After 45 years of independence...

Have we progressed in the area of political development where the people feel more Singaporeans, more involved, more participatory, and feel more as owners of this island? Or are we still in the third world stage, where the people are still ignorant, illiterate, unthinking, wild and violent, bankrupt of ideas, naive fools? Or we have progressed to another plane, the ethereal plane of sheep, a sound proof plane? While we are seeing more people speaking out in the media forum, and more in cyberspace, we are also seeing fear resurfacing now and then. And for those who are talking, they are very guarded and fear treading on people's shoes, and watching the OB markers like hell. Can we blame them? How can we blame them when the official view is that if you want to talk politics, you better be a politician or join a political party. With such middle age mindset still existing in the minds of our veteran politicians and instant tree politicians, I don't think we are progressing at all. We are still Africans in our political make up. Or at best we are living in the days of the dynasties where authoritarianism is the only virtue in statecraft. Alvin Yeo is quoted in the ST as saying, '...political discourse should be carried out through the political process and through political parties, not societies or associations.' What is political discourse? HDB flat allocation is political discourse. Number of babies is political discourse. National Service is political discourse. Jobs and wages are also political discourse. What is not political discourse? Sex and drugs perhaps? I glance through the discussion on the role of the Law Society and the gag on their learned comments on political issues with a big yawn. Maybe we should define the law more clearly. Every profession can only comment on issues related to their specific expertise. The medical profession only on medical matters. Lawyers on legal matters, architects on bricks and mortars, and workers on how to get more pay rises. etc etc And politicians can comment on all matters as all matters are political matters. This must be the best part of this kind of thinking on division of roles and responsibilities. As all things can be seen from a political angle, the politician shall have the privilege to comment on all things. When will we grow up politically despite the world class education and first world economic status?


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ang Tau,

With posts like yours and videos like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HpeTQY_xo0
there's hope yet!

When it reaches a certain stage, tigers are forced to climb walls!

When push turns to shove and people can't take it no more, the crap will hit the fans!

When "Tak Boleh Tahan" becomes "Tong Bway Teow", hell may break loose!

When people realised that the hard work they do does not mean squat, they may just throw in the towel.

It saddens me to see young "successful" dual-income Singaporean family working so hard at the expense of leaving the responsibility of the upbringing of their children to domestic help.

What is the point of chasing the $$$, upgrading and finally letting the domestic help enjoy the fruits of their labour?

Imagine the domestic help enjoying (24 hours) the latest condo the so-called successful couple just bought. Imagine the domestic help watching the beautiful growth of their children (24 hours) while the parents slogged (up to 16 hours a day building progress for our nation) for the next upgrade to a terrace or bungalow?

Now I understand why maids (domestic help) are being abused. Their employers simply turn crazy with abuse when they realised that the beneficiary of all their hard work and sacrifice (children & house} is their domestic help.

So are Struggling Successful Singaporeans actually working for their domestic help aka Maids?

Your answer is as good as mine.

Please understand that I'm respectful of the service provided by domestic help and I'm glad that some I know treat their employers' kids as good as their own, and it's a shame that some spoilt brats and parents treat domestic help like dirt.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi fish,

if you look at how mature our people are with regards to political issues and civil disobedience, i think we should praise ourselves on this. but some may think that the people are sheep, too docile and unthinking, easily fooled.

i think not. we are civilised, educated, politically sensitive and will not resort to violence or threaten the security or stability of our society. we want to engage in a mature and sensible way on what is happening in our own country and where it is heading.

the people are neither fools, nor disinterested. they are just finding their ways around the obstacles erected around them. and either they get around them or eventually they will, like you said, crash through them.

Anonymous said...

When men/women trained, enlightened and qualified to uphold justice do not appreciate and enforce equity, it speaks volumes of their integrities.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi patriot,
you talking about malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean;

my comment should applies to all lawmen, indeed, to all humanity.

BUT, it cannot be that ideal, that's why lawmen are needed to restore justice. So, if they failed, the Jungle Rule will be the only other alternative.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

ya, maybe that's the reason why tommy koh needed to tell them to fight against injustice.

but singaporeans are too pragmatic. as long as they can make their millions and life is comfortable, who cares?

Anonymous said...

When the Lawmakers, Magistrates, Lawyers, Law enforcers and Law related agencies fail in their duties, they are irresponsible, impotent, useless and shameful. They disgrace the Country and mankind.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

respect my friend, respect.

these are top money earners.