to volunteer to serve the country by taking a $1 salary, the people will greatly admire them for their greatness. After all every one of them have fortunes that could last several generations. Money is not an issue to them. Don't forget they are still receiving their great pensions, probably in the millions. This is an interesting article, really.


Anonymous said...

Really, really surprise me that David Marshall was the only PM among all who could inspire and create a special aura around him. I am sure at least 66.66% of Singaporeans would disagree with this view. No?

Anonymous said...

You're too kind. 66.6% don't even know who David Marshall is. He was exiled to France as ambassador.

Anonymous said...

The URL as below for those who like to read chinese.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

thanks pc, and welcome to the blog.

actually i too agree with the observation. with so much money that even burning away will be an enormous effort, it will be a great public relations exercise to say, 'i will work just for $1.'

it is only a gesture but will be remembered and etched in history.

ok, let's not be unkind. when lky was drawing $12k a month and doing hell of a job, he was very well respected then. his image as a young and dynamic pm was legendary.

Mockingbird said...

Does having 2 DPMs a sign showing the PM's incompetence? Or is just plain typical Singaporean "kiasuism"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

there are many ways of looking at it. but none is good.