Moderations, Mum!

In any discussion or issue, there is always the tendency to go overboard or to take an extreme view. The organ trading is one and will continue to be a hot issue as different people harbour different views arising from their social, religious or cultural background. Unless people are prepared to moderate their positions and take a sensible look at the issue objectively, nothing will change. We will see if there are any fanatics in Parliament on Monday. Let me just talk about another current issue, babies. Go forth and multiply, so says the lord. And some mothers are literary taking this as a new commandment and wanted to have more and more subsidies or assistance. Careful mummies. 3 or 4 looks a sensible number in view of the high cost of bringing up children and the time and attention available for them. Going beyond such numbers must be the privilege of the very rich who can afford to look after them and pay for them. Expecting the society to pay for such personal interest or affection may be asking a bit too much. And that is exactly what 5 mummies are asking in their letter in the ST forum today. They are all mothers of 5 or 6 children and wanted the govt to provide more support for the 5th, 6th or more children. It is all good if they are able to provide for themselves if they so choose to have more children. Just keep it as private matters, private endeavours. The govt is not against people having 5 or more children. Please go ahead if you have the means. If not, be aware of the tragedies that may follow. But for the govt to go all out to support such a desire, we may end up with different problems. Population explosion! Be sensible and pursue your dreams or hobbies within your ability. Done excessively may not be a good thing. Modern living and lifestyle is very stressful and time demanding, and money demanding. Just take it easy. And of course these are educated mothers who are aware of the high cost of living and the problems associated with money not enough. Anyone who knows that money is not enough and goes ahead to produce without restraints is very irresponsible. We must be responsible for our own actions.


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ya, anything done excessively may turn out like overdone steak, burnt.