The need for a balanced and objective media

With the internet opening up and challenging the views in TOM and exposing how one sided TOM can be, how many readers still have faith in TOM being fair, objective and balanced in its reporting of political events and issues? Though this realisation is nothing new and people have resigned to it, things have changed lately when any unfair and biased reporting will come under immediate heavy artillery. This must have greatly affected the credibility of TOM. It is very difficult for TOM to continue with the make belief that they are highly objective and unbiased or neutral. Nothing to cry about actually. Most TOMs take a certain view that are necessary given the specific environment that they operate. And readers would have to come to accept that this is the fact of life and the truth to live with. What therefore would be welcomed is for different political groups to have their own media of expression and report political issues from their own perspectives. This is happening in many mature polities, and Malaysia too is having the same practice. What if we continue to deny the alternative parties to have their own media? The answer is obvious. Cyberspace is already a ready and effective alternative. But what is bad is that many sites will sprout up and take the position of hate press, expousing very negative and extreme views against the party in power. It will become a black and white divide. A pro govt TOM and and anti govt cyberspace. Now this must be bad. What is a better alternative development?

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