At least 65% to form the core

LKY said that we need at least 65% of born and bred citizens to form the core of our society. Has this number been breached. My guess is that it has been breached long ago. With 4.6m population, with the born and bred probably 2.5m, excluding the PRs and new citizens, the born and bred are likely to be slightly more than 50%. As a hotel this is good. In fact, as a hotel, the born and bred should be reduced to 20%. 50% is pushing the limits for a nation. This kind of number can only be attained by unthinking policy makers who are shallow and short sighted and do not know what the consequences will be. A country without a people that will call this place home and will die fighting for it is no longer a nation. We are in all aspects a hotel or a hotel in the making. If the kpkb about not wanting to defend this country as it is not worth defending gets more prevalent, this little rock can go to the rubbish dumb. It will soon be up for sale to the highest bidder, just like Christmas Island. The first generation fought and built this island with their sweat, blood and tears. In less than 3 generations, we are seeing a new group of people who have no qualms in giving it away. The Chinese saying of a fortune that will not last 3 generations is going to be realised soon. The local born and bred will soon be a minority and will be asked to get lost if they are not happy here. And not only the unthinking citizens will be telling them that, the new residents too will be urging them to do so. And who shall inherit this piece of rock? We have not gone down the slipppery road that far yet. There is still time to put on the brake and relook at some of the policies that are being implemented and pull back before it is too late. LKY knows what he is talking about. But would others understand him or working towards a different direction.


Mockingbird said...

Many of us are not happy about our little rock being flooded with foreign trash, but how many of us actually have the financial means to migrate to greener pastures?

For the vast majority of average-salaried Singaporean workers who can't afford to migrate to a better place, they have no choice but to remain in Singapore and kao bae kao bu and work until their dying day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

yes, many of us just have no options. but those who have no option will still have the final say. you just don't know when they will stand up and say what they want to say.

when cornered, unable to breathe, the people will stand up. it is only a matter of timing and the tolerance level. feeding the people with too much rubbish, soon they will spit them out.

Mockingbird said...

i can't wait for the day when the people spit out all the crap which their slave-masters have shoved down their throats for decades and vote their slave-masters out.

Anonymous said...

65% to form the core. I thought we already have a big national choir of 66.66% always singing the praises.

Anonymous said...

They are selling the Power Plant. Until there is nothing left to sell, they will sell us out to be coolies, maids and what not.

Anonymous said...

Now, they are selling our power plants, next will be the newater and desalination plants. Utility bills will skyrocket as prices can and will be increased freely.

Anonymous said...

Stop all this bitching. If you cannot compete in Singapore just pack up and go. Leave this paradise to those who can make a good life here. If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kithen. I like it here and I am happy. If you are not, just GO.

Anonymous said...

The dogs are fierce. Whenever we complain, they bark and threaten to chase you out of Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

he must have very good reasons to behave as such. try to understand him. it is not easy to earn a living here unless you are a supertalent.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I am a super talent. Stand aside and make way for me. I will be OK here in this country. Get out and stay out.

Anonymous said...

Super talent in what ? LOL.
LKY does not own this place,so you can dream on. Be mindful of your place in life, only LKY can ask the people to leave, and he has not done so. Just be grateful that you are doing fine and give constructive advice to those less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

The dogs sure are behaving like masters of the house.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are arrogant. There are many wanna-be mini LKY around.

Anonymous said...

Woh! Supertalent also read peasant blog, the sun must be rising from the west.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Supertalents should read the highbrow stuff, not peasant talk. Shhh. Go back to your dog house.

Anonymous said...

Who let loose the dogs? Singaporeans are very irresponsible, they don't leash their dogs.

With such dogs around, it's no wonder real talented Singaporeans are leaving in droves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang Tau,

One good turn deserves another.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reminding this old fogey that $400 is enough to survive in 1st World Singapore :)

I believe the tides are changing. Even the old record has finally got himself stuck in the groove! He's reported in ST yesterday making his threats again on suing anyone who defame him.

No wonder Syu Ying Kwok sucks up to the Suing Cock :)

There's much talk going on about mourning the nation for the loss of it's soul. With the perpetual cock-talking and singsong of the ruling elites vs the struggle of real Singaporeans, the little people in this little rock may very soon show that they are really and truly "fed up with progress" and the "golden period".

If fact, they are so sick and tired of being "fixed and bought!" that they are no longer fearful of the one who loves to be feared. More are writing blogs expressing their anger & frustration and others are letting it go at coffee shops, taxis and anywhere (including grassroots functions) without batting an eyelid. Finally, little people are "building progress for our nation" [in one of those politically correct song I remember] :)

With the hard times and comments that's flying around, it looks like it's going to be a Black National Day this year!

Understand that it's going to be a fashion statement to wear black on Aug 9 this year. I hope hanging out black clothing on windows to dry on that day would not be treated as a crime of treason.

Anyway, with all the flying crap and cheap rhetoric from the top, I guess it'll get worse before it gets better for us little people.

As nothing including life lasts forever, there's hope yet!

Happy Black National Day to one and all!



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi fish and all,

only we peasants talk cock. supertalents sing songs. that is the difference.

in paradise, everyone is happy. you want evidence? look for people protesting in the streets. no a single protest. so conclusion, people are happy and have accepted all the good policies.

we are just talking cock : )

tks said...

There is always one possible hiden objective behind the open intake of foreigners: They will have big impact on the next election and majority of them will vote for the same government. Singaporean's votes will not have threat to the government anymore.That's why our government is very keen to increase the % of foreigners as well as implementing lots of favorable policies to please them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi tks,

if the policies are designed for wrong objectives, they will go wrong eventually. the influx of foreigners is a double edged sword.

it is like hiring mercenaries. they can kill the paymasters instead of protecting the paymasters.

July 12, 2008 10:10 AM