More gems coming our way

Parliament sitting today and we can expect more gems to come out from it. And with topics like organ transplant and ERPs to wet the appetite, I think we can expect a glorious time. Let's wait and see if some will argue on high moral grounds and invite their gods or religions to sit on the high pedestals in Parliament. Would not that be a forceful way to get their points across? With such uppertance, sectoral views can easily be used to influence or be shafted into the throats of people who don't believe in the same virtues, gods, religions or cultural smugness. This is normal in a small society like ours when the gods are already in place and know that they can command order and respect. Relax and wait for the fun to start. I don't think we will be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Sleeping time for some....Zzz.

Mockingbird said...

i don't see any fun of the MPs enacting policies to be shoved down our throats regardless of how much unwilling we are to stomach their crap.

i think the more they do this crap to us, the deeper they dig their political grave.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

don't worry, the system is foolproofed and nothing will change for the next two GE.