Legalising Organ trading - Just do it.

At the moment the inertial against legalising organ trading is very strong. And the medical profession have their valid reasons for keeping it so. There are different schools of thought and different opinions. And if one chooses to take the traditional view, there are all the reasons and apprehension to say no. On the practical side, there are also all the reasons to say yes. No one will be able to absolutely say that one position is right and the other is wrong. The only thing that is wrong is legal, the law says so, for the time being. Watching Tang Wee Sung walking in and out of the subordinate court is the best reason to say that we should legalise organ transplant. Otherwise we are condemning him to a sure and slow death, and a pathetic existence. On the other hand, the CNA programme on kidney donors in the Phillipines showed that some people are will and can benefit from selling their kidneys and live life normally, and quite happy about it. Of course the critics may shrug this off as superficial. Yes, the poor always have to sacrifice and pay a heavier price to live a little better, even selling their organs. What is the alternative for them to break out from the poverty trap? Or shall the righteous condemn them as well to a life of drudgery? Can we give them a choice?


Anonymous said...

We all know that in certain circumstances cannibalism had saved lives, yet it must always remain a crime as far as mankind is concerned. Organ trading is cannibalism.

There are others in the same plight as TWS. But just becos TWS's problems comes to light and evoked our sympathy to be seen as the best reason that we should legalize organ trading, is myopic.

There's no doubt TWS is wealthy. He had been able to go ahead doing the illegal thing engaging the help of illicit merchant. This case is already an evidence of unlawful practices that will emerge if organ trading is allowed.

Some people asked: If you have a need for a kidney would you buy it?
I would like to ask that person: If his son or grandson is in financial difficulty and decides to sell his kidney, would you readily agree?

If organ trading saves lives, the poor suffering from the same desease will suffer more, as they do not have the means to buy themselves an organ.

Those who propose organ trading is trading with God.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

no one is in a better position to judge what is good or bad until they are in that position.

organ transplant equate to cannibalism is stretching the argument too far.