Today acknowledges cyberspace

Today is changing its presentation and one of the reasons is that there is a new reader in cyberspace. According to Today, this new reader is 'one who is more tech savvy, who is plugged into real time news, impatient and who moves through information fast. We need to keep pace with you.' The cyberspace has arrived. No one is going to wait for the newsboy to deliver the paper the next morning. The news is here 24/7, non stop and unstoppable. We are living with news and creating news and demanding news at all times. Today will try to keep pace, that is only in its online version. But with paid professionals who work on regular or regimented hours, it will have a hard time keeping up with the readers who will be in and out of the internet or be there all the time. Today's news is fast and furious. Time waits for no one. So is the news today.

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