Money babies

Money solves everything. Have babies, more babies. We will give you money. No one wants to know why must have more babies. No one wants to know what life will be like for the babies when they come. Having babies is no longer an emotional or sentimental thing. It is about got money or no money. It is not about loving the children and giving the children a life that is worth living. No need to think about such things. How much you need? Tell me how much you want for each baby you produce. Very clinical. Very economic. The state needs your babies. For what? Come to think of it, it is better to produce babies for money. At least there is a reason to do it. Many produce babies without knowing why? No reasons, just keep producing.


Mockingbird said...

actually the current baby bonus is only enough to see a child thru his primary education, if it's not used for anything else, that is.

The bottomline is: What the gahmen gives is not enough to cover all the expenses that need to be incurred with the making and raising up of a baby.

Mockingbird said...

Singaporeans especially Chinese need to make more babies so that Singapore will not eventually evolve into a Malay Kampung. Becos Malay birth rates are not falling as much as Chinese birth rates. But our "wise" gahmen has attracted lots of PRCs to migrate to Singapore. So there's no way Singapore will ever evolve back into a Malay kampong.

Need more babies to replace dying population lah. Singaporeans are just not making enuff babies to replace those who are dying. If gahmen don't attract immigrants, no way we can achieve 6.5m population.

Anonymous said...

Yes redbean, what will life be for the babies when they come and become third class citizens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

just like organ trading, we need to inform the mothers what they can expect to pay to bring up a child and what if the child is a little average. what kind of options are available and the lifestyle he or she will have to accept.

many of the poorer citizens just do not know or are not well informed of the consequences, just like poor kidney donors.

is it responsible to just tell them to go forth and multiply?

Mockingbird said...

Actually the gahmen is more supportive of the well-to-do making babies rather than the not so well-to-do.

The implicit motto is: If you can afford it, make as many babies as possible.

They certainly are not so keen on having to give handouts to poor families who can hardly afford to make babies and bring them up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

with the prohibitive cost of living, households with less than $3k income should not be allowed to have babies. it is just beyond their means.

bring up a child is no longer a joke. it is a big enterprise involving a huge sum of money.