Karmic debt

Sunday is a good time to relax and ponder over things in a leisure pace. Time to take a look at issues that one tends to set aside in a fast pace lifestyle. Over the weeks we have talked and discussed about things and certain views need a little reflection when there is no pressure from time. There is one particular point that some bloggers like to point out whenever the CPF money issue is raised. To put it more correctly, our money in the CPF, not CPF money. Or to put it even more correctly, our money that does not seem to be our money as we no longer have any say in it or know when it will be returned to us, if it ever will. At this point in time, there seems to be some timeframe and formula for us to expect that one day some will be returned. But we cannot be very sure of this either. Some gods may discover that we may live till 100 years, and hold back the money till we reach 99. What particularly concerns me is that there is a view, often cited, that the reason for delaying the return of our hard earned money is because someone already have designs on it, to use it for his or her investment plans. And our CPF money is the most handy, with low interest rate and also the ability to delay repayment if the investments did not turn out right. Just push back the repayment to a latter date, or hopefully some may not live long enough to claim back their money. It becomes an endless source of fund. Is this view valid? I am sure no one has any proof that this is the case. But the people will have their own perception of things and will speculate whatever they want depending on how their minds play with their emotions. Would people do such a thing, I mean scheming to use the people's savings for their private thrill of investing or gambling? If hit the jackpot, claim all the credit and pay themselves crazy. If not, just delay payment for as long as possible? Assuming that this is possible? Is there any thing to change the minds of these people? Legislation is not an option. Public demonstration is also not good. Pleading, kpkb are about the only avenues left, but are totally ineffective. Can we call on god to deliver his justice for the disadvantaged people? I think highly successful people are never god fearing. Any signs of god fearing is only a show, to put the people's guard down. See, god fearing people are honest people, do no evil. People who are too successful have a tendency of self delusion. That it is their destiny to be god of the people, to decide the fate of the ruled. They have full control over the direction of the future, and they will do want they think best. And they are beyond reproach. Above law, beyond god, what else could man be made to watch their actions and be met with justice should they erred? The Buddhist has this concept of karma, and karma debt. It is like Newton's Third Law. Every action has a reaction. But it is just a belief, a philosophy of life. Do evil begets evil, do good begets goodness. In reality, there were some examples of bad people ended badly. But there were also many evidences of bad people, evil people, living a life of abundance, and enjoying their wickedness happily. For the meek and weak, they can only hope that something that will deliver justice to them will work. Only such untainted justice, above race, wealth, power or religion, can level the playing field and turn the table on the strong and mighty. The bigger the misdeed, the more people suffered, the greater the retribution. This could explain why royalties or rich landlords did not last forever. It is nice to think about an invisible hand or natural justice standing up there watching over human beans and will strike or reward appropriately. Then again, this is another opiate of the downtrodden. The victims of might and social injustice will dream of such dreams. But life goes on. The poor and weak will continue to be exploited and abused by the strong and powerful, as sure as the sun will rise.

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