A little window dressing may do the trick

As the opposition corner quiets down in their protest against organ trading, there are still some whimpers of unhappiness. Words like organ trading, selling or buying organs seems to be getting on the nerves of the protesters. To overcome such great misgivings, I would suggest that we shall henceforth desist from mentioning the words organ trading or buying/selling organs. In its place we shall creat a Organ Donation Charity Fund. The organ donors can donate their organs to this Fund and be allowed to have a lucky dip. Depending on where he/she is from, the price will be the equivalent of a sum of money decided by the Fund either in S$, US$, rupiah, pesos or whatever. On the other hand, kidney patients can donate a sum of money as decided by the Fund and be entitled to another draw which will be his date for a transplant operation. By doing these, both will be donors to a charity fund, no buying or selling. And the public can help by donating as well to boost up the Fund. And celebrities can also do their parts to participate in a Organ Donation Charity Show. The telco will be happy as well. Actually all will be happy. Nothing changes. And some eminent people can lend his or her name to the Fund or charity show. Back to square one. To cater to those who have strong objections on moral, ethical or religious grounds, HOTA scheme should remain. The poor or those who do not want to donate to the Fund can continue to remain in this scheme. And people who do not want to donate their organs to the Fund can have their organs harvested by HOTA and distributed free to those in the waiting list. Nothing changes. Nothing to cry about. And we shall not deprive those who have the money and willing to pay for it from external sources on their own effort. They should be allowed to do as they please as long as they don't cut the HOTA queue or the queue in the Organ Donation Charity Fund. With these well thought out plans, am I brilliant, I think no one shall have any more objections or unhappiness, except me. I will be giving this plan away free, not collecting the consultancy fee, the survey fee and the research fee. My estimate is that I will lose about half a million by sharing my plan openly. What the heck, it is for a good cause, though a bit silly not getting paid for it. Hope people would not think it is not a good plan because it is free.


Anonymous said...

Your bean plan makes everybody happy - donors, kidney patients, the public, telcos, medicorp and most of all the planner. I think we should call it a 'back to square one plan' or 'nothing changes' plan?

Mockingbird said...

i'm not sure if everyone is attracted to the idea of selling his organ for a price. People are generally unwilling to donate their kidney or liver for free unless it's for a close, loved one. Perhaps selling one's organ is not so attractive as it is in poor countries like India and Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are unlikely to resort to selling their organs, legalised or not. It's rather a taboo. The changes, if it comes, will more likely be about legalising buying of organs from people of poorer countries like India and Indonesia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

most singaporeans will not sell their organs. but don't be surprised a small minority might. those posting here will not and that is expected : )

it may sound a bit cruel to our poorer neighbours for them to sell their organs to our richer kidney failure patients. but we are not asking them to and it is only upon their own initiates. maybe we should sell it as saving lives and make sure the compensation is adequate given their respective circumstances.

but don't worry. their holier than thou politicians will ban them from selling their organs to singaporeans, they will rather the singaporeans die and their people remain as poor as ever. and their rationale will be the same as our do gooders. exploitation, inhuman, morally or ethically wrong, against their religion or culture.

then syndicates will be set up in our neighbouring countries to smuggle them here with huge profits, like the maid trade. and yes, the poor buggers will be exploited for sure.

if they would like our system work out something fair and reasonable, all can benefit from it. by the way, after the initial demands or backlog were satisfied, the need for such organs will be much lower.

by then, with HOTA and our indigenious donors, we may not need any from outside.

Anonymous said...

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