Higher revenue with no effort

This is exactly what is happening with the LTA's drive to get more people to take public transport. The ERPs are hurting the people's pockets and more are switching to MRTs and buses. Both service providers are going to see higher profits through no direct effort of theirs. MRT reported that last month the number of trips taken have increased to 41.27 millions. At an average of $1.20 per trip, that is a cool $50 mil a month of revenue. Profit is going to soar. And they are going to apply for fare hike still. Oops, I have forgotten, the fare hike will benefit the greater majority of the commuters, which means the greater majority will pay less.


Mockingbird said...

Fare hikes are meant primarily to increase the profit of the transport service providers more than anything else.

It's the full-paying passengers who are paying for the subsidised fares paid by children, students and senior citizens.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the next ten years will be promising.

GST will go up, that's for sure.

ERP rates will go up, that's for sure.

ERP gantries will go up on more roads, that's already a foregone conclusion. It's a island-wide plan.

MRT fares will go up and up because more people will take MRT, that's the plan, which means more revenue for them. And when we are too dependent on it, die die must pay whatever increase is made to the fares. You may even have to buy a train COE if far too many people take the MRT. Cannot afford, walk or cycle lah!

In short, all these and more will squeeze the last penny out of Singaporeans.

More good years ahead.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

wow, we are sounding too pessimistic and depressing. i think i should go and play a round of golf this weekend and breathe in some fresh air.

Anonymous said...

It is not being pessimistic and depressing. It is being mmentally prepared for the lightning strike before it really hits us. It is the coming reality. It is truly, honestly, truthfully, pessimistically, promising!

Anonymous said...

The new ERPs claims to eased traffic flow, but what happened to those roads just outside now? they get terribly worse now and not that the ministry is unaware of this problem, they don't bother, they just want money and more money from you and knowing that there is nothing you can do about it..... sick of this daylight robberies

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

ssssshhhhhh. this cannot complain one. it will give them reasons to erect more erps to reduce traffic outside the cbd.

singaporeans better learn not to anyhow complain. the solution will come very fast and very effective.