Doing what's right, without fear or favour

This is the article by Lee Wei Leng in the ST today. She encourages people to speak up, speak up when it is right to do so. And speaking up is not necessarily being anti establishment. The fact that she has to say this is very telling. It tells on the stupidity or fear in the mind of Singaporeans, that they should not speak up and the fear of being branded as anti establishment for doing so. Redbean must be anti establishment. If Wei Leng were to say what she wrote in cyberspace, without disclosing who she is, some of the bloggers will tell her to leave if she is not happy. Some will brand her as anti establishment. And, would her article be deserving of a place in TOM?


Mockingbird said...

Kudos to Dr Lee for speaking up.

Lost4ever said...

Sorry, after Strait Times becomes by subscriptions, cannot afford to read ST any more, can someone copy paste for us poor net readers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi lost,

article is available in the electronic ST. go to asiaone and hit Straits Times.