The Incongruence of intent and purpose-part 2

We are hearing the all for a new direction or misdirection, have more babies. We need to bring back the good old days and our mamas and grandmas. We need to worship them as the heroines for producing by the dozens. It was a time of ignorance, of who cares, of wanton irresponsibilities perhaps, or were the children born in those days were children of love? The new mothers are shunning to have more babies for very practical and serious reasons. The days when children will grow up by themselves and fend for themselves are over. The children who will find their own food and live with a pair of pyjamas shorts tied by a piece of cotton string will not return. Simply, having babies is not cheap. Only the ignorant and irresponsible will keep producing beyond their means. And what will become of their children? Materially deprived, mentally disturbed, psychologically suffering from a complex of the have nots, and educationally good to be guards and waiters and waitresses, maybe salesperson. That is what many of these lower income children will become when they grow up. Not many parents can afford to bring up children to university levels, a minimum qualification to live a decent life. Given the high cost of everything, including education, how much would it need to bring up a child? Conservatively $250k or more for his first 25 years of dependency, ie $10k annually. Any parents who want their child to be properly and adequately brought up and educated, need to be able to set aside $1000 pm for 25 years. How many families can afford such a sum? Can a double income family with a $3k take home pay be able to set this aside? Barely, given each needing $1k to live by. This will rule out any family with an income of less than $3k to have babies if they want their children to grow up normal and live reasonably, and to be the pride of the family. But how many of our population is earning less than this amount? With the rate of inflation running away, with everything going to cost more, especially education, are we serious to call people to go forth and simply multiply? Yes, many irresponsible parents will do that. They will see their wrongdoings and the problems their children will face in the future when money is not enough. If we are real in wanting our people to procreate more, then the cost of bringing up a child must be brought down. The cost of education must be brought down to a manageable level. Otherwise we are asking these people to dig a hole to bury themselves in the future. What we can expect to hear for sure tomorrow is that education fees will go up and up. Then what will happen to the children who cannot afford the education?


Anonymous said...

Providing for one's children is one problem. When it is time for them to start their own families you can imagine the cost of a flat, the cost of transport, utilities, food etc.

And doubtless such complaints about escalating cost of living will be met with the usual 'it is still affordable' reply coupled with the call to workers not to ask for wage increases from employers.

Yeah, the rich will get richer and can afford to have children. The poor better do their sums, not for themselves, but for their children if they do decide to have them.

Anonymous said...

Up till the late 80s, it was still possible to raise a brood of children on a SINGLE income, but today's couple struggle on dual income just to raise 2 kids. Would you even consider having kids when there is no job security?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

when we have to pay ridiculously to live in a 'rented' flat, called a 99 lease, when we have to pay ridiculously to 'rent' a car, we thought we bought it but cannot drive without a 10 coe, when we have to pay so much to bring up a couple of children, something is drastically wrong with the policies.

when bringing up children is so costly, soon it will lead to zero population growth except for instant transplant.

Mockingbird said...

those who can't afford expensive education may have no choice but to drop out of school and start working for peanuts at an earlier age. Tragic. Their potential and talents may not have the chance to be unleashed.