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This marketing manager Murray Lim must be quite pissed off to the extend that he took his own camera, his car and time, and went about collecting evidence on the road conditions to prove that it was not that bad. He definitely disagreed with the findings of the LTA to justify more ERPs and higher toll rates. He took 9 days and presented his evidence to LTA. Of course his evidence was not accepted. What he thought was good traffic flow may not be what LTA thought was good. It is like a parent demanding 100 marks from his child when the child thought 99 is good enough. When both parties work on different terms of reference, of course the one in authority is right. It is their terms of reference that will be used to decide what the policy should be. Good try.

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Anonymous said...

Of course his evidence was not accepted. Many years ago, before they built the North East MRT Line, they were also brushing aside the incessant complaints about the daily jams at Jalan Toa Payoh/Serangoon Road/Macpherson Road/Jalan Kolam Ayer junction.

Then when they did decide to build the NE Line, the transport minister went on a once-in-a-lifetime bus trip along that stretch of road and pronounced that the traffic jam was bad and suddenly the NE Line was justifiable with all the right reasons.

Now, they are even going to build road tunnels at this junction because, despite the MRT and overhead highways, they feel that traffic is not flowing smooth enough.

So, only the one in authority has the final say on the truth. All else are less than the truth.