Revisiting some undead issues

Many issues have been deliberately forgotten by the media or people. But they are not dead. They are still very alive and painful to the people affected. Just because they have been swept under the carpet does not mean that the people have accepted them and will move on. It is important that these issues be aired regularly to remind people that the people would still want them to be done right. Otherwise some people will declare, 'See, no one talking about it anymore, no protest, so the people have accepted them.' The most important issues that should be contantly talk about is our money in the CPF. It cannot be left as it is. It is our money and must be returned to us when we are still alive and kicking and needing them. The money to be locked up in CPF Life and those in the Medisave, are our money. We want them back when they are still useful to us. Not when we are dead. Then the whole concept of CPF contributions needs to be reviewed. When people are expected to live and work till they drop dead, why is there a need to keep on pumping money into CPF after 55? Why are self employed people still needed to keep contributing without an age limit to stop? As it is today, we are expected to keep contributing to the CPF as long as we are working, even till 100 years. People are too busy and no time to look at these issues huh? OK, if they have no time to know that these are the people's concern, we should remind them that it is high time they relook at them given the changes in the working environment. Then there is the high cost of living where the prices of things are pegged to our income, our affordability to pay but not the actual value of the goods and services. With such a philosophy, no matter how much you are earning, the pricing will take care of your income so that you will not have much left for your retirement. Many things have changed and many policies need to change. The old ways of thinking and doing things need to change accordingly, to better the life of the people. The money is everything policy is going to do us in if we keep going in the same direction.


Anonymous said...

Don't be silly and asking for trouble? Do you want to be the next JBL or CSC sued for defamation for asking questions which are of great importance to the common peasants?

Nothing will change and you will be shut off or worst terminated before you open your mouth.

The already gone past expiry date Minister is still around and kicking.

Mockingbird said...

i wonder if our CPF money will be returned to us if current ruling party get voted out and an alternative party (AP) becomes the ruling party. i wonder how the AP would be able to bring down the costs of living for us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i also hear this comment that talking about some issues can be harmful to one's health. if that is the case then singaporeans should not be talking about anything. then cyberspace can have all the blogs on cooking, feeding the birds, choosing the best pets etc.

now would this be healthier?

would our cpf money be returned to us if an alternative govt takes over? i think the answer is no. they would not be able to do so. this is the same thing as getting rid of foreign workers. they have been too entrenched and entwined into our economy. removing them will create a sort of vacuum and can hurt our economy.

many things cannot be unwind easily.

Anonymous said...

Like in America, whoever comes next, Obama or MaCain, nothing much will change, because it is just talking and posturing and promising before an election. When they are elected, all that will be forgotten and the foolish have been fooled.

Anonymous said...

You will feel better if you keep reminding yourself everyday that CPF is NOT your money. It is there so that Auntie Ho Ching can continue her shopping spree or in a nice wording to pick up "value" or "profitable" investment overseas e.g. Shin Corp, Silly Banks

Your rights to it have been slowly eroded. The Gahman keeps pushing the goalpost as and when she see fits with NO consultation from the rightful owners.

Mockingbird said...

If FT workers are removed from Singapore, its economy could very well collapse.

Mockingbird said...

So this means even if Obama becomes president, there won't be a complete pull-out of troops from Iraq overnight.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i have counted out having my money back. but because it is my money, i will keep on kpkb, even if it is 5c there.

many things cannot be changed, yes. just imagine if we send the 1 mil foreign workers back. the mrt will be empty, little india, chinatown, orchard road and all the parks will be empty. food courts too will be empty.

it will definitely affect our economy. like drugs, the withdrawal effect will set in.