Another step forward

Cyberspace is gaining ground in Malaysia. The Malaysian Govt has accepted that online journalists are also journalists and have started to issue press passes for them to cover official events. Now there is no need to be paid as a journalists to be recognised as a journalist. The paid journalists can no longer thump down at the online news providers. And Singapore has taken a ginger step forward to dip its toe into cyberspace. Ministers are signing up in Facebook to test water. Workers Party also has its own Facebook. The breakwater has been broken. The flood water is going to fill the land.


Mockingbird said...

Badawi blames bloggers for causing the current political drama on-going in Malaysia. He urges bloggers to stop writing their on-line anti-goverment articles.

We can be sure of one thing. All these anti-gahmen articles will not stop but continue to grow in strength. The floodgates have just opened. May all corrupt and incompetent politicians be drowned in the flood.

Anonymous said...

The problem is of their own creation. When tne media is controlled too rigidly, the news becomes skewed and people's perception is that it is all propaganda.

In the past there were no alternative sources for news, but with the internet, people can have a choice. There is no way the government can contol the contents presented by blogs or stop people from blogging or readers from accessing those blogs.

Urging bloggers to stop writing their on-line anti-government articles is an exercise in futility and the present situation of really of their own making. They controlled the media too much such that the media's credibility is now lost forever. People believe the internet gives a more credible read than the MSM.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think their media is freer than ours. at least their opposition parties have their own media. not just the govt.