Singaporeans are doing well

Despite the high inflation rate and prices of everything going up, Singaporeans are coping excellently without govt assistance. All they did was to tighten their belts a little, apply food substitution theory for cheaper products and kpkb to let go some steam. Then life goes on as normal. Actually Singaporeans were hit more with the introduction of more ERPs and higher tolls to pay. They took it in their strides. No problem at all. This is the strength and depth of Singaporean wealth and healthy income. And the workers would not be expecting much of a wage increase to compensate for the rising prices. Singaporeans should be proud of themselves to be living in the 5th most expensive city in Asia and 13th in the world, and doing fine.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are a happy lot. They have a good and safe country to live in, good schools for their children, good medical facilities, good housing and most important of all a good clean and efficient govt. Be thankful for all these.

To those who are always bitching about small problem such as minor increases in ERP, inflaton and small increases in transport, shame on you. Be thankful and stop this constant grumbles and kpkb. Like I have always said, if you do not like it here, just pack your bags and leave. Make room for more of us to come and help you lot keep this island afloat.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are always faithful to their masters. In Singapore's context it is 'two legs good, three legs better'

Mockingbird said...

Many Sinkies want to pack up and leave but they can't afford it so they have no choice but to stay behind and kao bae kao bu about the ever escalating costs of living. People need to bitch about stuff in life, or else they will blow up.

it's easy for high-income earners to cope with the rising living costs but not so for low-income earners. Many low-income earners barely make enuff to feed their family and pay the bills. But becos of pride, they refuse to take handouts from the gahmen. They would rather struggle on than to depend on gahmen handouts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

many of the young are still oblivious to what they will face in the future. They got a job, earning $2k or $3k and without having to contribute much to the family, without having to pay for housing and all the bills, that is quite a lot of money to spend. and they think life will always be like that.

when they start to settle down and find that even with a $5k household income it is a big struggle, then only will they realise how tough life can be.

those with family income or 3/4k and below, it is no joke trying to be alive. and the moment one loses his job, the whole world collapses. there will be no savings to tie over even for 3 months. it is a hand to mouth existence.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is here again trying to paint a gloomy picture of life in Singapore. Singaporeans are blessed to have such a secure way of life. Job security, children schooling, safe environment, good governance and secure and well planned retirement are just some of the goodies for the Singaporeans. However we will always have people like redbean trying to paint a bad picture and make life miserable for all of us. Shame on you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

am i talking cock or cocks have no ears or cannot synchronise what they see as the right eye sees one thing and the left eye see another?

Ramla Mohamed Osman wrote to the Sunday Time forum cleverly called 'think', to remind cocks to think. her letter titled, middle income group needs help too. now where on earth would you find middle income group asking for help? and her household income is $4,500.

some stupid ass will say a $3000 household income is very good. i have corrected that in my earlier post saying that an individual needs $1k just to survive in this 13th most expensive city. and if he is married, he will need more as there are plenty of bills to pay.

a household income of $3k is not enough. ramla has $4.5k and still not enough. we need to redefine our poverty line. i am wondering how people cope with a household income of $3k and two school going kids.

but if you are single and no responsibility, $3k is quite comfortable. $2k can also buy a car.