It is hip to be poor!

At a time when we celebrate our Golden Years, it is also a time to be hip to be poor in paradise. Let's help the losers feel a little better by telling teaching them to brag out loudly on how to stinge a few cents to get by. Let's not be shy about it. When one does not have the money, do the things that the have nots have been doing, and make them sound fashionable. The ST have reported 30 great ways to save, to tighten your belt, as a new life style. I too have been doing them quietly for many years, a bit ashame of the kinds of things I did to save some money. I walk instead of taking public transport, to save a few cents. But I will say that it is for exercise, for health reasons. I climb the stairs, also for the same reasons, but not telling people that I can't afford to join the famous gyms. I wear cheap watches or plastic ones, deliberately as if to dress down on purposes but actually can afford the $30k branded ones. Wear cheap imitation jeans from Bugis or pasar malam, tear and cut them everywhere to look authentically poor but hip. And everything is DIY to save on cost. Drink plain water and give the reasons that caffeinated drinks are bad for health. And I don't go to the barber, kept my hair long, tied it into a pony tail and look neither male nor female, then say it is the style, like artistes or movie stars. Feels great. There are many excuses to save money and act cool at the same time. Oh, I don't eat sharksfin too, to save the sharks. And to be eco friendly, I stop driving to town. Shhhhh, can't afford the high fuel cost and the high ERPs. Never mind squeezing, sweating and smelling all the body odour. Just got to bear with it. There is an Ah Q emerging inside me.

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